Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun at Freedom Park-May 2010

3rd Grade coming to a close...

Greyson's third grade year is coming to a close and needless to say time feels like it is flying by. School for him has always been a challenge and somewhat of a burden in his eyes. He is smart and does well but has always given up what he knows in his own sweet time. Therefore it can be a mystery as to how much is really getting in there. I worry but then again...I don't. He always comes through in the clutch. Once again he surprised us this year. This was the year for the start of the EOG's. We had already decided that more than likely he would not test to his capabilities. Well...thanks to a wonderful staff and EC team at his school he passed with flying colors. He worked so hard and we all were very proud of his accomplishment. He claims it was the peppermint he was given during the test which made me laugh. But heck...if he thinks the peppermint helped so be it. I myself could care less about this whole testing thing. But, the test requires it and it is an important measure for the state to ensure that our school is meeting the standards set forth. (:p) whatever...I think it is an inaccurate measure but then again, they do not care what I think. I'm just glad that a boy, that we think is phenomenal, showed just what he is capable of despite his challenges. He has been doing great lately, at school, at karate, and at home. He complains that he hates karate, yet when he gets there and gets going he does a great job. He also complains about school and yet once he is there he does fine. Because of this I just listen to his complaints, tell him I hear what he is saying but still enforce he has to do the job at hand. It all seems to work but it can be very tiring mentally and physically. wear us out! hahahaaaaaa We also got a new trampoline for him. He has been jumping regularly at night when he comes home. Michele and I go out there with him some and I have to tell you, that thing is gonna be the death of me. The other night I jumped with him until my heart felt like it was gonna pound out of my chest. I thought I was having a stroke. Every few minutes I have to rest and lay on the damn thing while he jumps around me. Sometimes he lays beside me saying..."My hearts not beeping at all mommy Lynn!" Thanks kid for reminding mommy just how out of shape she is and how you could jump for days without your heart rate even elevating any. I think it smart to keep the cell phone near by when jumping on that darn thing. Rampart we have a victim here...Caucasian female approximately 48 years of age, heart beeping out of control, eyes bugged out, dizzy, red faced, tongue hanging out, panting uncontrollably, asking for wine, mumbling something about playing popcorn...Ahhhhhhh yes, the fun one has on a trampoline! Well, summer is just around the corner. Two weeks left of school and we will be well on our way to a great summer vacation. I can't wait to spend it with Greyson & Momom. He never ceases to amaze me so I am sure the summer will be full of fun times and adventure.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Funny thing...

This boy is special...not your average bear I tell you, and we love him dearly!
I have been sick lately and Greyson does not want any part of that. In his mind, for some reason, me being sick translates into "Mommy is about to die". I'm not sure why this is, but he has been worried to death. He screamed at me the other day to go to the doctor and I have to admit...he was right. I had waited too long to go and so I unfortunately had bronchitis as well as an ear infection. He went with me to ensure the doctor took good care of me. hahahaaaaa He also wanted to ensure that she did not give me any shots. He said so before we got there. Anyway, I do worry that he is so attached. God forbid anything serious ever happen to me because he would flip. I have been out of school for several days and i will return tomorrow. He has hovered over me and worried himself crazy so hopefully some return to a normal schedule will ease his mind...I hope. He did well at school and has been doing well for a while. I have been getting good reports from teachers regarding his math and even his spelling which was causing him some trouble for a while. So....I am so proud of him. he is truly capable of so much. it's just getting him interested and/or motivated to doing whatever the task at hand is. Sometimes that is very hard. Regardless, we plug along and work it out in one way or another. Another year of school is about to come to an end and I overall have to say it has been a successful one for him. It may start out as a struggle but he always seems to find a norm and comfort in his new space each year. Taking longer than most...but it happens and we are thankful. Hugs to you's to a great third grade year winding to a close!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Great weekend topped off by a visit to the dentist today.

I have been gone too long. Busy working, taking care of things, etc.etc... this weekend we had a great time together hanging out. We decided to go to Davidson's Town Day where there were vendors, entertainment, rides and good food. Greyson was excited because we ran into our good friends there. They live in Davidson and Greyson went to school with their daughter in kindergarten and first grade. Wonderful people and Greyson so loves the daughter. she was always so sweet to him and he took to her right away. He seems to continue to hold a special place for her in his heart. It's really sweet. We hung out and ended up getting to see her perform with her acrobatics group. He loved it. You wouldn't really know that unless you were us though. It's not like he shows loads of enthusiasm...but we knew he was really excited. He ate some pepperoni pizza, his favorite, and some Italian ice, while we watched the teams show us their tricks. He was impressed watching them flip and roll and jump. Later we headed home so he and momom could get their hair cut. After that we just hung out at the house. It was a great day with alot of outdoor activities. He normally doesn't want any part of that so we relished in his wanting to be outside and play. Sunday we hung around the house and just took care of stuff there while he played some more with momom outside. He had a great weekend of outdoor time. Today we had a dentist appointment. He hates that but goes in there like a trooper. He did great until the fluoride being painted on his teeth. After that he is pissed and spits continuously for hours in a cup or the sink or whatever is handy. He reprimanded me time and time again saying he NEVER wanted to have that on his teeth ever again. He reinforced it with how much he hates the dentist and he never wants to go back. Well...I have nothing here because I would just as much love my head being hit with a hammer as go myself. But...that being said...I still try to go to keep myself from looking like a toothless wonder. So...we sit at home now...he is spitting, I've lost my voice due to 3 long weeks of fighting allergies/whatever so I can only listen to his complaints. I will at least see the doctor for myself today to ensure I haven't crossed over into some other more serious illness. Seeing as how it doesn't want to leave I am now becoming concerned. We shall see. As for Greyson...I think he will be fine as usual. Time will heal his dental frustrations while I just sit back and offer love.

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue