Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3rd Grade at CCS - Week 2

We are well into our second week at CCS. I went with Greyson's class on Tuesday to Imaginon. Unfortunately he was having a bit of a day that day and I briefly turned into "crazy mom". I laugh with my good friend Susan about this alot. when you are dealing with challenges in children, even when you know what they are, you still have moments of, "Damn it...why are you doing this?...Acting like this?....blah blah blah...That's normally when after a bit and him getting even more out of sorts I go, "Who do I really want to be in this moment?" Then Hopefully I snap the freak out of my ridiculous self involved ego driven rant that is happening in my head. the one that is saying, You aren't a good mom. You let him watch TV too much and if you had done this...this...or this...he wouldn't be doing "this" right now. WHateVer! It's maddening but at least I know it is my problem...not his! He is fine. He does things at Greyson's pace. Always has, always will. He hides his many talents and/or knowledge of things from most everyone until he is darn ready to allow you to see it. That in itself makes me nearly insane. Well...more so than the norm. Finally after intense negotiations that would rival any hostage situation I got him to allow me to read a book about a mother cow to him. ("Udderly" ridiculous huh?) hahahahaaaa Which reminds me...On a side note: This year for Halloween...I am gonna be "Mudder" and Michele is going to be "Udder Mudder" Maybe dressed as cows...I don't know...) Stupid huh? When I was pregnant I was a pumpkin...and she was Peter Peter! But I digress as usual...back to Imaginon...Greyson let me read the story, I finished helping get the kids together, helped get books out to G's car along with Kylie, and we were off to the bus stop so they could carry us back to school. Yes...our class rides the city bus to and from Imaginon. This whole thing never ceases to amaze me along with making me "crazy mom" when I am there helping. The kids are so laaaateeedaaaaah and I am following behind thinking of all the things I need to prevent form occurring. hahahahaaaaa I am sure with each thing I ask of them, "Stay in line... catch up to the class guys...we need to walk a little faster to get across before the light changes...etc...etc....they are all rolling their littel eyes thinking...She worries wwaaaaaaaaay to much! Well now you know...That's what "crazy moms" do. The extremely "crazy" ones will yell alot on top of it all and make those crazy, I can see the whites of your eyes all the way around faces! For now I try to avoid that much crazy. Today Greyson had a good day from what he told me. He missed his buddy Umberto though. Tomorrow we start a new OT schedule and go there at 8am until 9am. After that it is back to school. I hope this schedule works but we shall see. If not I will lobby for a spot in the afternoon after school again. I try to keep his school interruptions at a minimum if possible but he sooooo needs this therapy. They work on so many different areas with him and I believe it has been helpful so we will continue as long as we can afford it. For's off to relax before the night time reading battle. Last night he did fine and I hope we can continue in that fashion. Good night friends.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 1 of School down and on to see the LEGO Master Builders

Great school/community...great teachers...great staff...great students = great week!
Greyson finished out his week at school pretty good. He is adjusting with only a few snags. He had one day where as he put it, "I had 2 bad things today." First he been messing around and pushed his rolling book bag down the stairs at pickup time. He and his friend thought it was really funny, but then his friends tripped on his bag. He was cared to death he was going to have to do work during his recess so he bolted to the car when they called him. Doing work during his recess is a left over thing from his old school where they totally missed the boat on how to help & handle him effectively. I think him having a new teacher and not knowing what to expect brought on this left over fear from his old school. Poor guy...we did explain he was not to throw or push his book bag down the stairs anymore since it could accidentally hit or hurt someone. he got that. I then stayed awake thinking...what was he thinking? Then I realized his bag is heavy and he does not navigate stairs well at all yet. One foot at a time like a toddler due to some motor coordination challenges must have made handling the bag and himself impossible in his thoughts so....down it went. Well...mommy bought a lighter book bag, and he is doing great with it on his back while walking up and down this year. The rolling one is awesome and we will use it for packing clothes and or toys for traveling. Problem solved! He also had a moment in music where he ended up with a partner that he says is a mean boy. So he refused to participate. I think he was scared that would land him in trouble too but it was fine. Just a moment of not wanting to be it. He does love music though.

