Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting ready for Camping...

Well...we had a meeting this am to learn more about Greyson's new school, what they stand for, how they do things, and what we as a family can do to contribute to his school and his success there. I love their philosophies. They think and do things very similar to the Montessori program I had chosen before. They embrace and foster each child as an individual and with them being smaller and a more intimate family I think he will and can thrive there. He seems to love it. yes he has had a few times he said he wasn't happy but hey mostly have to do with moments where it seems maybe the teachers have had to raise their voices or something of this nature. To him a slight change of voice can be screaming in his world. (I am sure they are not screaming or yelling at these children there.) :) But to him I am sure it may seem that way at times and he doesn't like that at all. We are getting ready to go camping with a large group of extended family this weekend and it will be a blast. We did it last year and loved it. Greyson has such a great time as there are alot of other "2 mommy" families there. Plenty of kids to play and swim with and he loves it. we should be headed out by lunch time and it won;t be long before we are hanging at the camp site and having a great time. Yeah....I will be meeting with his teacher next week and the EC teacher to get his other testing scheduled and out of the way so that his IEP can be done and put into place. That should help a great deal as he definitely sees things in another light and dances to the beat of his own drummer...What a great guy he is and how lucky are we to have received him! I also hear Greyson's buddy Anna is doing great at school and having a wonderful time. Kudos to her for all of her hard work this summer and her new found confidence at handling things. Greyson really misses her but we will definitely be in touch and having plenty of play dates when time permits. for now...its off to the mountains for some r&r...our summer was insane so we need all the r&r we can get! Love to all....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Cheetah Pinata Story

Well I took Greyson to school today and things were a little haywire due to the flooding from the torrential rains we had. His teacher was gone due to the floods and the school was flooded downstairs as well. He got extremely upset that I could not look at his picture he had done the day give you the background of this wonderful picture he drew. He was told by the art teacher to draw something in his community. To Greyson....Lord only knows what that meant. So what happened next amused me...not so much him or the teacher. He drew his picture,...a cheetah pinata, as he explained to me. The teacher tells him that his picture really doesn't have anything to do with our community. I am sure she meant no harm but it rocked his world. As he explained to me...he thought she did not like his picture. Therefore...he started to cry. She then panicked, I am sure, and it turns out that his picture was hung on the board and he was the only one to receive 2 stars. She also told him she loved his picture at some point. Poor woman...I need to go in and chat with her. He was proudly telling me the story and I wanted to howl. A cheetah pinata? Where did that come from I asked...he says to me, "It was just in my head." OK.....Clearly he will be a person that changes the way even the artsiest of souls see the world. haha
After his day we headed to OT were he did wonderful work on his fine motor skills as well as his motor coordination. His therapist Ms Karissa said he had a great day and he even was able to do the zip line hanging by his hands for the first time. He normally had to ride on the seated one due to lack of upper body strength. After that it was a quick meal from Mickey D's for Grey and off to the house to change for swimming. I bragged to soon on his not holding his nose because last night it was back to holding it again. he must have breathed in half the pool Monday and decided it wasn't working so much. :) He has always had trouble with blowing his nose so I think he just isn't quite getting the coordination of holding his mouth closed and blowing air through his nose. This result in snorting gallons of water for him...His nose clip is out due to his exclamation of not being able to breath once he is out from under the water. Funny how things work...or should I say don't work for him. As I have said just causes us to look at things differently and we continue to do so. We love you Greyson G-R! To the whole wide world! Good Day all...thanks for the support & love.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swim Lesson Guppy Style & MATI Night

Greyson had his first swim lesson last night in his guppy class and yes that darn cat is back showing off! What the heck...I though cats hated the water. That is the next step up from where he was....well let me tell you how proud we are of him! I was concerned because at the end of his last class he was swimming great but always had to hold his nose....well he gets in his new class with Ms Becky and darn if he didn't just go right under and start acting like he was a fish. he threw his arms up in a dive stance and pushed off the wall and glided under water without holding his nose! He kills me. when he is good and ready he can do just about anything he puts his mind to. Note to readers...he has to be good and ready...otherwise he is the most stubborn fella you could encounter and will fight you tooth and nail regardless of what you suggest or want him to do. Nothing but fun to be had I tell you. After that we headed home, took a bath, and then read. He then watched a movie for a short time and we went to bed.

