Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interesting Week thus far..."I'd like to kiss you monkey man!"

Well it has been a pretty interesting week thus far. Greyson got a new movie from Aunt Cham...Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa so he is soooo excited about it. It has actually replaced Bee Movie now in the nightmare removal dept. Michele and I had gotten so used to watching Bee Movie that we were doing everything we could to try to find things in it that we had never seen before and then quizzing each other. Now we are learning Madagascar 2...Imagine that. Now if we can stop him from the movie quotes like, "I'd like to kiss you Monkey man!" or "Can I kiss the bride skipper?.....No!"....and then he slaps himself to imitate the penguin in the movie who slaps the other penguin. I tell life is a book waiting to happen...but then again, who's isn't? So...Greyson has had a pretty good week at school. I went yesterday with them to see the 3 Little Pigs play at Imaginon. He is such a leech holding onto my leg etc...etc...I constantly have to prise him away and explain he has to share me since I am there trying to help Suzy with the class. He will have no part of sharing my love with anyone in there I tell you. Nevertheless I was able to help corral the children to and from the show and the bus stop. You see....they ride the city bus into uptown to the main station, then who Suzy & Cymantha, God bless them, herd them over to Imaginon, then they are herded back over to the bus station to catch the bus back to school. Now this would be difficult for any class...but Greyson's class has alot of kids who are very needy, sometimes wild, some with issues of a developmental kind, including Greyson. That makes for a very tricky trip to say the least. I have only been once...yesterday. Suzy and Cymantha do this almost weekly and I have the utmost admiration for their love, patience, and abilities to pull it off. I do not think I was much help but I did try. :)At least there was one extra set of eyes to help watch and count. so....other than that...Greyson has been to Karate this week, Occupational Therapy yesterday, and he goes to Karate tonight. I met a woman there last week who's older son was having some issues. she was describing him and I had to say something. It sounded as if he may have Asperger's and/or some sensory issues even though he has been diagnosed with ADHD. I got her email and sent her some information so I hope it helps them. It has been amazing to me how many people have crossed my path that have either helped us, or needed our help. Michele and I firmly believe that everyone in your life, no matter how brief the encounter, is there for a reason. You may not see it right away, but they have something to offer you or you to them. It is worth remembering as you walk through this life. At times it is hard to remember when we get hurried or impatient, but we must try or we may miss something very important regarding our purpose. For now I will sign off. I will update things tonight if I can find the time away from one sweet boy who seems to Bogart most of my time. Each day at our house is different. New challenges....and old. What worked yesterday may not today and we have no way of knowing why. What caused a major breakdown yesterday may be ignored today and we still do not know times it is maddening but I wouldn't trade this journey for any other. there is something here for us at the end...something to be learned. I just hope we do all we can to get it right. Hugs & Love to all.....It's almost Valentine's Day <3

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