Friday on his last day of his first week we had a play date with his best friend. They do really well together and are in the same class. Hopefully they will be a great team all year as they complement each other very well. Friday they were great. Michele took them to the start of the R2D2 build but they missed seeing it barely. So they headed to the LEGO Store to get some surprises. They both were really excited about the night and had great fun together. Saturday we hung out at the house, headed to see R2D2 again and Greyson even helped add a brick to the build! All the kids get to help by building something at a table and then giving it to the master builder to add on when he is ready. He thought that was really cool. We left to go back to the LEGO Store and there was a line wrapped around the freaking mall almost...Insanity I tell you. Greyson says, "Let's go to the giraffe store and buy a LEGO there!" It was a no brainer for Michele and I! hahahahaaaaa He would have NEVER lasted in that crazy line of people and kids. Everyone was happy and we headed off for lunch. Yay! Once we got home I was the Lego "master builder" and I helped him build his new Indiana Jones planes. There's nothing more dis-heartening than taking hours to build these darn intricate things and watching him crash them into other stuff while playing and tear them to pieces. Don't get me wrong...I embrace his kid ways and creativity to build his own after he has destroyed them, but I still have a twinge of WTH? It's now Sunday and all is well here. I am brain storming ways to interest him in reading. I have had absolutely no luck so far. I am now going to search for books on temples and treasures (like Indiana Jones) because he claims he wants to be an adventurer when he grows up. Maybe even a LEGO book if I can find something interesting with pictures. I try working in how adventurers need to learn math and reading etc...only to be met with disdain. I figure someone, more than likely a teacher, will make him believe that what I tell him constantly is true. I of course am already magically transformed into a full blown idiot as most parents are at some moment in time. (Poof...your an idiot and you couldn't know what you are talking about.) Oh well...I do sometimes resemble that remark...but not due to lack of's mostly lack of sense! we will see the finished R2D2 with his best friend and his family... hang out...and then get ready for week #2. Oh the things we learn from each other each day...even when we think we haven't. thank you for the lessons G man and keeping my brain active and on it's toes. You challenge me each and every day but then again...all kids are built for that huh? Stay tuned...same Bat time...same Bat channel!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Funny Greyson Story...

This happened a while ago but some how today I remembered it and laughed. So...I want to share. A few weeks ago Michele's brother and his family were coming over to cook out on a Saturday evening. Greyson decided he needed to set a "booby trap" for his cousins. He had been obsessed with scotch tape for a few weeks so that was his weapon of choice if you will. Greyson taped up the whole entrance onto our porch with clear tape and waited. Well...unfortunately, the Jehovah's Witnesses showed up to witness to our family. A man and a woman walked up onto our porch and were immediately covered in scotch walking into a spiders web! By the time Michele found them they were walking back across the yard, covered in clear tape and picking it off of their clothes. I screamed, "Did you run out and apologize?" She says...NO! I didn't want to talk to them anyway. I was horrified thinking surely they probably thought we had done that on purpose. Oh my! I have to admit though it really was funny...poor people...they know not who they were dealing with! G man strikes again! Thank you Greyson for continuing to amuse us. :)

First Day of School (3rd Grade)

I am so proud of Greyson lately. He seems to be turning into such a big boy. I am such the "he will always be my baby" type mom. Oh well...get over it mom! He is almost 9! Anyway...we had a great night of turning in early to bed, woke up happy, and it was off to school. he was leading the way and hurrying me for a change! hahahahaaaa he was so excited to have his new teacher, Ms. Alex, and to be a 3rd grader. He made sure Michele and I both knew adamantly that he is in 3rd grade now. I so feel his excitement and yet part of me worries a little too. I want him to always succeed and to have lots of friends. I want him to understand the world and the things that surround him, knowing at times that is too much to ask of anyone. Yet I want it all for him and then some. Yes, he does have some challenges but he has no trouble overcoming them. It happens in his own time, but he does it almost always. It may take him a little longer than most with some things...but he does it proudly once he realizes he is ready. He will be fine. He had the most wonderful teacher last year as I have said before and he has been awarded another wonderful teacher this year. His growth in all areas never ceases to amaze me. At times I may think it isn't happening fast enough and that's usually when he breaks through. What a guy he is. Lately he has been more aggressive than normal we think due to the break in here at our home. Hopefully in his own time he can overcome that frustration too. I myself am struggling a little with it so I know he must feel angry. Lord...his Pokemon cards were stolen! How bad can it get people! Seriously...he is obsessed and that was a major part of his world. I would choke those rotten kids out if I could get my hands on them...but I digress. :) Not to mention that isn't quite the example I want to set for G man...but...a girl can at least fantasize huh? Don't make me break out the tazer gun fantasy again or the gift basket full of Vaseline sent to their home...they'll be needing that sooner than later I am sure. OK...anyway...happy thoughts...happy thoughts....
Greyson is currently at school while I write. His best pal, Umberto, by his side and another great teacher at the helm...Here's to a year full of fun, laughter, love, learning, growth and happiness. Here's to Greyson becoming a fine young boy who is loved more than I could ever say. You go G man!

On a side note: Thank you to all of our friends who provided Pokemon cards to Greyson's "new collection". I think he has far surpassed his old collection...,numbers wise, and has gotten back most of the same ones he lost. You put a smile on his sad sad face. I have the task of now finding the trading card sleeves...Damn you coupon ladies! They swoop into the office supply and buy them all as soon as they are stocked. I am on a mission this week to beat them to the sleeves! I have faith! I will trip on of those coupon women if necessary to get what he needs (Don't make me go all Bon Qui Qui on you!-check in youtube if you don't know who this is...Sucuritah!)

