Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Little, and at times...alot, on the Wild Side...

We have been going, going, going lately and yesterday we decided to slow down some. It was nice. But it does remind me of how important an energy release is for Greyson. It has been sweltering hot here for early summer so anything we do usually involves water. Otherwise mommy would burst into flames when we are outside in it. He has been doing really well but he does miss alot of his friends from school. We try to set up play dates here and there when we can and that helps. He is really into Pokemon mainly because some of his buddies love it. He has really no clue what they are or how to really play. He just happily trades the cards and thinks he is doing something spectacular. That's fine...or at least it is when he isn't hassling me to buy more of them. Seems a boy can never have enough of them much to my dismay. Some days I just say no...others I cave. What can I say?
A good lesson came out of it the other day for both of us though...mainly me. I boldly claimed to him, "I don't have the money to buy you cards today. Besides, you just got new ones yesterday." He screams, "You lied to me! I saw $10 in your wallet just now!" This led to me telling him to calm down and explaining that I did not lie. I had to explain to him that the money I had was to buy our picnic lunch and if I used it for cards we couldn't get lunch. I told him feeding him was more important than buying the cards. He totally got it and calmed down immediately. I swear he is here for me and my communication skills, listening skills, (or lack there of) etc...etc... I have to thoughtfully plan my words before talking to him but I forget alot. I get caught in his literal traps and have to back my way out constantly. At least I am starting to figure out how to make sense of some things for him. I still feel I fail alot and that isn't a good feeling. I so want to make sense of this world for him and how things are and I can't always do that. It's just so in his mind and sometimes there is NO changing it.
I have loved spending this extra time with him over the summer so far. It has been rewarding and exhausting all in one. The exhausting moments aren't always fun and I find myself loosing patience at times. But thank goodness not too an excess. I want to limit my "crazy mommy" moments to a bare minimum if any at all. hahahahaaaa I strive to have none of that but I can't say I am successful 100% of the time. I wish I could though. He is a great guy but he still has plenty to teach me. I hope I am a good student. I was a great student in school but this time it is way more important. It could help shape me into a much better me and that would be an awesome accomplishment. A PhD in my mind!
Hats off to all the parents who learn wonderful lessons from their children day in and day out. To those who have a little more on their plate than's to you! We all have different levels of stuff that we are dealing with. Just remember, some have it easier than others, some have it much tougher. The important thing is that we all learn from these great kids and take those lessons with us into life each and every day. The world will be a better place for it. Oh the love, patience, understanding, and compassion that would abound and surround us! It would be the change the world needs. We should embrace Peace, Hope, Love & Compassion for our fellow man...Today, tomorrow and into our futures. (((hugs))) :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Fun Fun week so far...

Greyson and I have had a great week playing in water at the spray grounds, hanging out at Target, playing Poke'mon, playing Thomas, watching cartons, movies, etc...etc... We went to OT on Wednesday and he did great. He was very bummed because his time flew by. Mainly due to them playing with water balloons and having alot of fun and doing things they normally do not do. He had been at the spray ground prior to our going to OT so he was worn out good. Afterwards i wore him out some more by heading out to Plaza Midwood Park. Suzy had planned a Peace picnic which was really awesome. You had to wear your favorite outfit or something lovely, bring a picnic, and be conscious of the three R's...(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) so that being said...we played, Suzy took pictures, and we ate great food. We saw some folks we had not seen since school was out and had a blast. We hope to do it again soon so be on the lookout... :) Thursday, we met Kathy, Ethan and Cameron at the spray ground near our house. (Niven's Park) It was really fun and Kathy and I had a chance to plot and scheme some more for Suzy's birthday...which is today officially. Happy Birthday Suzy!!!! We got our plans ready and set them into action. We met Suzy at Phat Burrito for a few beers and dinner and headed home. All the time preparing for the attack. hahahahahaaa It was great. Greyson was at home with Michele which works out great. He has been really needing time with her lately and can't seem to get enough of her. She is attacked from the moment she walks through the door...poor thing. I try not to bother her anymore right after she arrives home since she has enough craziness with him. I used to ramble on about the day and add to her craziness. Those of you who know me know I am good at talking/rambling. Always feel free to tell me to shut my pie hole if need be. :) Greyson and I are meeting Kathy and Cameron at Angela's Apt. to go swimming all day. We will take our lunch and hang out until in the afternoon. It should be lots of fun and we are excited. The summer has been very busy and I hope will continue to be busy. We still have the zoo, Lazy 5, The Raptor Center, The Nature Museum, Discovery Place, Several City Parks and Carowinds to attack! So watch out folks...if you see a white Jeep blaze by we are on our way to our next adventure!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dreamer of things...Intense old soul

