Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week One of School Recap

Greyson finished his first week at school and he did really well.  The only day he had any trouble was Thursday.  it was mainly due to some horrendous thunder storms we had Wednesday night.  He is really afraid of them and worries alot about the safety of us when it is lightening and thundering badly out.  Of course the news stories of flash flooding and lightening strikes helps none.  He takes head when they say, "Don't go out unless you absolutely have to."  He felt as though we should skip school that next day.  We had OT so we headed up to Mooresville to his occupational therapy facility.  It poured buckets on the way making him very nervous.  We got there and to top things off, his therapist wasn't going to see him.  he was with another nice girl and they were dong his yearly eval.  all of those changes paired with the weather from hell caused him to have a melt down once OT was over with.  He cried all the way back to school begging to go home instead of going to school.  I knew we had to go and that he had to reel himself in.  Those are the moments where you cannot give in to his fears.  Don't get me wrong, there are moments when I must give in and help him regroup, but only if he has crossed point of no return.  I have to allow him the power & confidence to do it himself whenever possible.  He went to school, his teacher sat with him for a while to calm him about the weather situation and he finished the day out just fine.  His first week was a great success and I hope the others will follow suit.  We take it one day at a time. As it should be.  We are very proud of his progress. Hooray for a great week and many more to follow. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of 4th Grade

Well, Greyson had his first day of 4th grade today.  It seemed to go over without a hitch.  I think he likes his new teacher and his class.  It is always interesting to see how things are going to go for him at school, especially in a new class.  He was really paying close attention when I went to check on him.  His teacher said he had been fine all day.  Wow!  I was elated. I was there from 8-12ish and he didn't once run down for me.  I will keep my fingers crossed that things run smoothly for him in there all year. That would be great since he will have his teacher until he graduates from Community charter.  He will be in there for his 4th & 5th grade years.  Then it is off to a new adventure.  I asked him how his day went and he said,"Good."  That's Greyson, never lets much out of the bag.  We rode home after that in silence while he read his comic book.  i am fine with that to some degree.  I would love to know more about his day, but once I see he is not distraught about things I am good.  If he is at peace, then so am I.  I let him have his 30 minutes of silence and I reflected on my day.  I felt a little numb.  We have 27 children in our class of kindergarten & first graders.  That makes for a most interesting day.  Chatty ones, crying ones, some with little tiny attitudes,  cute ones, smiley ones, and a few that duck tape couldn't fix but that's life huh?  I myself left not knowing if I was coming, going or fixing to pass out.  The newness not only overwhelms them, but Ms Lynn too!  Whew...we shall how the week pans out for me and for Greyson.  I may be the one walking in circles and laying on the couch before it is over with.  As for now, things are great for my man and that makes Michele and I extremely happy. I will roll with it. You go Greyson.  We love you tons.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday night and the weekend is approaching quickly

Well...swimming did not happen today. Greyson was having a day of I don't want to...poor me.  He must be sensing that school is nearing fast.  School is not his comfort zone, nor is it his cup of tea.  Don't get me wrong, he is smart but he does not like all the craziness that school brings.  it is truly a nightmare for Aspergers/Autistic kids.  Just too much "stuff" going on.  I watched him walk in circles alot in his class last year.  It seemed like after Christmas before he started to settle down some.  He walks and walks...round and round. Usually ending up on the sofa if the class has one. We shall see this year.  Tomorrow he will head over to the school with me for kindergarten orientation.  I am sure he would rather run off somewhere but he will manage.  DS and toys in hand.  He may get lucky enough to go with Ms Jen to Imaginon while I finish out my last day before school officially starts.  I so wanted to take him swimming today so I will try again tomorrow once I am done at 12.  That gives us plenty of time to play together if I can twist his arm.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I love to swim and he does too.  it offers a sense of peace for him I have noticed.  If that boy could breath under water he would stay peaceful and quiet.  All the things he loves.  Funny though, he is loud like me. You would never know he can't stand loud noises, especially sudden ones.  The loud boy who couldn't stand noise...hahahaaaaa that's it though.  Loud and noise can be totally different I guess.  We got him a great pair of ear muffs like shooters where so that helps in places like the movies, swim meets, & concerts...anywhere that might be loud.  (Not that we frequent such places but hey...better safe than sorry) Well...Greyson just ran in here in a panic.  He cannot sleep without both of us on either side. He yelled at me and said, "Get in here! I need you! Momom is falling asleep and your not in here yet!" day Michele and I will enjoy our bed together again...for now, it's attachment parenting at its best! I hear Presby can surgically remove just about anything....How about a 9 year old boy form my hip? Hugs to all...goodnight

End of Summer Fun...

Here we are at the very end of our summer vacation. We spent last week in Ohio watching Greyson's cousin show her hog and steer she raised for 4H Club. She showed them at the Columbiana County Fair and won alot of awards. It was amazing to see even though it is normally not my cup of tea if you will. Greyson did well. We were worried he may have a huge sensory overload but he managed since he was able to play with his cousins away form the "stink". Pigs DO NOT smell very good let me tell you. We stayed for about 5 days which is a long time for G man. I could tell he was starting to need his home space even though he claimed he was mad and wanted to stay 2 more days. We normally keep our visits to 3 or 4 days for everyone's sanity. Greyson did OK and we made it home safely. Now we have been preparing ourselves for the start of school. He will be in 4th grade in Ms Ainsworth's class. Hopefully he will do well with her. She is used to kids like Greyson so she at least has an idea already of the behaviors that may arise. We haven't been swimming in quite a while so I am going to try and take him today. He needs to go for several reasons. He has been a little scared to go because he was scared of one of his friends. I reassured him that he need not be afraid so I think things will be fine now. He needs the exercise too so off we will go. To be continued...

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

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