Another day of wonderful events passes and here I am writing about 26th. We got up this am, ate breakfast and headed for school. On the way Greyson spilled his juice on his shorts. Yes this is a problem for just about anyone...but for him it is a major catastrophe. He is upset and saying how this is the worst day ever and we should return home to get new shorts...etc...etc...I calmly said it was an accident and that he had to go on to school because we did not have time to turn around. I pinkie promised to go to target and get him some new shorts and bring them back so....even in torrential rains I headed out to Target to buy some shorts. Needless to say it is these moments that nearly send me over the edge and cause me to want to pull out clumps of my hair. I just do my best to make sure he doesn't know that....I save those fun conversations for my loving partner Michele. Poor thing...I love her. anyway...I got the shorts...took them back, changed him in the EC teachers office and headed to work all within 20 minutes! Score! welcome to our normal...yes I am sure you are saying...that could happen to any child/mother...but what you don't realize is his reactions to these things can be so much more extreme than most. that's where the fun comes in.'s ok....I love our normal even if at times I need to pull out some hair. I may start a new trend in hair styles huh? Gotta love a fashion forward chick like me! love to you all...we appreciate your visiting us.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hangin' in the Park with my Best Buddy...

Greyson and I ran some errands yesterday and then came back to the house. We watched some movies and then we called Campbell Greyson's best friend from his old school. Campbell and his mom met us in the park to play for a while. The boys had a great time while Pam and I just hung out and talked. Greyson has been doing really great here lately. He has not been quite as frustrated as he had been months ago. The summer, along with a good new school and some other things, has really boosted his confidence and the way he handles himself. we came back home around 3 and waited on momom to come home. After that we went to eat together. Michele and I talked about how much he had improved over the summer and how much he had grown. What a funny and entertaining guy he is.
His latest quirk is that he has started acting really funny about what he wears. I think it may be a sensory issue because he seems to always want to wear his gym shorts. they are very silky basketball type shorts and he loves them. We have to really work hard to get him to wear the shorts we just bought which are more denim or canvas type material. He refused to wear them on Friday saying he felt normal and did not like that. Not sure what that means yet. I think he may be confusing his words and really means something else. I'll figure it out eventually. he doesn't always want to talk or expand on what he has said so it makes it difficult to really decipher what he means. just keep ridin the wave as I have said and it will at some point make sense.
I did get a chance to speak with another mother on Wednesday of last week at our OT appointment. How refreshing to talk with someone who has been there done that. We traded stories for almost an hour and our sons challenges are pretty much one in the same. Her son is getting ready to turn 11 so she was able to offer proof of how the therapies help etc... It seems alot of kids with Aspergers/High Functioning Autism display alot of the same behaviors and eccentric ways. It was so enlightening. We laughed quite a bit at some of the stories we both had. Free cannot beat that! :) Well I am signing off...thanks for coming by....we love you all. I am off to a baby shower later today for a couple Michele & I know. I am really excited for them. Congratulations H & K on your new addition!