OK...I won't...but with me...This is a crisis! Good day & hugs and PEACE to all.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recovering day to day...

As I have said while on vacation our home was robbed. We were very careful not to allow Greyson to see what they had done as far as trashing the house etc...but we can not totally, and should not protect him form all of what happened. It was obvious the TV was gone, the wii along with some other things. As well as our side window was broken out and is now boarded up. Well...a few days ago we discovered they also stole his Pokemon cards. Now we are trying to find a way to tell him this. I am currently reading a book by Temple Grandin and she explains that this children should never be coddled too much and should not be kept in a bubble. They should be exposed to life as it happens keeping in mind their sensory issues and being sensible about handling those situations. She claims these kids should be pushed by parents and teachers alike so they will perform and have the skills necessary to carry them through life. I do agree, but I also tend to be overly protective of him and coddle him probably more than I should. I know he is capable of just about anything...but I do tend to worry if pushed too much he will refuse to do anything. He has always done things on Greyson time. He holds back until he is ready to let you know he has gotten it...whatever "it" is. so....I guess I shall try to find the happy medium in this pushing him. I found a quote today that so sums up everything we have been through so far...or shall I say all I feel he is here to help me learn. It is a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh. “The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.” This quote, along with the Buddhist saying "Only speak if what you are going to say will improve upon the silence." May I just say, I am a work in progress as most of you already know all to well. hahahaaaaa
Now with that being said I have been very concerned with Greyson and this robbery because he is alot like me. He tends to hold on to things inside and although it shows that there is something going on in there...he puts on a different face outside and claims nothing is wrong. I talked this over with his therapist and in session Greyson definitely had some things going on about the break in. So...our job now is to not be too preoccupied about the incident in his presence. Especially me. I still need to make his therapist aware of the missing Pokemon cards and find the best way to handle that. I totally feel the truth is going to have to be the way to go but I will let him guide me on this one. Greyson seems to be doing well but has seemed a bit more aggressive lately. I don't want him getting too aggressive now that school is getting ready to start back. I will ensure all of his teachers know how he works this year though and also about what happened in case he shows any sign of aggressive behavior. His teacher last year was wonderful and I think we have another wonderful teacher for him this year as well. I just need to stay on top of things as far as he is concerned. I want to ensure all of his teachers understand his way of thinking and seeing things this year. Last year I just mainly dealt with his primary teacher leaving out the art and music teacher. This year I will give them all information and offer up myself for those moments where they may not quite get him. I think and hope it will be helpful. Well...we continue to recover here. We are in the process
of replacing our stolen items and getting things back to normal. Life is good and full of moments that help you put things into perspective huh? The love of family and great friends is all that really matters. ...and family isn't always blood relatives now is it? :) Hugs to you all! Thank you to for all of your love and support. It was, and is, greatly appreciated.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Some Beach Trip pics for you...

Beach Trip topped off with a Littel Breakin' & Enterin'

This is the special Vaseline...prison issue...Keep reading for the rest of the story!
OK...Here's the Readers Digest Version...I hope. Had a great time at the beach although somewhat interesting being there with family for a week. It all went well...that is until Friday around 6pm...that's when all hell broke loose. I received a call and a text 911 to call the neighbor. I had been drinking and talk about a buzz kill. she is crying and saying our house had been broken into and the big TV, the Wii, and the xbox all stolen. Seriously? WTH? I immediately handed the phone to Shel to call the neighbor to see what was happening. Sure enough...we had been violated. Now if you are gonna do that...pass me the Vaseline please! Bastards! Long story short...whole neighborhood was no where to be found when we got home on Sat around lunch. All hiding like they had "seen something" or "knew something". Well sure enough by Sunday the truth started coming out. Thanks to some super sleuthing by Michele and I going door to door...we ended up with names, kids who saw them jump the fence and even several people identified the same boys. Sadly though I feel sorry for them in that obviously they have grown up and had zero guidance and/or role models...short of thugs. Lovely. Bad news is they live right around the corner and we get to see them popping in and out almost daily. They have terrorized our neighbors for weeks unbeknownst to us and now we are on a mission to have them arrested and/or evicted. Mom is NEVER there and they are left to their own devices...none of which are good. We identified at least 4 to 5 houses that have been broken into or attempted just since ours happened. Don't these folks talk. I have at least warned every neighbor I see. We can at least help each other out. Really? Why not people... far as Greyson goes...(here is the funny part) He was really worried when he found out. Worried about his LEGO'S! hahahahaaaaa to help him get past it I said to him at the beach, "Son, if they touched your LEGO'S I will kick their asses!!!" He is still laughing about that! I know...bad mommy...bad, bad mommy! Anyway...we took him straight to Michele's brother's house so he would not see the fall out of these punks ridiculous stunt. Shel and I spoke with the officer, hung out with the crime scene guy and cleaned up before unpacking. Then we finished up and went and got Greyson. he did not need to see all the blood, broken glass, pictures of all of us thrown around, clothes tossed about, broken items etc....So as far as he knows..."Mommy they only took 3 things. What's the big deal?" Only kids huh? I had to explain the danger somewhat and that it was still wrong of them to come in when we aren't home and take things that do not belong to them...but really he has somewhat hit the nail on the head...3 things...what's the big deal. Will we press charges? Hell yeah? Gotta learn lessons some way...but overall...we are safe and that "stuff" can be replaced. All is well at Casa de Griffin-Roberts! more my sick and angry mind when I was really pissed here are some of the fun thoughts I had...What to do to the suspects...
Send them a gift package (with an econo jar of Vaseline) with their names clearly on the box with a cute note...thought you may need this once you get to prison...whenever that is...or...they left the remote to the plasma TV and they live just around the corner...imagine if you will them watching it...(if it's not pawned)...and then suddenly, it's changing to the Spanish channel all by itself...or it comes on all by itself at 3am....suddenly it mutes...then the volume is blaring...then it's the food f'in network! I sooooo could push them over the edge! Last but not least...a drive by with a big pepper spray bomb know a big fire extinguisher sized pepper container on my thigh like "Dog the Bounty Hunter"...or a tazer gun...zzzzzzzTTTTTTTT ZZZZZTtttttttttt! OK...I am done now...Bitter party of one...tables ready! ORDER UP! Good night my friends...sleep tight...I have on the night vision goggles watching...just watching! I did work at the Postal service for 17 was not in vain! hahahahahaaaaaa

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

North Topsail Fun...

We are at North Topsail Beach having some fun in the sun and we have been here since Saturday. We came for a week with my mother and are very happy to have been able to have a vacation this year. is interesting as I do not think my mom was fully prepared for Greyson. My sister came for a few days and I am not sure she was prepared either. They are not around him much and do not realize all we are dealing with day to day. It's hard to help people understand these things unless they can be around him more. I try to explain it but I am not sure it sinks in. He looks like a normal 8 year old...well actually he looks even older due to his height but that's beside the point. he looks normal but he has challenges that cannot be helped. I have tried to share some reading material but I still do not think it is fully understood which makes it hard. I see the annoyed looks or the looks of not quite getting him. It makes me sad but it is what it is. I get him. We get him and know that he is by no means the kid people perceive him to be. Oh well...they are missing who he really is when they can't see past the behaviors that arise. He is a wonderful boy. Perfect by no means...and typical 8 year old in many ways...but still he is first and foremost just Greyson. I love that about him and so does Michele. He may seem spoiled to most or unruly or misbehaved or defiant or annoying but who he really is goes so much deeper. I will NEVER be able to explain it. It takes the patience of unconditional love to see this really for what it is. When you love truly deeply and unconditionally you fight to see the child that is there. The one who is scared, overloaded, frightened and needs you to be the voice of reason in a world they just don't quite get. We love him and we go along day to day to make things OK for him. To help him make sense of the things that may not always make sense. I talked with my sister about it because I feel they may not need to have us for a week vacation anymore. I do not want to annoy her or my mother since they are not used to our day to day. Maybe a long weekend next time will be better. My mother is used to living by herself. Our world is very complicated at times...especially if you aren't used to what we do or how things have to work. They did not know but now they do. Both of them seem to do much better with less complications I think. Maybe I am wrong. My sister suggested I get a book on Asperger's for mom. I am not sure she would even be interested but I will do it. I guess I thought once he was diagnosed they would read some about it...then again....reading and living it day to day are two different things. I don't know. I know this though...Greyson is loved beyond belief by Michele and I. We seem to understand him best with the exception of a few professionals. He may not be that perfect child that does everything right every time but I am glad he is who he is. I wouldn't take a thing for him and the blessing he has been in our lives. He is my hero and my sweet boy. Nothing will ever change that. I will love, support, & defend him always. Hopefully my mother will not be bald from her experience with her grandson. Hopefully she will see the beauty of him and who he is. It's Wednesday...we leave on Saturday.........we shall see. The only way to learn him is to be around him but I am not sure they will want to do that much again. We shall see. I find myself doing what I did once I came out. If I feel like people don't get it or are uncomfortable I stay away. I want to keep him away as well. That's my gut reaction. May not be right, but that is how I feel. Weird at the parallels and the feelings the whole thing brought to the surface. Imagine that...Well...gotta run to the store while my family naps...dinner is awaiting there. Love to all...hugs as well.

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue