Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr Mike...Karate....and it's only Tuesday! :)

It's Tuesday and things at our house are good. Greyson is still doing well and I am proud to report it. I admit though...not without knocking on wood. hahahaaaaaa I picked him up today and we headed off to see Mr Mike his therapist. He gets a little frisky when he sees him and tests me at times while we are there but overall he does well. Momom headed off to the grocery store while we were gone so she had dinner when we got here. That was so very sweet of her. Especially since she would rather take a beating than go to the grocery store. What a great momom & partner! After dinner I got Greyson's Karate outfit on and they headed off to class. He has been doing his sit ups and push ups like a trooper lately, but not without letting us know he hates them! I remind him that every child there hates them and he is not alone. He sucks it up though and plugs on to build those 2nd grade muscles! :) I think he has grown taller lately too. He seems to be thinning out some. (Not that he has ever been fat...but he had that baby tummy role going on) We have run and played more lately and had tons of fun doing it. Momom and I just run, laugh and gasp for air in the yard while we all play ball tag. We are desperately out of shape and in need of medical attention each time we play. 1 Adam 12....1 Adam 12....see the ladies.....approx 46 years of age....flailing around in the yard needing oxygen. hahahahaaa Stop laughing people...next thing you know I'll have a Hover Round or Rascal scooter chasing your asses! Maybe a walker with the tennis balls on the ends hanging out at, none other than,....."K&W Cafeteria"! Michele's cafe' of choice! and Greyson's..... well....."Hair nets I tell you....nothing but hair nets and old people!" You know the story...if not....go back a few months in our blog archives....it's there..the complete saga. :) Well...I shall close for the night. Sweet dreams to all of our friends and extended family. You guys are what keeps me smiling! so.... :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another weekend down...but Oh what fun it was!

We had a great weekend. The cable and Internet have been out so we played alot outside. For those of you who don't know it that is a real feat in itself to get Greyson outdoors sometimes. He would rather be inside watching TV or playing games...video games that is. I struggle with that because I know how good he does when he does get out and enjoy the fresh air. He has been a wonderful guy lately and soo very sweet. He has still had some moments with challenges but overall he is doing great. He is already starting to say he wants to be in Suzy's class again next year so I am not sure how that will go over. I have to buckle down and figure out where and who will be best for him for 3rd grade since it will be more of a challenge for him. He is coming along well though and I am sure Suzy can help me with that. We have already discussed it. Another year gone almost and oh what a difference his new school and teacher have made. I hope she will never doubt what an awesome person and teacher she is. She deserves tons of kudos for the job she does and the love she shares with all of these "oh so special" children. Love you Suzy!
As far as the weekend goes...as I said before, we played outside alot! Mainly playing ball tag with his red ball. he cracks me up when we play hard because he runs around laughing and giggling...then he runs up saying, "I need some water! My heart is beeping soooooo fast!" It cracks me up every time! He has been doing great with the whole sportsmanship thing too. He doesn't melt down like he used to unless he is starting to get really tired. He even fell and skinned his knee last night. It took a moment but he recovered pretty well. I couldn't be prouder of him here lately. Lord knows I love the stew out of that boy and he is learning everyday to manage his challenges more and more. Don;t get me wrong...he will always have them, and he will at times have bad moments, but learning to manage them will help him to be the independent guy he needs to be to live in this ever changing world. You go G man....we love you to the whole wide world just like you are!

One more thing...he has decided to be in the talent show on Thursday night at this school. I hope he doesn't get scared or afraid because his little dance shows and lip singing and/or singing are a site to behold. (At least to us they are wonderful) I hope he shares proudly with the school family that night. It would be a real boost for him. He is such the drama guy/dancer/actor. Hugs and love everyone. Will be sharing again soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So proud of Greyson lately...

I am not sure why but lately Greyson seems to have come out of his shell even more. Like the budding flowers of Spring, he has blossomed into quite a guy. Yes he still has his quirky ways about him and never ceases to entertain and amaze us. Yet lately he just seems to be so calm and happy and upbeat. I have been trying to monitor what he eats and drinks a little better as I plan to try to ease into the GF/CF Diet come summer. Not sure how well this will or will not work but I am willing to try to do it for his sake. We shall see. Maybe some of what I have been doing so far is working too. not so many trips to McDonald's for him. He loves the double cheeseburger and chicken nuggets but I still think it's pure junk for his body. Especially after my friend that teaches health bought a hamburger and fries and left them on her desk for 6 months...Yes...I said 6 months! Do you know there was not one speck of mold on that darn things! What does that tell ya' huh?! Can you say preservatives...tons of them! she did this to prove a nutritional point for health class yet it totally grossed me out and stopped me from taking wild man by there for happy meals! YUCK! I will be traumatized for life thank goodness. hahahahaaaaaa Anyway....I have made minor changes to his diet and I think even the minor changes have been positive in there effects. I do notice them and I wonder if anyone else does. So...our journey continues, loving Greyson and who he is, a wonderful and talented boy, every step of the way.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A new week has begun after a busy busy weekend!

Greyson has gone back to school this week and is doing great. He has been doing really well at home too. Much calmer for some reason here lately and very loving. He is always loving to us but much more so here lately. He has loved sharing his day and has been so excited about every little thing in his life. He is soooo funny to me. Today he says to me. mom, I want to have a computer job one day and type on my computer and drink coffee.... I said, "That's great, I think you would be very good at computers since you understand them well already." He just grinned really big! Then we came home, finished his homework with no squabbling, and then played 3 games of UNO together before he decided he needed to watch some TV. We went outside later because he decided he needed to get some exercise. We threw the ball at each other in ball tag and chased each other around our very small yard. After that we got some things out of the recycle bin and he got the scissors and tape and made a rocket out of a lemonade carton, a paper towel roll, and a piece of paper. He got upset and wanted to know why the cone part wasn't touching all the way around the carton so I quickly told him that air had to go through there to create the big fire that comes out of the rockets. As I held my breath he exclaimed, "Wow, you are sooooooo smart about this stuff mom!" hahahahaaaa...And you people thought I was lying when I said I was a rocket scientist! NASA has been calling but I am obviously to busy being Greyson's mom & lazy to be bothered with all that stuff! We have had some great fun here lately with Greyson. He even did well on Saturday night when a few people came over. Well...he did well until Camille took her dress off. That totally freaked him out...but she is only 5 or so...He just kept pacing saying, "She doesn't have any clothes on...hello....she is naked." I think he finally got past it...but it was really funny. He had a few moments here lately involving needing us to be close by due to a spider siting at the neighbors but he is slowly coming back into his normal self again. The anxiety/panic decreases after some days have gone by thank goodness. He even did well at UNO today when he lost to me. He won the first one but I beat the tar out of him the second time and he just laughed. Good job big man...he struggles at times with being a poor looser but he is doing much better. Part of our fun but it's OK. I still wouldn't change a darn thing about him! He is a dramatic, entertaining, intelligent boy who doesn't always quite no how to express himself or handle himself in social situations but he is ours and I love the stew out of him! Good night all...we shall check in again soon.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Momom's Birthday! Happy Birthday we love you to the whole wide world!

This picture is old but this gives you an diea of what Greyson's world is like today...this time however he was under the cushions on the back...buried under those big ones. ??? Gotta have the squeeze deep pressure sensation huh?
We have had a great weekend thus far. We went to eat dinner at a friends house on Friday evening where there are plenty of kids for Greyson to play with while Michele and I visit. It is always a good time and they are definitely a fun group and rather wild I might add. They make us laugh. We got home late and Greyson was walking asleep. It was soooo funny. He needed a shower due to playing hard outside, getting wet and dirty and then stewing in it for hours. I got him showered and we let him watch about 10 minutes of his shows before he crashed hard. What a great guy he is. This morning we woke up and he has been seeking out deep pressure sensory all day. He has buried himself several time sin the sofa under the main cushions. not sure why he is doing that more today than he normally does but he is. I have been ensuring to hug him and squeeze him alot today too due to his need for this. This morning right after we woke up momom wanted a birthday breakfast so we went to her favorite breakfast place....House o' Pancakes. It was great and then we headed home to clean and stuff to get ready for some fun. She built her new grill so we will cookout and I think the neighbors may drop by as well as a few others. Nothing big this time around but a little fun still. We made sure to bring some of our school buddies/parents over for fun and it helps Greyson as well to have some buddies to play with. He is currently with Michele at Clinton's birthday party at Frank Lisk Park...fishing, playing games, and eating treats. They should be home soon to enjoy our deck though...and Shel's new grill. Happy Birthday momom! I love you and I am thankful to have you in our lives! Greyson thinks you are the best wrestling buddy and mom ever! :) Today is your day...Hope it is the best for you! hugs....and love to all of our friends!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everything is Tuesday...Feeling Lightheaded and Woozy...

I have taken on a new way to kill spiders...You see, Greyson is deathly afraid of them so even the smallest arthropod warrants drastic measures at Casa de G-R. Don't you folks fret about the sheet rock...Michele is a pro at hanging that stuff and/or patching it! Gotta love it! Now for the serious stuff...
Today I took Greyson to school. I got to see his room with all the tadpoles awaiting to be transformed into frogs and see all the beautiful kids that make up his class. It's a hodgepodge of little personalities in there that I could never begin to explain. All of them very special in there own little way. They get really excited to show you the tadpoles and their growth. Well today...they had a new thing to show off in the aquarium. It seems some snails hitched a ride in with the creek water and had babies. Now the tank is full of tadpoles and snails. I swear I should have saved that baby snake this weekend. Suzy would have loved that to add to their menagerie of critters. hahahaa Greyson was proud today to take in the butterfly tree house we got for his class. we are awaiting the arrival of the caterpillars that go in it but they should be here this week according to "Insect Lore". Then his class will also have them to watch transform before their eyes. How will they be able to stand all this excitement? Whew! He has been doing well lately. Alot of outside play time here at the house which in turn results in a calmer boy and a boy who falls asleep better. Hopefully his days in school are better as well. Not that they were bad before...I just think when he can burn off alot of his nervous energy it shows in his actions/behavior. In a positive way for sure. He lost his silver tooth tonight so the tooth fairy will be coming. Hopefully momom learned her lesson on saying the "Easter Bunny" may not come next year. So she shouldn't be saying any of that crazy talk tonight about the tooth fairy! That blew up right in our faces so I think she learned to let it happen in it's own time. With him it may be awhile. :) He has this sweet & oh so innocent and naive side that may embrace that for years to come. I am good with it either way. Well...he just got his bath which means he will be yelling for me to come lay down with him any minute. He had a spider episode on the neighbors trampoline tonight which all but entailed calling Charlotte's Finest to come kill it. That means he will have issues for a few days more than likely involving being very afraid of every little thing and even of things that are not even there. That's just how it works. I have to be in site when he uses the restroom, goes into another room, etc etc.... Fun fun fun....Thank you Mr freakin' spider! hahaha Along came a spider....and then all hell broke loose! That's what the story should have said! Good night everyone. Sweet dreams to all and hugs and all that stuff... Ya'll come back now ya' hear?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter has come and gone...Back to school today!