Here lately Greyson has been doing great but I have noticed something. something he has done occasionally at times for a while and is doing again right now. he can be extremely private, even with us. He daydreams while in the car, staring off out of the window, while listening to some slow song. you see he loves the tunes from movies that he can dance to, but he also loves slow ballads and instrumentals. lately he has been listening to that Nick Lache song, What's Left of Me. WTH? Anyway...i made him a CD and he wanted that on there among a wild list of other songs, none of which really fit together. (Except one thing...he loves them all!) I think he is thinking about a girl when he listens to it because the other day he came home and drew alot of sweet pictures of a girl that said, "I love Greyson". i think this sweet boy has a crush...again...then again it may still be the first girl that he found to be sweet. i don;t know as he will not discuss it. He says it is extra top secret when I try to talk to him. It's really sweet but it also worries me. He seems sooooo thoughtful about the whole thing. Like he's an old soul or something. He is such a complex individual that I could never get across on here how complex this boy can be. Other times he is carefree and just having fun, others he is so deeply in thought that it worries me. It is intense and you have to witness it to understand. Well...even though I worry I can only ask and respect his not wanting to discuss it as he seems to be embarrassed by it. He's a sweet guy. i watched him play today on the playground, stalking and chasing the kids as he normally does when he doesn't know them yet. He doesn't know quite how to approach them always so he chases and stalks until they hopefully talk to him. If not I normally try to prompt him or intervene to help him learn names. He was chasing them roaring...the norm as well, and saying..."I am half T-Rex, half man....Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" they had not idea what to think of him but they loved playing with him anyway. He had a great time too. We played in the spray ground in Dilworth and on the playground for about 2 hours before heading to play therapy. we had a great day with lunch, playing, play therapy, and then a round of Karate. He should be ready to pass out soon. I know I am. I love him sooo, I love this summer spending time with him, and I love my life. It isn't always easy...but it is great and I couldn't ask for more right now. Now if I can always remember to stay present things will work out just fine... Good night friends and extended family...Thank you all for your support and love. Without you we would be lost! Hugs!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Late trip to Carowinds...Too hot I tell you!