Friday, August 22, 2008

End of First Week

Well here we are...Friday night and the end of our first week of school. Greyson did well. Yesterday he had an appointment with Mr. Mike and we got great news. Mr Mike thinks Greyson is showing signs of relaxing and enjoying life more. He isn't so anxious and frustrated as he had been prior to summer vacation. I am so glad to hear that Greyson is making headway with his therapy and is starting to gain confidence and a better sense of self. After that we headed over to MATI for martial arts class. Greyson was a little out of sorts but I think once he moves up he will be fine. He is about to test for his blue belt and he will be leaving the class he was in. It has become bigger due to new students coming in to fill the place of those headed out and that puts him out of sync. Too many people and too much stimulation creates havoc in him and his sensory issues. He then gets sillier than normal and cannot seem to stand still...more so than usual. It is almost like he does not know what to do with himself. I caught him popping his neck like the chiropractor would do during class. Not sure where he picked that up but neither Michele nor I do that. Oh well. Today when I dropped him off at school I spoke with his teacher and the EC teachers briefly. Things are going well and it won't be long before we have his IEP moving along. currently we are waiting for a few more evaluations from the school psychologist and an education eval from the EC teacher. The state requires some tests that we had not already done so they have to be done before we start working on his IEP. Hopefully things will be starting by the first of Sept. Right now though, even without his IEP he seems to be doing much better and feeling more like he belongs there. I definitely still think we have done the right thing by getting him in here. He claims to really like the new school and his teachers. I am relieved but I know I will need to stay on top of his progress and help them in any way I can to ensure his success.
Michele and I and our whole situation should be better by next week as well. We have had a numerous amount of stressors happening here this summer and it has seemed to have no end. We are hoping that with some changes we are making that we can finally get things back on track for our entire family. We could use a little good luck here lately. Well...I am going to close out and spend some time with my family.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Donut Police Raids a Wedding Shower & Heads Back Home...

Greyson and Michele were solo yesterday and last night while I rode to Raleigh with mom for a wedding shower for Cham, my sister. I think things were fine and Greyson & Michele had some QT together hanging out and bonding. :) He has been doing well at school and that is a great thing. I was home in time today to pick him up and take him to his OT appointment. He had dance class at school today and said he really liked it. At OT he did well with Ms Karissa and worked on some of his motor coordination along with some handwriting and fine motor skills. She has him working out on a swing while picking up bean bags and or playing a game where he is timed and has to hit different colored cups with a wand that tells him which cup to hit next. He loves going there to play. All the kids love it and don't even realize how much work they are putting in. After that he and I came home to eat, take a shower and watch the Chipmunks movie. will be off to bed. Mommie is really tired as she did not sleep much away from her family. Greyson sent me some photos of his pouty lip this am before I left to come home....they were really cute. Somebody loves me huh! Well...I love them back! Thanks for & hugs to all of you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day at New School (2nd grade)

Well...the first day has come and gone and all of us are fine. Michele and I dropped him off this am and he was so clingy to me. It was sad but we did what we had to do and left. I got a call from the EC teacher around 10:30 or so saying she had checked on him and that he was doing fine. I picked him up around 3pm and he was really excited. He said he had a good day and that he liked his new school and his teacher. He says he likes it better than his old school even. He has a new friend named Clinton and he drew a picture of Alvin & the Chipmunks to share with his class. I think he is going to really blossom there and I can't wait to see that happen day by day. His strengths are all that is important and we will work on his challenges little by little. I knew there would be a place and someone who would be able to tap into his potential and I think we have found that place. With each new day we will see. The focus at his school is on the arts and that is right where Greyson needs to be. As time goes on I think I will calm down but I have been quite anxious since last year wasn't exactly what I had expected and seemed to turn into somewhat of a nightmare for us. I don't mean to be so neurotic but I think I am just having alot of left over anxiety with things being new and having flash backs of the old. I just do not want to relive any of that...ever again if I can help it. Michele just goes with the flow...I have to have my moment of craziness then I will settle out. Step away from the crazy woman....back off people, I haven't pulled out that much of my hair! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to School Cook Out CCS...

