Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mister Sassy Frass

Greyson has been mister "Sassy Frass" here lately.  He is full of himself and feeling his oates and pushing limits.  Some of it is just developmentally where he is and some of it is exacerbated by his Aspergers.  It makes for a fun time I tell you.  His temper is about as short as I have ever seen it and it is starting to make Michele and I crazy in the head.  He is in a place where he is wanting to be a big boy, yet he is also still alot clingy so he is teetering back & forth from big boy to mamma's boy.  He is quick to fly back with smart answers or just yell about something.  we have been talking to him about it but it's obvious that he is where he is right now.  It's hard for him to figure out what to do with his frustrations and emotions.  He doesn't recognize them normally until it is too late and he has blown his top. We are discussing appropriate behaviors for when he is angry/frustrated but he isn't always aware of it in time. I am thinking some cognitive behavior therapy may be in order...We shall see.  Needless to say we love the stew out of him but he is feeling big in his britches for sure. I am also thinking of finally talking with him about dietary changes too.  I have always felt that the GF/CF diet or possibly the Feingold diet would be beneficial as well.  He definitely has issues with his gut and allergies so I know either of those diets would be effective.  I just need to talk with him and feel him out, along with doing more research about the two diets.  I will figure it out soon enough.  For now we need to lay down some solid boundaries.  His pushing the limits cannot become too crazy.  For the time being we are enjoying Thanksgiving at the beach with grandma. Once we return home we will find our way, we always do.  Until then we will look for a little bit of peace here by the ocean.  Walking on the shore and listening to the waves does wonders for the soul.   We are Love x's 3 and we all are looking to replenish our souls. Hugs to all of our friends/extended family.  We are thankful and grateful for each of you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Greyson...10 years!!!

 It's fall....a time of change. Another season in another year in the life cycle of all things. In this time of change I see many changes in our son. Not just the obvious physical changes but changes that occur much deeper than that.  He is coming of an age where he is much more independent, yet still in need of not getting too far from his mom. He shows some rebellion at times, goes off on his own more to take care of himself, but never strays too far. Greyson is definitely becoming a young man.  It pains me in some ways but I am proud of him and who is is becoming. He isn't our baby anymore.  Then again, he always will be. What a guy! This post is in honor of him and his 10th birthday.

Greyson turned 10 years old Saturday, November 20th so we played some in the park.  We didn't have a big party as things are a little tighter these days. Even though we didn't whoop it up big we still had a blast playing together, eating some cake, and opening a few gifts.  He had a good time I think so that is all that matters.  These last 10 years have flown by for us.  It seems like just yesterday that he was born. A bit cliche' but it is the truth.  He still never ceases to amaze us and to crack us up on a regular basis.  These days he seems more self aware than ever.  I am glad of that but also worry that he may start being to hard on himself.  He was really cute the other day on the way home from school.  We got to talking about how people have different strengths and weaknesses.  He has been getting frustrated that he isn't that good at sports when it is time for P.E. and stuff.  He also had an episode at school where he got upset because the kids had moved the tables around and they did not put the table back exactly where it had been.  As we talked int he car I explained how he just has a really good eye for details, like where the table usually stays, a great sense of smell, great hearing, and a wonderful memory.  I explained those were some of his strengths.  He has that while other kids may be great athletes and run well, or play sports well.  He is slightly weaker in those areas and they may be weaker in the areas of saving an eye for details and such.  I said that kids like him tend to have strengths in playing video games, working with computers, memory, drama, music and the arts.  those things make him special.  He said, "so you and momom really do think I am special?" and I said, "Of course we do! Did you not think we meant it when we have said that before?"  He tells me, "I just thought you told me that because that is what parents say to their kids."  I told him, "No sir! We have always thought you were extra special and we meant it when we told you that."  What a silly boy I have.  I am glad I could clear that up for him though. I would never want him walking around thinking we were just saying it because everyone else did.  Lord... He is one in a million in our eyes. A handful yes...but one in a million no less! hahahahaaaa  Happy Birthday Gman.  You really are special to us and to the world.

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