Saturday, May 7, 2011

On being a mom...anyone can be a mother

Funny how life works.  There was a time in my life when I would have thought it would be a cold day in hell before I would give birth.  (Funny snowed the night Greyson was born. Not that it's hell here times...)
That said, things change.  Thanks to a most wonderful partner of about 14 years. When I met Michele I knew I wanted to be with her for the long haul if you will.  so off we set on our adventure together. Approximatley 2 years later we started talking about trying to have a child together and that we did.  Greyson was born on November 20th, 2000 weighing in at a whopping 10lbs. 4 ozs.  C-sections are a wonderful thing in some cases...this was one of them. I can walk upright & somewhat normal today thanks to that moment.  Not to sound all cheesy, but what a blessing both Greyson and Michele are to me.  Being a mom to Greyson has offered me so much that words will never do the experience justice.  I just pray I am offering him as much as he has offered, and continues to offer, me on a daily basis.  The gifts being a mom have brought to me are imeasurable.  Most importantly, Greyson has been teaching me so much. Listening is way more important than just hearing.  And, as I said in the prior post, some of the most important things in life are to be experienced, not heard.  I continue to struggle with this but I do know it to be true. with him around, I will not fail.  I will not fail in finding the best in him and in myself. On top of that, I could not ask for a more supportive and helpful partner in our quest to assist this little guy on his life journey and ours. I think we make a hell of a team and complement each other well in our efforts to guide, love, and support Greyson.  I made Michele a card today.  To honor her as a mother, partner, and friend.  You see, anyone can be a mother, but it takes someone really special and nurturing to become a mom.  Biology doesn't make a mom...unconditional love, selflessness and dedication does.  She may not have given birth to Greyson, but she shows him daily how much she loves him.  thank you Boog for being the best mom our son could have.  I love you dearly..."to the whole wide world". You are gift enough on such a special day. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have a voice...MUTE!

Greyson's school had a talent show recently so he had been busy picking out a song to lip sing.  I wish he would really sing because he has a beautiful voice.  I know he does but he is too embarrassed too share it.  So....he went on his mission of picking the song determined to lip sing.  Well, a funny thing happened.  He had to practice before the actual day of the show and all he had for music was his ipod.  So, he had his ear buds in and, at the encouragement of his teacher, sang along with the song he wanted to sing during practice while turned away form his classmates.  His teacher, along with his classmates, was stunned by his voice.  They were so excited and taken back at how beautiful it was.  We were all hoping to talk him into really singing for all of the school, staff & parents on talent show day.  The big day came and he was having no part of it.  That's just way too many folks for his comfort level so he opted out.  He wouldn't even hold the mic so that we might hear some of his sweet voice.  instead he stood up there and lip sang his song.  I was sooo proud of him just even getting up there.  That is always a huge thing just to be able to do that.    The entire performance really made me think.  Think of how ironic the whole thing was.  There is always a story there, a song, a voice.  We may not hear it like we expect to hear it, but it is there.  You just have to listen with more than your ears.  You have to listen with all of your senses.  With your soul, and with your heart.  I heard him loud and clear that day.  How often are we not listening?  We hear plenty, but we rarely listen.  Especially to those who communicate differently than we do.  They have a voice, they have an intelligence and a sensitivity beyond anything we can imagine.  It may not fall in the parameters of what we are used to but we set those parameters.   I think it is time we expand them.  They have plenty to tell us and we need to be listening.
Greyson's song was his tribute to a friend he had his first year there. His second grade year.  He really misses her and her friendship.  I think she helped him alot that year.   She was kind to him and helpful to him and he has NEVER forgotten her.  He feels things on such a deep level it is scary sometimes.  Especially for a child his age.  His song was beautiful and so is his voice.  I hope one day he will find the courage to share it with others, but if not maybe they will still hear it, sense it, feel it.  He is a sensitive and beautiful soul and we are proud to have been given time with this rare and special gift of a boy we call Greyson. 

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