Today we had a cookout and get to know at Greyson's new school. It was fun but quite overwhelming at first. Well...overwhelming for me....I think Greyson and Michele were fine...I on the other hand thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. All these new people talking, laughing, hanging out, and there we were, not knowing anyone...not knowing what could happen here....and wondering if we were in for another year of tears. I wanted to run & hide. It was a total sensory overload for me. Yeah...I know....the apple didn't fall far from the tree deal....
Greyson on the other hand was having a blast. Michele did not seem worried at all....she was a little taken back by all of the "artsy fartsy" crowd there. Haha....I was digging that. Once I settled down we went in and met the teacher and some of the other parents. What a blessing this place is! I know the year hasn't even started yet but I feel it. All of them are so involved and it is such an intimate crowd. The teacher is so invested in her kids and their individual can just tell. We spoke with her about Greyson and some of his challenges and she was fully on board and great about it. Together I am sure we can make school right & fun again for him. The parents were wonderful...the people and staff were wonderful...and I cannot wait to try again to see him succeed and show everyone what his full potential is. This boy has so much to offer to the right person who can tap into his abilities. Once Ms Suzy out world. :) Thank goodness for this new school. Their focus is more on the creative side of things and he will definitely excel with their help. After all...he does have a flare for drama, music, and the arts in general. Go figure.... show em' what ya' got big man....the world awaits and there is nothing you can't do!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Final Friday...

Greyson had his last bead ceremony at camp today and his final farewell to Countryside. I am not sure he realized it but for some reason sitting there watching him and hearing the other parents thank the school for being so wonderful and all inclusive really got to me. I was really sad thinking of how it was over there for us due to his challenges being too much for them to handle. I know moving on is the right thing for all of us but it still is upsetting to end that chapter of our lives. We have met some great friends there but it will be different not being there with them daily. I know we will keep in touch though and that Greyson will still be able to have play dates...but made me so sad. Thank goodness Michele was not there and Greyson went home with Campbell and his mom & dad for a play date because I cried all the way home. It still breaks my heart at times that he has these challenges. Sometimes you would never know it....other times it is very prevalent and really hits me hard. Don't worry...Our family will be fine and we will continue to focus on Greyson's strengths. I just have my little moments sometimes where I need to grieve as a mother. Yesterday was one of them. After his ceremony, and my cry, Michele and I headed to share some QT with our friends. We had a great time. Thank you especially to Shelly for being my ear yesterday. At some point I broke down again when updating them as to what had gone on with us since we had seen them last and she was my therapist for a moment there. :) I love ya' girl...the checks in the mail!
Well...all I can say is, I know all is well and will be ok. I truly believe all things happen for a reason...there are NO coincidences, and everything always works itself out in its own time. All is going to be just fine but I will buckle up for safety just in case. :) Thank you again for coming to visit our blog....we love you all for caring for us and we so appreciate our extended family here in Charlotte! You guys are the best!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meeting the EC Teacher...

I met the EC teacher and the assistant principal at Greyson's new school today. I took all of his evaluations to them and found out there are several more evals he will have to have as a state requirement. That's ok....according to the teacher I am still ahead of the game. Hopefully they can get this show rolling ASAP so he can have his IEP in place as soon as possible. I think things will be much better here given the resources available to him and the staff seems very patient and invested in his success. That is all I wanted from anyone to begin with. Michele and I still intend to stay on top of everything that is going on to ensure he succeeds while continuing to focus more on his strengths than anything else. He is extremely smart and a great guy and I am sure he will be tops at whatever he chooses to do. He had OT today and was a little tired but Ms Karissa got him out of his shell and they played alot. He has started on his Handwriting without Tears program which the school also utilizes so he should be able to make good progress with that. The school EC teacher is going to do an educational evaluation on him so they can see where he is. She said they will work on his reading since he is so against working with us on that at home. We have had no luck getting him interested in that unfortunately. Knowing he is behind has had us in a panic but he will not read and does not like to be read to unless it is bedtime. He wants nothing to do with school work at home if he can help it. We do get some moments of success with it though...few and far between. haha don't mind the clumps of hair missing from my's self inflicted. :) (Seriously...I haven't pulled that much out!) Well...that was our day yesterday. We will attend a picnic Sunday to meet all of the school staff and the other parents/kids. I hope he likes it....I think of what I've heard so far it will be really awesome for him. Talk to you later...thanks for coming by. Hugs to all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School Hair Cut...

Well today was pretty good although last night was hellish. Greyson had a splitting head ache, enough to have him crying most of the night. Not sure what that was all about but I gave him Tylenol hoping it would subside. He cried and cried and was in alot of pain so I took him to lay down. Once I did he looked really off color and I knew that it was going to get ugly. Well it wasn't long before he was sick in the bathroom. He was sooo pitiful. I hated it for him and I could not fix it. he finally came back and laid down but still looked out of whack. It wasn't long before he was having another round with the toilet. Finally he came in and laid down and fell to sleep. Michele and I didn't sleep much since we were ready every time he moved expecting the worst. He was fine the rest of the night though. I am sure he must have had a migraine or something similar. Today he and I hung out some and rested. I did not want him going to camp in case it was more than just a head ache. He seems fine and will return tomorrow to Camp Adondoe. Only 3 more days and he will say goodbye to his old school and camp for the year. I did take him for a hair cut once I felt he was ok and he looks very handsome. He is growing by leaps and bounds...what a guy! Good night all...sweet dreams!

Monday, August 11, 2008

One more week and counting... we are, one week away from the start of Greyson's new school. I am a little nervous but hopefully all will be well. I am going tomorrow to give the EC teacher Greyson's evals so we can start on an IEP for him. I also have to go get his long list of supplies. Thanks to grandma for buying Greyson his goodies for school. :) I talked to Susan today...we wish her & Meg well at school as well. Greyson will miss Meg as well as a few others he is fond of at his old school. He spoke about it the other day saying he was going to miss his friends. He really is such a sweet guy and means well...he just doesn't always know how to handle himself in certain situations. At times if things get too crazy he can get really out of sorts and unfortunately most people have no idea how to handle that. It can be sad to see him struggle and it does break my heart. Overall though things have really been looking up. We are so glad to see his confidence level on the rise since it had bottomed out there for a while.
He had swimming lessons tonight, his last one. I am going to sign him up right away for the next level of class since he has excelled and done so well. We met some new friends there as well so we may be able to do a play date soon. Ms Elizabeth has 3 boys Greyson could play with. She was very nice and is an OT. How ironic huh? Nothing is a coincidence...all things happen for a reason and all people in your life are there for some reason. I truly believe this regardless of what anyone else me aren't the first! haha I love you sweet'll always be my baby.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Swimming all day...

We went up to Sue & Sandy's to swim today and have hamburgers & hot dogs. we rode up there with the top down on the jeep which was a blast. Michele and I played in the pool with Greyson and he did great. We had gotten him a nose plug but he was having no part of that. he does not like going under water without holding his nose so we bought it thinking that would free up his other hand. Well...not so much. He comes up from under water screaming..I can't breath! Haha...its fine under water but then he can't breath on top of the water...according to him. Breathing through his mouth is obviously not an option. After we ate we swam some more and then headed home. I think we all got a little over cooked and we are extremely tired. we are at the house ready to relax and get ourselves ready for Greyson's last week of summer. He starts school on Aug 18th so we don't have much time left. I am nervous and excited to try the new school so we will see how it goes. I just want the best for him and for someone to want to take the time to help him and make learning fun again. This is going to be quite the challenge but hopefully together with the teachers we can all bring him back where he needs to be. We have a tough road ahead and I hope it goes well. Thanks for visiting...I am checking out now. Much love to all of the family & friends that have been there for us through all this. We could not ask for better people in our lives. Hugs & good night! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great Saturday...

We had a great day today....we got up and cleaned house and got ready for our day. Greyson spent his time listening to and watching the chipmunks movie. He is totally obsessed with it right now and I think he has totally memorized the entire movie, songs and even the dance routines. He defintiely is going to be a therater or dance guy. He is loving the entertainment factor of all this. Michele and I went to Heidi & Henry's for a surpprise party for Heidi. She was really surprised I think and we had a great time with them. We stayed and watched the movie, "The Sweetest Thing"...too funny! I hope Heidi feels better too...poor girl has a bit of a cold. Happy Brithday chick.

Time for bed...good night all. Thanks you for sharing a little piece of our world.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Greyson "dancin machine" Griffin-Roberts

Out of Sync...

Greyson is really out of sorts today. I did not realize he was so out of sync when I dropped him off at camp but obviously he was. I received a call from Lindsay around 2pm telling me he was getting in trouble all day long. He was disruptive when the campers tried to watch a movie and was told several times to stop. Finally he had to go to Ms Lindsay's office. He then got another chance at lunch to redeem himself but ended up upset that he didn't get hamburgers with all of the other kids. Therefore a tantrum ensued. That is what happens when you have a slight miscommunication, (i.e. the special lunch cookout) and not knowing about the cookout we sent his lunch. He decided he wanted a hamburger and they said no because he brought lunch. He then got very upset. (poor planning, miscommunication and ASpergers is a recipe for disaster) Well...tomorrow is another day. He is sweet and means no harm. Trying to help him understand that he cannot have things his way every time is sometimes quite the challenge. He was sad and apologetic when I picked him up. He just doesn't always make the right choices and that is hard for him to understand at times. He cries and pleads with me saying, I didn't mean it...He sometimes really has no idea what he did wrong and I have to explain it in detail for him to try and understand. It breaks my heart when that can see it in his eyes that he just isn't always getting it. I said tomorrow is a new day. Sweet dreams my little nut brown hair.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Funky Town Video - Must See!

Funky Town - Countryside Montessori Chipmunks

Greyson had a great day today but topped it off with a stellar performance at Camp Adondoe by doing "Funky Town" by Alvin and the Chipmunks with his buddies there. tonight was entertainment night at Camp and the kids performed for us. It was a blast and I should have some great videos on youtube before all is said and done. greyson is quite the entertainer as those who know him well already know. He put on an unforgettable show that the video will not do justice. What a hoot! That boy was shakin' his grove thing to no end. He is destined to be in drama or something. I've never been so proud. he was so confident in what he was doing and very comfortable too. It was hysterical to watch him. You go big you to the whole wide world! love mommy & momom

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still tired....Long day...but successfully registered for school

This is Greyson's OT, Ms Karissa. He loves her!

Today was school registration day. Michele took care of that while I gave our pal Joy a ride to the doctor. After that I came home and took care of some things on the computer. Later around 11:45 I went to pick up Greyson for OT. He had a great day at OT with Ms Karissa practicing his trampoline & catching the big ball, picking up bean bags with a grabber claw while swinging on his stomach, and playing a game that helps his fine motor hand coordination. He loves going there and never wants to leave. I have noticed all of the kids feel that way no matter how severe/minor their disability. What a wonderful place it is and the people there are fantastic.

We also had swim lessons. He has graduated into the next class...the guppies...he was a polliwog this lesson. he is still doing wonderfully and his teacher says he is the most fluid in the water in his class. He doesn't flail around and panic like the other kids do. Once he stops the nose holding he will take off because he swims wonderfully now even holding his nose. It is pretty funny. Greyson is sooo tired again tonight. We must go to bed early or he is going to keel right over soon. He can barely keep his head up on his shoulders. (Looks alot like a bobble head due to fatigue.) i will leave it at that and say good night to all. I am tired too and ready to hit the hay... ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MATI night...hopped up on wine!

Greyson has had a wonderful day but the poor fella is about to pass out. I picked him up at school and his head bobbed all the way home. I thought he seriously was going to fall asleep before we could get to martial arts class. Poor guy....we changed and headed to class where he did great. The class is getting bigger but he will be advancing into a green belt class Sept 12th. We came home and met momom, ate some dinner, nothing to brag about....and now I am getting tanked up on some wine. I shouldn't be bragging about that of course but I feel like I needed it tonight. Imagine that....So...the truth is out. Mommy Lynn is being a lush tonight! haha...Go mommy! Go mommy! Big man is getting ready for bed and I will not be far behind. Goodnight moon...goodnight whoever else might be interested enough to be reading our blog....sweet dreams and as grandma Griffin used to say..."Good Night, sleep tight....don't let the bed bugs bite!" just for FYI....that used to freak me out....along with the "If I should die before I wake" thing! Let's scare the hell out of the'll be funny later...huh?!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Swimmin' lesson night

We had swimming lessons tonight and Greyson did great. he regressed back to holding his nose the entire time though. He had actually made progress last week with only holding it on occasion. We can work on it some more though. He is doing so well and we are really proud of his progress...nose holding or not! You go big man....He has some new friends and so do Michele and I. A really nice lady and her partner kinda started gravitating towards us when swim lessons started. It is an extremely long that left me with my mouth hanging open on a night when Michele was not there of course! But they are really nice and I think we are going to try to have swim lessons together again with them. Maybe we will plan a play date for the boys sometime at Monkey Joe's or somewhere. They are very nice and I think they are excited to have met some other women in the area. More on that saga later...

We went to eat after swimming and Greyson had mac & cheese for the first time in a long long time....well to say the least....NO more mac & cheese. It definitely effects his behavior in a crazy sort of way. So...sorry little guy...we will have to find an alternative to that favorite meal. We love you but that has got to go! Momom and Grey are playing match box cars right now. It is sooo sweet how he loves to wrestle and play boy things with momom. It took a while to convince him she was a girl back when he was younger. haha...that was fun. Well family & friends...till tomorrow....Good night & lots of love to you all.

Shopping for a growing boy

Sunday August 3, 2008 - Greyson is obviously growing by leaps and bounds whether we are looking or not. so....that being said we went yesterday to get him a few new things for school. Tax Free weekend...better take advantage. After that we came home and just chilled all day and did absolutely nothing. Gotta love that! Greyson did get a few special surprises from momom so he was occupied with his new game the rest of the day. We need to get him outside but it has been way too hot for all that. Short of living in a pool it just isn't any fun. So....we hung out at home and did our thing.

I thought about my girl Valerie some since she a Stacey had a big commitment ceremony. We were not able to attend with all that has been happening but I hope they had a great day, a huge party, and alot of love shared at the ceremony. I wish them both tons of happiness and all the best! you go Girls!
Well...I will talk to you all later tonight. hugs!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday & Saturday Events...

Friday - Greyson did well at camp yesterday and even got some extra beads for his bead necklace during bead ceremony. They get bead rewards for being honest, respectful, behaving well, camp spirit etc. but they have to earn it from a counsleor or LIT. He did great and once it was over he went outside to see Mr Nick and welcome them back from their trip. He really loves Mr nick and respects him. We talked to Mr Nick and then went home to pick up momom for a meeting with Ms Julie. We visited with her while Greyson played with John and Conner. We all ate pizza and then we went to the Super Target to pick out a gift for Ms Megan. Tomorrow is her party so we need to be ready to play.'s party. Greyson was really good at Megan's party. He swam alot even in the deep end, and played with some of the girls from his class last year. He was excited to see them you could tell. They played for a while then it was time for pizza...he loves pizza and he let everyone know it. He is sooo funny. They swam some more and then made cup cakes. Later Megan opened her gifts and Greyson was so anxious for her to open his. I was proud to see him patiently wait for her to finally get to his gift. He just sits and looks at her like she is the best girl ever. It is really sweet to see. After that they swam a little more and then opened the pinata for candy. It was a great day and he left worn out. We are now at the house awaiting our night out. Momom and mommy need a break every now and again. Thanks to Ms Heidi we will have one tonight for a while. We love Ms Heidi and cannot say enough kind things about her. She is like part of our family now even if we do not see her as often. well...gonna check out for the night. We will talk with you all tomorrow.

One last thing...Congratulations to Ms Stephanie and Mr Shawn on their new arrival! Welcome to the clan little guy! We are one BIG extended family and we are adding more and more! Love to all of you! :)

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

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