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and Greyson was very excited the the Easter bunny brought him some great goodies and some candy. We played outside and drew on the driveway with his new sidewalk chalk that is 3D! We played ball tag, dodge ball and we worked in the yard. He still has this young innocents about him that I have no idea when it will go away. Like believing with all his heart and soul in the Easter bunny, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, etc... Michele thought for a moment that maybe we should tell him and I said no. Let it happen in it's own time. I think when he ready he will question the whole "magic" of it all. Until then I say let him feel the magic of believing. She thought she would make it easy on him by saying to him, "You know, next year you might be too big for a visit from the Easter bunny." Well let me tell you...that flew over like a lead zeppelin. He burst into tears and ran and hid in his room. I told her to go talk to him. He was devastated. I said the Easter Bunny came to my house until I was old...high school & college! She smoothed it over but it wasn't pretty there for a moment. She was just trying to save me from yet another time of sticking my foot in my mouth since I spent the morning making dumb statements like...I thought you would like that Spongebob golf ball. It flew over his head but she was like...."What did you say?...Don't you mean the Easter Bunny?" Oops....I'm just graceful what can I say? Oh well....we had a great day working in the yard and playing and today Greyson seemed excited to head off back to school. We even fond a baby snake in our yard while working. He wasn't poisonous so we let him go in the woods out back after showing him to Greyson and his buddies. You're safe Ms Suzy! No snakes for class yet! :) Hope you all had a great Easter and Spring Break...ours was interesting as you know, but we have recovered and are moving forward now. We are waiting on our Caterpillar shipment so Greyson's class can raise some butterflies. They should be in sometime this week I hope. Then it's off to class they go to join the tadpole raising/transformation. Have a great week everyone. Hugs...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter is just around the corner

Greyson's First Easter April 2001-(5 months old).
Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way! Yes...we have been on Spring Break this week. Only to entertain a virus that was relentless in it's attack of our house and it's occupants. Now that everyone has gone it came back after Michele and she is down for the count. Hopefully this will signify the end of the damn thing now that our break has come down to it;s final 3 days...one of which will be taken up by momom being still sick. It's been a ride and as far as I am concerned OSHA should have been here the first night installing harnesses and safety belts on our 2 toilets! LORD! I think the CDC, Center for Disease Control, called several times but no one couldn't answer the phone for being strapped to the toilet and/or 5 gallon bucket. Greyson is hanging in there. His energy levels are back to maximum capacity and he needs to run...and run...and run...That being said I am meeting some folks at the park today and praying I do not bring along our germs to share with them. That way he can at least burn off some craziness before the rains come....I hope. He is so funny. After that he and I will hit the grocery store...pray for me. He is never fun to take there, but what kid likes it? Probably not too many that do if I were to bet. I still need to do my Easter Bunny shopping since I haven't had one moment lately to deal with that. So....Hippity Hoppity off I'll go if momom can keep him occupied for a moment later. We shall see how she feels. We are opting out of my sister's big Easter feast in Raleigh as I do not want to germ up there house. We will figure something out for here and have one last day of what I hope will be a pleasant end to this interesting break. Hugs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Survival of the dreaded Virus - Spring Break 09

Our Spring Break so far can be summed up by this movie for sure!
Well...I feel like it has been forever since I have updated this. Greyson started his Spring Break on Friday, April the 3rd. Uncle Rich had been here almost a week and his wife and kids were coming to join him in searching for houses and to just plain visit. Well...it turned out to be not so much fun for anyone as Greyson on Saturday had gotten sick. We thought on Sunday he was better so Shel and I took him to the park only to leave as soon as we arrived. He was still very sick and it reared it's ugly head once again. He was very sick all night Sunday and into Monday and by Monday afternoon the 2 teenage boys had gotten it. I cannot even begin to tell you all how horrible this was. Both exits of the body for anyone having it were effected and we have an 1100 sq ft home with only 2 restrooms. NOT PRETTY! It was already a little cramped as far as sleeping etc....much less adding sick folks with issues needing a bathroom every few minutes. Whew! Well...by Monday around 12am I had become the lucky winner of this funk. I was sick all night long with moments of elation from the Tar Heels winning the National Championship! Nothing like being on the toilet with a 5 gallon bucket in your hands and between retching thinking, "Way to go Heels!" I am not right but most of you who follow this already knew that painfully well. Well the next day I still felt like poo on a stick but I wasn't getting sick anymore....just queasy and plain yucky feeling. That's when poor Faith the youngest daughter joined in on the fun. She was sick all day Tuesday up until late into the day and finally by Wednesday was much better. But we aren't done yet....Tuesday after dinner Michele's brother Rich had gotten it. He pucked all night while I listened in. I didn't really want to hear it but our home is the size of a cracker box...and due to my feeling like shit all day Tuesday and lying in bed I could not sleep that evening. Isn't life fun sometimes and full of humor! Here it is every ones Spring Break in a tiny house in Charlotte...and for 5 days someone if not several at a time are sick. 5 Gallons buckets of barf all over the house....bathrooms occupied almost constantly....It WAS NOT PRETTY people. Really! But here we are and it is Thursday. Michele & Erin, (Rich's wife) somehow have thus far managed to escape the wrath of this wonderful and entertaining virus. Some of us just have all the luck I guess. I however and soooo ready to run away to the beach....sit by the shore and just take it in. Watch the waves crashing...listen to the beautiful sounds the come with the package, and just chill. However....this will have to be done in my head. Somehow though...it's not working for me. I definitely need the real thing. One of these days.

Greyson is doing well. He has had some moments wanting his world back if you will. Being sick and being around everyone sick was hard for him to grasp at times. He just wanted to play once he was well and he couldn't just have run of the house. Not easy to explain but we managed. Michele was great and stayed home form work to take him to a movie since I was down for the count along with most everyone else. They went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. Greyson was apprehensive at first but then finally embraced the glasses and the whole package of the 3D movie. She said he yanked his glasses off a couple of times to ensure nothing was really there because he was freaked out but he did really well. He was excited to tell me all about it and in his usual fashion has already memorized alot of parts form the movie. Go figure! We also bought him the Bolt movie and he loved watching that. Thanks Susan! He is soo funny and I am glad to see him back to his normal self. he had been so pitiful for days that on Monday I had called the doctor to see if she would see him. He snapped back before we needed to go though. Thanks goodness. Well...glad I could check in and tell you about our ordeal. It wasn't pretty but hopefully it is over with. Have a great rest of the week everyone. I think for us it can only go up from here. Yay! Sunshine, parks and lots of fun in the last few days of break. Hugs to all...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Back again...finally and it's Monday already!

Well...Greyson started Spring Break on Friday and may I say it has started with a bang! Michele's brother, wife, and three kids are here visiting/looking around at homes. They are thinking of moving here at some point and scouting the area. Her brother has been working some with her as well. The weekend seemed to be starting OK and then it hit. Greyson has somehow ended up with a pretty ugly stomach virus. The kind that attacks from both ends if you know what I mean. It started on Saturday afternoon and I am not sure it has let up yet. Last night was the worst because he was throwing up all night long and very little sleep was had by Michele or me. Poor guy...now he seems a little a better but I cannot let me guard down. Reason is....we thought he was doing much better yesterday so we went to the park. We were only there long enough to unpack and then pack back up. he had to go to the restroom and it was back home again. He is pitiful to say the least. Those who know him know he is very high energy and non=stop normally...entertaining, playing, singing...etc...the past few days he has been still, quiet and very lethargic. He does have bursts of energy normally followed by a battle with the virus again from one end or another. He has tried to be himself at times only to end up having "accidents" because he wanted so desperately to play or run or be normal for just a few moments. I have thrown away many a pair of underwear here in the past few days....it was ugly and I refused to try and revive them. He seems fine but then the moment he eats or drinks anything it's "on like a pot o' neck bones" as a friend of mine would say. He is currently eating for the first time since last night around 5ish....chicken nuggets was the request...I am leery and feeling a little uncomfortable about it...as any mother would be. He has been drinking ginger ale today successfully with no repercussions so keep your fingers crossed for me. PLEASE! I am ready now for the fun to stop and for ti to leave this house all together. I pray no one else gets to entertain this lovely virus. It could absolutely ruin his break altogether. So...that being said, I will pray for it to move on. Shel's brother and family are here until Thursday so we will hopefully be able to find something to do fun for them. Something fun and free might I add. With there being 7 of us Free is always a plus...especially right now in this lovely economy. So...off we go into Monday. Hoping for a better week then the weekend that we've had thus far. I just want my Greyson back and I see glimpses of him slowly but surely. We shall see. Love to all and happy sunshiny day, week, and break! Hugs....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break is finally here....Yay!

Spring break has arrived and so has the sunshine. I hope it stays for the entire week and then some. Lots of play dates, park time, bike riding, etc, etc.... Greyson has been having such a blast a school and has been more willing to share now that I have the 30 minute rule in place. I do not ask him...or at least I try not to ask, how his day went for at least 30 minutes after I pick him up. This gives him decompression time if need be and seems to be working well. Boys aren't big on sharing anyway...but he really holds back on me regardless of his day. So...I got a tip about the 30 minute rule from my parenting with love & logic and it is working well. Hooray! He is still really ramped up about getting his new kitten. I am constantly having to explain about how long they had to stay in their mommies belly, how long they have to stay to be fed by mommy cat, etc...etc... Then he starts in on how long he stayed in me and all that. It can be exhausting but very cute too. He loves telling people now that he was in me for 9 whole months! ... and I do so remember that...the basketball sitting right in the front! All 10 lbs. 4 ozs. of him. we did have fun with it though. On Halloween when I was near about to pop Michele & I dressed up with sweatshirts on. Mine had a pumpkin that I painted on it right where my belly was and her sweatshirt said "PETER PETER" on it. Hahahahaaaa we should've won that damn contest! I tell you...some people just don't get my warped humor! I find myself to be hysterical at times. (and yes...I sometimes crack myself up.) But I digress as usual. Greyson is having a great time watching Bolt....thanks Susan! He has the power bark down just for you! :) Mannerisms and all! Have a fabulous weekend everyone...that sounded really "gay" huh? Don't freak Susan...I know it's wrong on so many levels that I said that. It's still funny to me though... HUgs....Big big hugs....and lots o' sunshine to all of our extended friends and family! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

World Autism Awareness Day - April 2nd 2009 & the kittens have arrived!

Greyson does not know it yet but the kittens have been born and we are going to adopt one. I can't tell him due to Troy hasn't found where mom put them yet. Once he knows where they are we are going to see them. Greyson has been having a great week this week but is still wanting his new kitten and asks daily about it. In time big man...in time....I will leave to get him from school now as today is therapy day with Mr. Mike. Things have been good and I hope they will continue to be wonderful. Each day is a new day and each day we learn. We learn form Greyson and he learns from us. Life goes on and we see each small moment as wondrous. We are thankful for the gift of Greyson and the lessons he brings. Hooray for Greyson and his way of viewing the world. It's special indeed. :) More to come but for now...I have to pick up g man for therapy. Hugs to all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's almost Spring Break for G man...

