Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pluggin' along awaiting our trip to the Beach!

We have been having a great time here lately. To catch you up we had a great weekend. Friday we hung out here at the house and Greyson had his buddy Umberto over for a sleepover. His first one ever. he still isn't quite ready as he ended up in bed with Michele and I, but hopefully as time goes on he will be ready to take the BIG step. I have been working on helping him stay some in his bed. he stills heads into our room around 1 or 2am usually. I have to get him to bed early so he can watch some of his shows or he ends up in our room so he can watch the higher channels. Attachment parenting and he is still quite attached. It's fine and he will figure it out sooner or later.
Saturday we hung out with Michele's brother and his family. They came over and we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, had some salad, fruit and other goodies. Then they all ate birthday cake later. I say it like this because I am the lucky winner of a new diet. A 1500 calorie, low or NO sugar diet that had me eating a chicken breast...some salad...and none of the rest of their goodies. Oh well...my health will be the better for it and so will I. I am also checking my glucose levels when I wake up and 2hrs. after eating everyday. Last but not least I am walking and/or running 45 minutes 5 days a week. All for the good...and I am hoping maybe to shed around 30 to 35lbs. if possible. So...that said....I was on the special dietary restriction plan Saturday. Now...back to the important stuff. Michele and her brother finished building the ladder ball game and they all played in the yard. Greyson played for a while but like with all things he hasn't perfected...he got very frustrated and had several meltdowns/tantrums. I still catch myself felling defensive when he is like this and worrying that people are thinking he is spoiled and being a brat. It's frustrating and I really need to try to learn not to care. I am doing better but still tend to worry about people judging him. I finally realized he was at overload and reaching the point of no return fast so I removed him from the situation, bathed him, and put him to bed. Or...shall I say went with him to bed. Unfortunately the back door from outside is in our bedroom but thank goodness their was no constant in and out. Michele and her brother's family came in and stayed. They played cards and drank while he and I headed off to sleepy time. It did not take him long to fall out. He was so overly tired and had too much going on that he really had needed to go to bed an hour prior to when he did. He cannot function well at all when he reaches that point. He is totally like a 2 year old once he overloads and cannot rationalize anything. We dealt with it though and he was fine once asleep. he fought it for a while though. Sunday we actually had some of the day to ourselves which I was excited about and then around 12:30 we had to go over to a friends for a cookout to meet her sister and nephew. We had fun and took ladder ball with us. Around 4 or 5 we headed home again. It was a great weekend but I haven't seen enough of Michele lately. She works all the time. her brother being here is supposed to help that but I have a feeling they will be working all the time for sure now. Coming home late constantly and working weekends. Wonder what it's gonna take to lure her home for family time? ...we shall see. She more than likely is glad to stay away since between Greyson and myself our house can be quite complicated at times. Oh well...we will do what we have to. :) Other than those few moments Greyson has done pretty well lately. Yesterday was spent running some errands to get ready for the beach. We leave on Saturday and will meet mom in Wadesboro to head on down to Topsail Island. yay! My sister is coming too...hooray! today we are meeting Kathy & Cameron for spray ground fun and then Chuckie cheese...Oh what fun. We love hanging out at the spray grounds...and I love for Greyson to play as much as he can outside! He would stay in almost 24/7 if we allowed that. Have a great day guys. Hugs to our friends & extended family that keep up with us here. Will update soon...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun filled weeks of summer...

Here the past few days we have had nothing but fun. Our days have been full of play dates in the parks, spray grounds and friends homes here in Charlotte. Greyson got to play with his pal Meg on Sunday up at Jetton Park on LKN. They had a blast swinging, collecting pine cones and playing on the playground equipment all while my good friend Susan and I talked. It's always great to talk with her. We deal with similar challenges at times so its always good to have a person to bounce your crazy life off of. So we sat and bounced...hahahaaaa Personally I think this woman could be president one day...I'm just sayin'...she NEVER ceases to amaze me. Hang in there sister. All things for a reason.
Getting back to G man...Tuesday we met friends at the Veteran's Park spray ground to play and then headed home. He had Karate later that evening while I went off to my seminar. He did great at Karate and Master Hartsell bragged on how much improvement he has seen in him. Wednesday we met our friends at the Latta Park spray ground but had to leave around 3pm to get ready for OT at 4:30 in Mooresville. He was sooooo very tired and he laid down on their toddler couch and then piled the beanbag chair they have on top of himself. "Tell tell sign of I have about had it and I am gonna pass out from overload!" I was concerned but he did great at OT as well. Even tried Tostido chips for the first time and liked them. He still is a little unsure but he did tell Karissa his therapist that he was surprised at how tasty they were. We are making baby steps in the food dept. He now likes quesadillas, chips (not salsa yet), strawberries as long as it is minimal and no seeds get in his mouth. he is having serious tactile issues with eating but she is steadily working through it with him. Milk shakes with a little strawberry added are acceptable. :) He even touched a fish stick to his lips and smelled it. HUGE! Hell I'm not even sure I want to do that...hahahaaaaa Is that even really fish people? I don't think so! Today I had a doctor's appt. so Greyson had to go with. He was very concerned about me and nervous that Dr Nance might try to give me a shot. He says to me, "I don't want to hear you crying Missy!" Where the hell did he get that? We have never told him that. A sure sign that he watches too much TV and it's definitely all my fault. I confess...I am a TV addict but here lately I have done much better. Transferring my addiction to things like facebook, Farkle, and bejeweled blitz! Well...with a little Aspergers research & reading on the side. So...now...I have been told by my trusty Steve, "Dr Nance" that I am to start exercising, go on the 1500 calorie diet, and I have a handy glucose monitor to keep track of my blood sugar...just like when I was pregnant. Oh the joys of getting older and letting my health & fitness slip. What a hard head I am. Well I am listening so today started my journey. We shall see where I end up. Goal is at least 20lbs lighter if not 30lbs. Yay! Next year this time I'll be a fit little petite flower goddess! Stop laughing...I know you are! Was it the petite flower goddess that got you? Oh yeah...I forgot. Michele ain't getting off easy either. She is at my mercy now so if she is gonna cheat she better eat her cheat food at lunch while she is working...dinner is all about rabbits at this house now! Poor Greyson...not sure what will happen with him. I'll probably give him a partial pass since he is struggling already with food issues. :) So...right now Greyson and his pal Umberto are playing LEGO's awaiting Karate. Greyson is taking his friend for a trial run to class. Next week we are gonna bring Cameron to Karate. I think they both will love it. It's been great for Greyson that's for sure. So...for now I'll sign off. Tonight I get to go meet with Suzy & Kathy...yay! I haven't seen or talked with them in a while. It's girls night out whooohooo. We never stay late but we do have fun. Good night guys. Get out there and live like it's your last day here! Life's too short to stay in the stands watching...You need to participate!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brown Belt Now! Way to go "G man"!

Greyson tested for and received his brown belt on Friday July, 17th 2009!
Way to go Big guy! We love you tons!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Funny Things Greyson has said..."Greysonisms"

Some of these are originals...some movie lines he memorized and has used in everyday conversation in at the appropriate moments. Some are just funny questions he has asked...Go figure...He keeps us laughing and I am sure I will leave many of them out. I will add to them as he shares more or as I remember them.

  • I am gonna ride in on my trusty Steve!
  • Bam it! (He was very little and at least used it in the correct context)
  • I need to go over to play with my left door neighbors.
  • Oh....my spleen!
  • I think you just broke my toxicix!
  • Did ya' hear my words?!!!
  • I can't wear this...It makes me feel normal!
  • I need to watch Bee movie because it makes my bad dreams go away.
  • I just hit my %$#@ on the corner of that table....Call an ambulance will ya'!
  • Mommy Lynn...what are these two things hangin' down behind my ding ding? (Oh the pressure that ensued!)
  • Mommy Lynn I have the wisdom brain of 8 years old...stop talking like that!
  • We can't go anywhere. Did you see all that red on the TV! These storms are dangerous!
  • I want crabby pattys for dinner.
  • Wake up mommy & momom...It's morning day!
  • I can't know what you're saying!
  • I need to see you & your eyes! Get in here...
  • Why are you having angry eyes?
  • I love you to the whole wide world mommy & momom.
  • You can't know the Pokemon mommy...only I know it.
  • Greyson also comes complete with a plethora of sound effects all of which sound very accurate to the movie or show he saw them on. His Star Wars effects are the best! hahahaaaa
  • We aren't eating there! Nothing but hair nets!!! I hate hair nets and it smells like old people! and the lines....there are long long lines!
  • A bumble bee rates a "5" on the ouch meter mommy Lynn!
  • Mommy Lynn, "That's my bad ear...please give the phone to my good ear." As a matter of fact...that whole side of me is bad." (He was referring to his left side...he is right handed!)
  • Oh my Lord...What's that stinch! I'm gonna puke!
  • Indiana Jones rode his horse in the desert so he wouldn't run into any "captuses"
  • "I'd like to kiss you monkey man!"
  • "Hey...it's me, King Julian. Which one of you fools is attracted to me!" (then he pretends to snap his coconut bra...just like in Madagascar2)
  • "Can I kiss the bride skippa? NO!" (...then greyson slaps himself...again like in the Madagascar2) It freaked us out the first time he did it and I had to ask him not to hit himself so hard.
  • I got cut red handed mommom! (After he cut his leg on a staple...)

Freeze! (Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

I have forgotten to mention lately Greyson's new obsession with freezing things. We went to see Ice Age 3-Dawn of the Dinosaurs and ever since he is obsessed with freezing everything. He takes a figure from his toy box and puts it in one of our Tupperware type containers or a glass and then sticks them in the freezer. He has already broken one of our nice pieces of pottery...a mug thanks to this new past time of his. I didn't yell but I did explain that some things don't do so good in the freezer and he couldn't use those anymore. Sometimes he freezes multiple items in one container and his favorite part of it all is the thawing process. He will opt to start slowly and then use hot water to melt away different areas faster. He is so funny to watch and listen to during his play. His thoughts and actions never cease to amaze me and I love that about him. He is definitely one interesting guy. You keep on freezing big guy. Even if I do have extra dishes...it's all good. Nothing but fun to be had at this house. hahahaaaaa Mr freeze is on the job. Saving many action figures, toys, etc from the "Ice Age". Have a great weekend guys! I am off to Greyson's test for his brown belt in Karate! Yay for Greyson! Will update later with pics! hugs....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Video about Lose the Training Wheels...

What blessings come our way...

For the past few days I have been very busy. Monday I attended a conference in Columbia SC where Dr. Tony Attwood spoke to us about Autsim/ASpergers Syndrome. I have waited on him to come to a conference close by as he is the guru of Aspergers. I have several of his books and there are even more I would love to buy. His insight concerning Aspergers is amazing and he offered many solutions and ways to deal with situations/challenges that can arise with children that have Aspergers. I couldn't write fast enough. Amazing and very enlightening. So...that's where I spent my day on Monday. I am glad I waited for him to come this close. Next stop a bigger conference with Dr Attwood, Temple Grandin, and some of the other great gurus/voices/researchers of Autism. It's all overwhelming...so much information...but it is well worth it. I try my best to put most of it to use with Greyson but I'm by no means perfect and do tend to slip now and again. That is the reason I continue to read and attend conferences. Practice makes perfect right? You never stop learning so I intend to learn all I can about my son and his way of seeing our world. It truly amazes me. So...that being said...a friend of mine had sent me the volunteer forms for the "Lose the Training Wheels" Camp months ago. I read about it and decided to volunteer. It started this week as well so Tuesday once I got back I headed off to my first volunteer experience with LTTW. Greyson is in Karate Camp this week in the mornings so I timed my volunteering to coincide with that. he goes to Karate form 8am until 12pm and I do my shift of LTTW from 9:30 until 11:15. I want to tell you guys he has been doing awesome at Karate Camp and Friday he tests for his brown belt! He is only 3 belts away form black belt...Good Lord that's exciting and scary all at the same time. His Karate teacher was really proud of him because he was one of the few to learn the Kata and memorize it in one day. The Kata is when they go through several moves one after another and it looks almost choreographed. I watched him when I took him to Karate class Tuesday night doing it and was dumbfounded by his grace & skill. I was sooo proud of him. He really embraced that in his morning camp and had it down that night. he was doing it with 2 black belts! I must get a video I tell you. Anyway...I have to return to stories about my camp experience now.

