Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our "not so little" Tin Man

One of Greyson very special teachers left CCS Friday.  She got a full time position finally so I cannot blame her for leaving but it was bitter sweet.  She was a blessing to us during his 2nd grade year last year because she really took a shine to him.  She assisted him and went out of her way to make sure he kept his self esteem while he was learning new things.  He really loved her and so did I. Ever since he has been at CCS he has had alot of great teachers from his EC team to his OT & Speech therapist to his regular teachers, but Mrs. Lee was especially good to him. I went into the cafe' Friday before I was leaving to check on him at lunch.  He was sitting there with some peers eating and not talking at all.  The cafe' was extremely chaotic while Mrs. Lee handed out pizza she and her husband had bought for the whole school.  A very sweet gesture from a wonderful woman and teacher on her departure.  The kids were crazy and Greyson wasn't enjoying being in all that chaos.  He didn't complain though.  I think he has learned to go off somewhere away from it all even when he is sitting smack in the middle of it.  He looked dazed while he crammed his cheeseburger into his mouth.  I asked him if he knew that Mrs. Lee was leaving and his head went down immediately.  He had not known.  I knew right then I needed to stay with him because he was going to be upset.  I explained why she was leaving and he just stared into space.  I asked if he wanted me to stay with him and he shook his head yes. Still no talking. I stayed and later asked if he just wanted to head home with me after lunch. He finished eating and even had a piece of pepperoni pizza that Mrs. Lee brought. After that was finished he walked over to give her a hug.  I couldn't look because she was crying and so was he.  She and I had cried already in early lunch so I just turned away this time and waited from across the room. It was a very sad day and he was pitiful.  We gathered his things and headed home.  Once we got into the car I asked if he was ok and he shook his head yes.  I asked him what she said to him.  He said she told him about the Wizard of Oz and that she told him what Dorthy told the Tin Man.  She hugs and kisses him and says, "I think I'll miss you most of all."  After Greyson told me this, he turned to stare out of the window silently while we headed off home.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brave G-man-Blue Bear saves the day

Thursday afternoon Greyson was complaining of pain in his groin area as we left school.  Once we got home it seemed to get worse.  Bad enough that i called the doctor to get him an appointment.  They could not see him until Monday and told me to call again in the morning if it got any worse.  Well...of course, it got worse.  Much worse.  I gave him some Tylenol and put ice on the area and waited.  He was very upset and walking funny so Michele and I even debated going to the ER.  Instead we waited it out until morning.  The next morning I just drove on up to the doctor's office with Greyson and his beloved Blue Bear.  They checked him out and were concerned enough that they wanted him to see a pediatric urologist.  Poor guy was scared to death and I was putting up the "everything will be fine" front for him.  Inside I was very worried too after reading about his pain on webMD.  Out of the things it could be none were things you would wish on anyone, much less a 10 year old boy.  I know reading those things can scare the life out of you but I had to see what could be causing his pain.  We have no men in the house to ask these man questions to so...webMD bring it on. So, after waiting a while they scheduled him for an ultrasound to check him out. I took him to Target, "the circle store" for a surprise and coloring book and we headed off to the hospital.  He was being very brave but every so often admitted to me he was scared.  We had Blue Bear there in my bag but he was putting on the "big boy" front and left him in there until no one was around. I was scared too but I lied.  Lies are not always bad and in this case they are warranted. I watched as the finished the ultrasound and hoped everything was ok.  The results were reported to his doctor right away so they could schedule us with the pediatric urologist.  After the scan he and I headed home to wait.  Finally the specialist called and asked us to come on into the office so they could check Greyson out.  Blue Bear rode with us there too. Thank goodness the specialist said he thought the issue would go away on it's own.  He explained to me what he thought it was and luckily it was none of the things that could have been very bad.  He wanted him to take it easy for a while though.  Whew...poor guy was scared to death they were gonna take blood or give him a shot.  I lobbied his doctor for some anxiety meds and topical cream just in case.  That would have put him over the edge.  Thank goodness yesterday there was no invasive procedures and he came away pretty much fine.  He is still hurting some so we will keep an eye on him.  Overall things are pretty good considering it could have been something much worse.  Hooray for good news, Blue Bear and a brave brave boy.  We love you G-man.  You scared me and momom half to death but you'll never know it. 

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

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