OK...First of all...I wish I was going to be here for Spring Break...well Not so much....only in my dreams. You know the one...the hammock, an umbrella drink, waves crashing, breeze blowing gently...blah blah blah....I also wish this for several others that I know who share my love for the beach, ocean, coastal areas...that they were going to be here as well. If you love the beach, the waves, it's warmth and solitude...I am wishing for you. May your wish and mine come true soon! Ohhhmmmmmmmmm! :)
We are nearing the end of the week...or at least we are half way there. Today is April fools day and we were trying to teach Greyson what to expect of a day like this. He didn't quite get it though. he untied Michele's shoe...and then said "Momom! your shoe's untied!....APRIL FOOL!" I then explained that her shoe needed to stay tied for that to work. He just stared at me....hahahahaaaa. oh well...I am sure he had fun regardless of the understanding the whole thing. He has had a great week even though he has been going to bed much later than I would like. Our world is a little off because uncle Rich is here and he wants to play with Michele and or Uncle Rich 24/7. When they come home late that poses a problem and he doesn't understand that he can't stay up forever. We manage to get to bed at some point and then battle him the next am to get ready for school. He had a great day yesterday with plenty of exercise. I am beginning to think that him burning ALOT of energy is key to him being calm, listening better, and being more focused. He played from the time he got home until bedtime almost. Jumping on the trampoline...then swinging...then heading to Karate and being there for 45 minutes exercising non-stop...then back home to the trampoline & swing. He was exceptionally good last night listening the first time and doing what he needed to do. I hate our home isn't bigger because I got some awesome ideas for an indoor basement playroom while at OT today. I would turn it into a place he would never want to leave. Swings, climbing walls, zip lines, and an indoor slide. Bean bags everywhere...all sorts of stimulation for sensory, fun, and exercise. We could paint a wall with fun stuff too! It would be awesome....Greyson's indoor playground! The one in the magazine was unbelievable! I would love to do that for him...we could have playdates...sleepovers...all sorts of fun together. But for now...maybe we can do a few things in his room to make it special and encourage his spending more time in there. At night especially...hahahaa...I am getting beat and kicked to death! It will all happen in it's right time. for now...this week is wonderful and we have 2 days left until Spring break....a week of play dates in the park and lots of fun. Get ready friends...we'll be calling to play if it is nice out! Happy Wednesday everyone!

In Honor of Autism Awareness Month (April)

What is Autism? An Overview

Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that typically lasts throughout a person's lifetime. It is part of a group of disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Today, 1 in 150 individuals is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. It occurs in all racial, ethnic, and social groups and is four times more likely to strike boys than girls. Autism impairs a person's ability to communicate and relate to others. It is also associated with rigid routines and repetitive behaviors, such as obsessively arranging objects or following very specific routines. Symptoms can range from very mild to quite severe.

Autism was first identified in 1943 by Dr. Leo Kanner of Johns Hopkins Hospital. At the same time, a German scientist, Dr. Hans Asperger, described a milder form of the disorder that is now known as Asperger Syndrome (read more). These two disorders are listed in the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) as two of the five developmental disorders that fall under the autism spectrum disorders. The others are Rett Syndrome, PDD NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. All of these disorders are characterized by varying degrees of impairment in communication skills and social abilities, and also by repetitive behaviors.

Autism spectrum disorders can usually be reliably diagnosed by age 3, although new research is pushing back the age of diagnosis to as early as 6 months. Parents are usually the first to notice unusual behaviors in their child or their child's failure to reach appropriate developmental milestones. Some parents describe a child that seemed different from birth, while others describe a child who was developing normally and then lost skills. Pediatricians may initially dismiss signs of autism, thinking a child will “catch up,” and may advise parents to “wait and see.” New research shows that when parents suspect something is wrong with their child, they are usually correct. If you have concerns about your child's development, don't wait: speak to your pediatrician about getting your child screened for autism.

If your child is diagnosed with autism, early intervention is critical to gain maximum benefit from existing therapies. Although parents may have concerns about labeling a toddler as “autistic,” the earlier the diagnosis is made, the earlier interventions can begin. Currently, there are no effective means to prevent autism, no fully effective treatments, and no cure. Research indicates, however, that early intervention in an appropriate educational setting for at least two years during the preschool years can result in significant improvements for many young children with autism spectrum disorders. As soon as autism is diagnosed, early intervention instruction should begin. Effective programs focus on developing communication, social, and cognitive skills
For further information on Autism please go to www.autismspeaks.org

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue