Monday, September 13, 2010

Catching up...

Greyson has been doing great in school, OT and in karate.  His teacher really seems to get him and that is great for us.  since we last posted we have done alot of fun things.  We took Greyson to his first concert to see KISS.  We were ready with his shooters ear muffs just in case things got too crazy loud for him.  He did really well staying for several opening bands and then for at least 10 songs once KISS came on stage.  We left before it was over but he did pretty well.  Of course we were on the lawn outside so that helped.  Inside somewhere would have been out of the question.  After that we took our camping trip that we do on Labor Day each year to River Creek Campground.  we have alot of other girlfriends with children and they all gather there for a great time.  Several of our CCS parents went with this year as well for the fun.  He had a great time playing with his buddies, swimming int he broad river, playing Star Wars, making s'mores by the campfire, and just hanging out.  We stayed until Monday and then headed back home.  He had a shortened week at school last week and ended the week with a visit from grandma on her birthday.  She came to the school to eat lunch with him on grandparent's day which also happened to be her birthday.  They had a blast and he had made a special card for her and picked a necklace for her as well that he gave her before she returned home to Monroe.  It was a great week.  this weekend he and I hung out while momom went for a visit to Ohio.  He had Karate Black Belt practice on Sunday for 2 hours and was a trooper.  he has been trying his best so that he can get his black belt in October.  He tests then for it and it is going to be really hard.  I am hoping he will continue to work hard so that he can get it and be done for a while.  That is his goal.  He has come to far to quit now so we are pushing him to get this done.  It's hard but he can do it if he puts his mind to it.  He has a partner to help him through it who is a black belt already.  She is an older girl and I think she will be a great asset to him in his training for his test.   Throw up a prayer everyone and keep your fingers crossed for him.  For now he is doing well.  Trying to get back into the school routine of homework, which he loathes, and just doing what he has to do to succeed. He has come so very far and we are so very proud of his accomplishments thus far.  His struggles become less and less.  He is an amazing guy who tends to beat himself up way to much when he makes a mistake.  I just hope he can see just how amazing he really is and trust in that.  We wouldn't trade him for a thing. What a great boy!  Here's to you sweet boy, for all you have done and for all you will do.  You rock!

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