Friday, May 22, 2009

Meds on Board and Unruly Behavior

Today Greyson had his last day of mini society and it was a blast. I got my hair done (pulled out) by Az again. This time complete with gel, glitter in pink, blue and silver...and the dryer set on high in a room that could have cooked a ham even before we started. Greyson was a little upset since he decided he wanted a museum and technically he did not have anything in particular to sell. Try explaining that to a child who was so excited about his museum and it's stuffed animal & dinosaur bone collection. It wasn't happening. But today once it was done he got a little sad saying no one liked his museum. I think because most of the other kids had items to sell like food or drinks or tattoos or hair styling and he had nothing. I felt bad but telling him or explaining that is next to impossible until he sees for himself and "gets it". so...I just told him I thought his museum was awesome and that he had done great and left it at that. He still was bummed but recovered fast. Gotta love that!
Greyson has had hives, we think from his new kitten, since Sunday. He is taking a strong antihistamine as well as Prednisone to combat this hoping it will not escalate to the point of him having to give up his new pet. Unfortunately I think my being gone for the whole weekend last week and then him being hopped up on meds has him in a tail spin. He is acting way out of sorts and very needy at times. I guess I have to make up for some lost time last weekend and try to get him back on track. Maybe the meds are effecting him too. I just don't know. It can be frustrating since it is hard to function in the simplest of situations when he gets this way. Michele and I met our friend Elizabeth out for dinner tonight at Azteca and he did fine for a short while. Then it was on...Lord. It is always a challenge but at times, especially when he is out of sorts, it is down right nerve racking. don't get me wrong though. We roll with it and keep moving. He has calmed down now and is relaxing and getting ready for bed. Soon he will be sleepy and I may actually be able to talk to Michele alone for the first time since my return from the seminar. this is very important to me as I think it will help our relationship grow to a new level while also helping our communication. We aren't very good at communicating but I am willing to try and improve that greatly starting now. Well I guess I should get back to G man. He has meds to take and needs to start winding down for bedtime. Goodnight all.


LifeIsArt said...

Hey. I love Azteca!!! My favorite Mexican place in Charlotte I think. Anyway...steroids DO make children crazy. For real. Three out of my four have taken them briefly for one reason or another...and with mine it makes them VERY grumpy, hyper, and irritable. I HATE having to put kids on any kind of steroid. I'm sure the meds have something to do with him having a hard time. So don't beat yourself up too bad for going away last weekend!

Anna's Mom said...

Hey girl. Sorry things are so crazy. I hope G takes a turn to calm in the next few days. Don't beat yourself up about being gone some - we have to keep our strength up and that conf was very very good for you. It's been pretty mad around here too, so I am feeling your pain. On the good side, Meg did her ballet performance & had big smiles for the audience. You can read the not so great part on the blog sometime. Susan

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