Today was a great day and we hung out here at the house for a while, went shopping to run some errands and took Greyson to Nascare Speedpark. Afterward we came home as everyone was tired and Michele laid down for a short nap. Greyson played while I surfed the net. We decided we would do a fun thing when momom (Michele) woke up. They were convinced we should head out to Carowinds but I was not so sure. Thanks to the heat, and possible crowds, I was not convinced this was a good idea. However I headed off with them regardless of my apprehension. We didn't arrive until about 5:15 and had to wait in line for tickets. It was weird because all of the ticket lines were shut dwon but one and no one working there seemed to know why or have any orginization about how they funneled us in. Frustration arose but I let it go fast thank goodness. it served no purpose other than to make a bad situation worse. was what it was. We got inside and they were off...he rode several roller coasters...his favorite thing, except for the tunnels, and we got some frozen lemonade and then some water later. By the time they had ridden most of the coasters they wanted to ride it was almost 8pm. We decided we should go since we had not had dinner. We let Greyson get a mix it up icee and then he wanted to ride the swings one time before we left. He did it all by himself...HUGE for him...and then we headed out to the car. Once we left we headed over to El Cancun because momom was having a hankering for Mexican. Greyson had made some comments about wanting to go straight home because he felt sick. He claimed the icee made him feel sick. I figured he was just hungry and tired and somewhat dehydrated. Well...I need to listen! How often have I told you guys I need to listen! we went into El Cancun and he immediately starts saying, "I want to go home. This place stinks and is filthy." (It wasn't filthy but the building is very old) hahahahaaaaa He said, "I am gonna puke!" Seriously mommy...I am feeling like I am gonna puke!" Michele left to get him some KFC while I ordered us 2 margaritas on the rocks. We needed them for sure! Well...once she got back he was freakin' out about the chicken and how it smelled, the El Cancun and its "stench" as he called it and puking. I told Shel to order our food to go and I took him to the car. I left her to finish off the margaritas as I KNEW she really needed both drinks at that point! Greyson and I spent out time waiting getting in and out of the car, him spitting int he grass, claiming he was gonna puke, etc... Finally momom showed up and we started to drive off only to stop immediately again because he thought he was gonna puke. Once he got back in the car without puking we decided then to take the baby wipes out of their container to free it up for possible incidents on the way home. Off we headed home...he feel asleep, thank goodness, and we were almost there when he popped the top on the wipes container. Oh Noooooooooo! He starts puking....I pull over, approx. 3 miles from home, and once he was done we proceeded with caution. We made it home, showered and started to eat dinner. He said he felt better and was ready to eat so....we cautiously gave him his dinner. Only to see it again 5 minutes later. Yes...I did have to shower again after my cleaning of the bathroom. Needless to say we headed off to be shortly after all this. Yesterday was quite eventful. Here's hoping today is much calmer. Hugs to all.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday is such a great day..

Friday is a great day. It brings an end to the week and a beginning to the "weekend". Greyson has had fun the last couple of days. We met Kathy and Cameron at the park for fun. we played in the spray ground with Gingers beasties for a while and he spent QT with Michele, Uncle Rich and cousin Richie last night at Nascar Speedpark. i had gone out with a friend to watch our buddy Myra do karaoke at Hartigans. I do not get to see my buddy enough as I stay busy with Greyson so this was really fun for me. I missed Greyson and Shel, but thanks to our last visit to NAscar Speedpark I did not miss that. hahahahaaa It was nearly a disaster but was averted thank goodness. I am sure you read it a few weeks ago...if not it is worth a laugh. Today we shall find some things to get into. We had planned to go to a pool party family night tonight at a friends only to realize we had double booked ourselves. Bummer....Greyson will be going to his movie night at MATI, his Karate facility, to share pizza and a movie with his buddies there. Which reminds me, yesterday, when we were at the park he was complaining of his foot hurting and saying he couldn't walk or run. well...when we got to Karate he was struggling again. Master Hartsell checked it out and thinks he sprained his Achilles area. Poor guy...I thought he was just being his normal limpy self. Then Michele discloses that he hurt himself playing wii fit with Uncle Rich trying to run as fast as he could. So....Mr man is on no running or over doing his foot right now. Which, of course, he has no issues with. hahaaa Exerting himself physically is not his favorite thing to do you see...We really have to push to get him outside, to the park, etc...Hence the reason he has a little bulge around the middle. This summer I am committed to working on him getting out more. We shall see how it goes. For now...we are having great fun and a great summer so far. Lots of friends and swimming and park dates. Maybe even a trip to the zoo! It's gonna be great and we look forward to sharing it all. Have a great sunny Friday and weekend everyone! Hugs....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Day at Imaginon...

Today Greyson and I ran errands. We got momom's glasses fixed and took them to her. While we were at the mall waiting on them to be fixed he made me laugh. we were walking down the stairs and he had a drink in hand. he stopped abruptly to tell me, "Hold this! I cannot do all of this at once and I need to come on your side to hold on. this is my bad arm side mommy." He is funny. he has always had a hard time on stairs and it takes all of his concentration to walk down without falling. He has to hold the handrail but always with his right hand. The other hand is bad and he will tell you that. (Reason is because he is right handed and the left has no coordination) He will tell you his whole left side is bad very matter of factly... (Which always cracks me up.) I took his drink while he walked down with a spastic gate one step at a time. I am used to this too. He is coming along but some very simple things we take for granted are a struggle to him. Not so much that it stops our world though. After that we headed off to Concord Mills to return some things. We got him some fun things like a cool new Wall-E bathing suit and a swim mask & fin set. Yay! He is excited because some good friends of ours are letting us have the swim pass to their neighborhood pool for the summer. he loves to swim so this gift is huge for us. I had already been wondering where we might go on a regular we have an option close to home that is great. After we ran errands we headed off to Imaginon to meet Ginger, H and the beasties for some fun. He played on the computers and had fun with Umberto, Ian, Camille, and Piper. I took some silly photos of him as you saw and we finally left around 3pm. It was fun and we will have to go back to soon. The summer hopefully will bring lots of fun play dates with friends new and old...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brushing teeth...the kittens teeth!

Well we have been pluggin along day to day here at the beginning of summer. Playing in the sun, playing in the water, visiting friends and having a great time. We have shopped, hung out at home, relaxed and just been around...chillin' per say... last night Greyson finally cracked me up for the first time in a very long time. I walked into the bathroom to check on him and he was sitting int he floor with the kitten and an old tooth brush of his, blue crayola tooth brush to be exact, and he was actually brushing the kittens teeth! The kitten, Alex, was not sure what to think. he was biting the brush and yet letting Greyson brush his teeth all at the same time. I just turned and walked back out laughing. I had just recently laughed and told my friends a story about my buddy Wayne and his brother doing a similar thing, but on a much larger scale. They waited until their mother left for the grocery store and brought their pony into the trailer where they lived to brush it's teeth. Not only that...they used an electric toothbrush which resulted in a terrified pony tearing that trailer apart trying to get back outside. Our kitten incident was no where near as crazy as that but really funny none the less. Alex probably has the cleanest kitten teeth around. Funny guy...

Today Greyson and I headed to the DMV to take care of our lost/stolen? tag from Michele's hoopty truck. You remember the one...the one that the tail gate fell off in the middle of I-77 and slid across 3 lanes of traffic luckily not hitting anything or anyone. Yeah...that one. I say we are going to report the tag being stolen. Greyson corrects me and says, "Mom, you should call it the license plate...we are going to replace the license plate." Ok...I say...OK. You see he has to have things stated just so's all black and white in his world, no short cuts, he is VERY literal and things mean exactly what you say to him...EXACTLY. I am sooo struggling in speaking almost all of the time. I need to loss the sarcasm and the little things you blurt out without thinking like..."In a minute." That to him means in exactly 60 seconds we will be doing/arriving and/or taking some action. He is my lesson in conversation and I feel I am not getting it as quickly as I should. Thinking before speaking to him is not an is a necessity. I struggle alot...but oh I need this lesson so badly. He was a a friends house whose daughter we think may have Aspergers. She said she was howling listening to a conversation her daughter was having with Greyson. Her daughter spoke for about 10 minutes on something that was important to her and interested her while Greyson sat there and nodded. Then he started in with a conversation to her daughter having nothing to do with what she had spoken of and she sat and nodded for him. Too funny...her mom said they went back and forth like this for a while sounding like two little old people being cordial. I would have loved to had that on tape. Greyson is definitely doing well and I will try my best to keep him very busy this summer playing with buddies form his school. We plan to go to Lazy 5, the zoo, the parks, spray grounds, and lord knows where for lots of fun. Maybe the Raptor Center or Nature Museum. There is plenty to do that's free and/or cheap so we should take advantage of them all. Until next time folks...enjoy the sun and fun with the ones you love! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

More Tweetsie shots...

Tweetsie Weetsie...oh what fun!

Greyson and I went to Tweetsie today to see Thomas the Tank Engine. he has always loved Thomas but lately he has taken to really playing with his trains alot again. He did this secretly though thinking it was taboo for him to still love Thomas. He is soooo funny. We headed up to a lovely chorus of him asking.."are we there yet?" "are we there yet?"...only to be asked by me, "have we stopped yet? you see a train yet?" hahahahaaaaa Whew....We got there and played, got temp tattoos, bought lots of new train stuff including a train whistle shaped like Thomas. May I add that the whistle is loved by him....he blew it continuously after we bought it. I had to carry all of our stuff because...according to him...."Mommy Lynn, Can't you see I am full handed!?" He has a special language all to himself which totally cracks us up. he is one great guy and we had one great day together. Even if he was full handed!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Fun Birthday for Mom and a Great Day for Greyson...

Old pic and some wishful thinking! :) Oh how I long for the peace and serenity of the beach...well...maybe not the entire time...huh Susan?
Today is my 47th birthday and I have had a great time so far with Greyson. My mom came up and took me to lunch and then we headed out to the spray ground to play with Ginger and her kids + Ian. :) We just got home and mom headed back to Monroe. I am tired too. Michele's brother and nephew are in town working with her so not sure what tonight will bring. I could use a drink with friends but maybe soon. We shall see. Saturday we are supposed to go to a friends house to celebrate many June birthdays, mine being one of them so that should be fun. Tonight though I could use a drink for sure. Greyson has been doing well. I don't notice his struggles as much as I do when others that aren't as used to him are around. When mom was here today I seemed to notice some things more since she isn't as used to him as we are dealing with it daily. Funny how that works. He had a great day and gave me some wonderful things. I have two new rocking chairs that he hand picked from Lowe's with Michele. She said he sat in them all to find just the right ones for me. He explained some of them were just two "shakedy"...and he needed them to be smooth for me. hahahahahahaaa We now have a wii fit too. I am excited and offended all at the same time. They must think I need to whoop myself into shape or something. It's all good. Mainly because I do need to. Anyway...lately I have been more focused on how much I need to watch each thing I say to Greyson. He is so so literal and I have known this for a long time. Unfortunately I still tend to open my mouth and insert my foot so far in it's pathetic. I have tons of moments and I do mean tons...where I say something only to be immediately thinking..."come back....get back in my mouth!" Reason being, he will be calling me on it. My lesson here is clear people...I need to listen and think before talking. and is extremely hard for me as most of you already know. Whew...I am going to start writing all these down when I do it...It alone will lead to a book one day. One that will make you pee your pants. You too Susan...the creatures in the sea water incident is right up there with this sister! I am not alone! Thank God! hahahahahaaaaa my concern is...Will I EVER learn? I want to so I must dedicate myself to creating that possibility for me and for Greyson. It would be such a win for us both. Choose your words carefully. "I am my word" so I must be careful what words I choose. Right? We are what we think. All that we are arise with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world.-Buddha

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Sunday June 7th...Sunny Day!

We headed off to Denver NC yesterday to celebrate our friend Sue's birthday. they have a pool so Greyson got to go swimming. He had so much fun even thought the day started a little overcast. The sun did come out and burned us all really good. I have3 got to do a better job with the sunscreen. I have been slack here lately with it and we have been getting a little red in color. hahahaaaa. (Much to Greyson's dismay.) Today we are looking for some fun and I have yet to figure out just what we will do. He is always happy to stay inside but I am lobbying for an outdoor adventure. Good luck to me. Momom is working as usual and we are here hanging out together trying to come up with a plan. I may just say get in the car and see where we end up. Hopefully somewhere free or cheap. Greyson is doing well. Our friend Diane yesterday noticed a huge difference in him. She had not seen him in months and was surprised at the difference in him. We have all seen it but I know it is drastic when someone who hasn't seen him in a long time notices the change in him. It's harder to notice when we are with him 24/7 but it's there and it has been a wonderful blessing. Seeing him transform into a more confident boy who listens better. (there are times when I full on eat those words but he is much better) hahahhaaa He is a great guy and we love him dearly. I still tend to want everyone to understand him because I don't want them passing judgement on him but I do know I need to stop that. I get sort of over protective about his Asperger's and want everyone who encounters him to understand why he sometimes acts the way he does. Not everyone can understand and not everyone cares or wants to understand. I do know that...but I still throw it out there sometimes. I need to stop. I am sure it is done for him and for us trying to make sure people know...he's not a bad kid nor are we bad parents. Michele doesn't like me doing it and doesn't think I need to explain to anyone our business. I get that to some degree although at times I think it is very necessary. That is one I will have to do some soul searching about. Anyway...i can't wait to have some great adventures with our school friends this summer. We are planning to get with several of them to go fun places and have a grand time. It should be fun and there should be many a story to tell. Good day everyone. Until next time...Hugs.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day of sad & happy all at the same time!

You've come a long way cowboy!
Today was Greyson's last day of school and the kids had a blast. They did a special poem and dance for Suzy & Cymnatha, watched movies, ate McDonald's hamburgers, and played outside. Oh what fun. Greyson had the best year and I can't believe how quickly it went by. He grew by leaps and bounds academically, physically, and mentally. Most of all his self esteem & confidence level, thanks to Suzy and some great therapists, has grown the most. He is like a whole new boy. It amazes me what a difference a nurturing and loving environment can make. When a school truly focuses on the individual child, and where they are, so much can happen. I think the teachers and the children grow from that. Everyone benefits from the growth that occurs. In life you should never let things become to comfortable, for when you aren't facing the challenges you are not growing. If you are complacent to things being good, happy, and comfortable and you want to be rid of those who throw you curves, then you my friend are missing something important. We all, at times, would like to stay in our comfort zones but where would that leave us? Where is the room to learn and grow? When you stop controlling things so that they all fit into your perfect comfortable world and allow some things that don't to enter, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities. So many of our schools are missing that fact. They want kids like Greyson to go away. They are too much trouble to deal with because we will have to think of new ways to handle these children. God forbid we have to think outside the proverbial box! Well guess what? More of them are being born each day and the quicker you learn from these children the more you have to gain. It's not always about what's easy. There is so much more there to gain if you would be open to the gifts they have to offer. Well, CCS is open to the gifts. The gifts of all these children. Is it easy for these teachers? NO. But thankfully they are up for the challenges and they give it there all. The school and it's staff are better for it. Thank you CCS and staff for a job well done. A job most people would rather someone else do. That's what truly identifies the great teachers from the ones that are just there plugging along day to day. Teachers jobs are hard and they NEVER make enough money, but some of them are there each day invested in the success of each child there. They rise above and they are the cream of their profession. Obviously if you follow our blog you know I believe Greyson's teacher to be one of the best.
Thank you are one of them and all the lights you just set free will shine for years and years to come. You are one of the teachers they will remember even upon graduating college! They shine only because you do my friend. You light up the room with your love and we all see it.
Hooray for summer. You deserve a break to renew, refresh, and replenish your soul. Kudos! Love & hugs...Happy summertime! Go enjoy your little lights now!
As for Greyson guys...he is ecstatic that it is summer but he is missing his great school. Lots of play dates everyone!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last week of school so far...

We shall miss the "red door" over the summer!
I will start with Monday. Greyson headed off to school and had a fun day. Things are winding down and they are having alot of fun there at school. I don't think there were any grand stories here he was just being his normal Greyson self. Yesterday I sent him off and it was Imaginon day. Yay...he loves that. After school we headed home and he got to relax before his Karate class. I am taking a seminar with Landmark for a 10 week period so each Tuesday evening form 7-10pm I am there. Greyson and momom get time for love and bonding while I go off to work on my reaction time if you will. hahahaaaaa (Remember the Speed Park?) Michele said he did awesome at Karate Tuesday night so I was very proud of him. What a guy he is. So...after I got him he was passed out and Shel and I stayed up a little and talked. We decided to go to bed around 12 or so and obviously we missed all the action on our street. Someone was shot about 5 houses down and is in critical condition. We slept through that somehow. Seriously? Sirens, police, fire, medic....scary huh? (Us sleeping through all that is what scares me most) But I am concerned about the extra curricular activities at the house down the street too just in case you were wondering. :) was Wednesday and it was field day at school. I showed up and tried to help out some. The kids were having fun but it was extremely hot. They played lots of games, drank water, ate orange slices, and other fruit. We played and played and then came on in for lunch. I had a gift for Greyson's awesome teacher and I didn't want to wait until the last day to give it to her. She is and has been such a blessing to us. I will miss being in her class but I know we have a good teacher for next year as well so I am happy with that. I will try not to be comparing her to Ms Suzy since those shoes will be hard to fill. :) Have I mentioned that Ms Suzy is teacher extraordinaire? Probably not huh? Do you all get it that I think she is right up there with Grandma Griffin in the world of teachers? That is HUGE! OK...I will let it go for now. had so much fun at school. I was there all day, and then we headed home to throw our bags down and head back out to OT. I knew it would be a challenge since his day had been a work out already. He did OK but did have some moments of not being so cooperative. Go figure...I was not surprised nor was I disappointed. I know when to cut the boy some slack at least. Maybe not at the Nascar Speed Park but I can at least do it today. Now it is bedtime and he just came into the room begging for my hugs. He had a bad night while playing with the neighbors. Their dog bit at this leg and scared him half to death. He was balling so he is very needy tonight from that incident. I am off to snuggle with him now. He is fine but scared none the less. Goodnight all and hugs to you...we shall check back tomorrow with Thursday fun.

Nascar Speed Park Race before the last week of school...

This photo should have been a forshadowing of things to come....
Well let me try to catch you up on our past few days. I have to go back to Saturday I guess. Michele had to work and Greyson and I hung out at home. I tried unsuccessfully to get him outside to play but he wasn't having it on Saturday. She came home and we cooked dinner together. After that we watched TV and eventually headed off to be. Sunday was actually the fun day for all of us. We took Greyson over to Concord Mills to ride go karts at Nascar Speed Park. He loves that and they have been before. I, being more the worrier, had not been to witness this amazing feat. Little did I know Greyson had only ridden the slower karts in the past and for future reference...this was not disclosed to me on Sunday. One more thing...our son...and safety issues and not one. Aspergers kids tend to have no fear about certain things and do not always recognize the obvious safety issues that others may get right away. that you are up to date with this...let's get back to the fun stuff. Greyson and momom get tickets to ride the go Karts. There are several choices some for smaller riders/beginners if you will and then some faster. Greyson is also a big kid. Which due to his height, he can usually qualify for rides that he probably shouldn't even be on. So...I am ready to take pictures and mini movies while they hop on the "Family 500" Off they go and Greyson is digging this...his race kart is really fast and he even lapped momom. This was because her kart was really really slow. Rascal Scooter slow people! of those could have lapped her! so there they were going round and round and having a blast while I looked on. Then it happened. The ride was on it's last lap and the "race boys" were preparing to let the next group go. One guy came out on the track with a whistle and motioned them into the "pit area". At that point the kart drivers come in slowly and stop preparing to get out. Well not so much for he rounded the last turn and the guy motioned him in he gunned it, passed 2 karts in the turn going into the pit area, and then ran almost full speed into the 5 karts lined up awaiting dismount. All this while I stood helplessly watching the whole slow motion may I add and screaming in the long drawn out deep voiced..."NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" He hit the karts and the lead kart was pushed out about 2 kart lengths while the "race boy" waiting at the pit hopped out of the way spastic like. Then I somehow turned into a mom possessed. You know the moments...the ones when you are too preoccupied with what the other people are thinking so you run over and try to prove that you have to teach your child the right lesson. Well...hello....I am screaming Greyson, "You have to use your break when coming in to stop...You cannot just slam into everyone because you could have hurt someone." he is embarrassed and bummed. I am having a "not a great mommy" moment and to say the least I am not proud. And Michele who saw nothing and crawled in on her rascal scooter is saying to me, "You need to calm down!" "He didn't know. He has never ridden these fast ones before." OK....News flash to me...and lesson most important here is...if he is doing anything remotely dangerous for the first time...we can take absolutely NOTHING for granted. Especially not where safety is concerned. Good lord....I can laugh now but I thought I was gonna have a freakin' heart attack. Funny the things we take for granted...even after a year of knowing his issues/challenges. We have to be on guard to some extent at all times. Needless to say we survived the incident and no one, besides me, yelled at him for his little mishap. So...we left and headed home. Momom got some new work shorts and Greyson had the ride of his life. I learned that I have to work on how I react to things alot more than I have been. Calm...Stay calm. Later that night we cooked out with some friends, hung out for a while and then headed home to bed. The weekend complete! Next up...the Last week of school...

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