I arrived at camp not knowing what to expect and let me tell you...it was and is amazing. I was assigned a boy I will call "J" who was like a bigger Greyson. What a gem! How blessed I was to have worked with him. He had me cracking up. There were several of us assigned to him trading turns chasing him around the gym on his bicycle. He was wide open and ready to ride so by the time my turn came I was running full out around and around. My pride would not let me cave to early to ask for relief, but I could have used a sit down after about 3 laps! While he exclaimed he had the fastest legs in the world I was begging our Lord not to let me fall out and die there. In my head of course. hahahaaaa I had a full blown sweat going. We finally had to tell him he needed to go medium speed because he got so excited at one point he was loosing a little control int he turns and drifting. It was a proud moment to him though. He told me look at me...I'm drifting...I keep drifting. I continued to run with him while telling him on occasion, "Slow down a little in the turns". He was great and I loved working with him. He said his hands were burning too from holding the handlebars so tightly. He was very honest about everything, down to his bottom hurting from sitting on the seat too long. It was awesome working with him and I can't begin to tell you what a gift these kids have to offer when you are there spending time with them. Today I headed out and was matched with a little girl I'll call "k". She was amazing too. Squealing and hollering to beat the band while riding along on her bike. She was Autistic as well and very determined. She also would get to pedaling quite fast and I had to slow her down a few times due to her being very unsteady once the speed reached max capacity. She also had words of wisdom for me. She told me her bike was beautiful, she told me she pedaled fast, and she mimicked alot of what she heard us tell her. At the end I believe she was tired because she was stemming more and getting a little more unpredictable. Stemming is a way Autistic kids calm themselves or lower their anxiety levels. (ie: hand flapping, repetitive touching, etc...) She liked hopping on and off the bicycle first one side then another. She would sometimes let go of the handlebars to clap...yes...she kept me on my toes and I loved every minute of it. The funniest thing was her at the end. She promptly pointed her finger at me and said, "K" you better be good or you are gonna have to go sit with daddy! No talking to me you hear! I am gonna go fast and you just go over there!" (She spoke to me like I was her) I said, "I have to stay here with you. That's my job right now." I guess it worked because off she rode with me in tow...She was trying to hop off & run more at the end. I think she had had her fill for the day and she kept telling me...I need to run! Can I run now? Her dad was insistent that she keep riding. I think it may have been better to let her run some but what the heck do I know. After that she told me...I want to fall and I want to fall my bicycle! It basically became a battle of her vs. me and me saying you can't fall your bicycle. Finally the guy running the show came over to tell her she had to get off and get a drink of water. He explained she couldn't fall her bike so that took care of our slight drama. At the end she let me give her a huge when I asked and then burped right in my face...too funny!

The other amazing story was as I awaited my turn with "k" I sat and talked to "J"'s mom. I told her what a pleasure it had been working with him the day before. We got to talking and he has an amazing talent for art. I had said how much he reminded me of my son...just a bigger/older version. We started telling stories and I found out he has illustrated a book she wrote. Like a child's book and she showed it to me. it was remarkable. He is soooo talented and could easily be a cartoonist. he should work for Disney or Pixar. She also told me some funny stories about how when he started getting hairy legs he looked at her and said...Mom, I am turning into a monkey! I died...I could so hear Greyson saying that in about 5 years! What a great guy. How did we get so lucky to share our lives with these great kids. Such a blessing that so many people unfortunately do not see. They are sooo missing out!

It was great to be around these kids each unique in his/her own way, yet they all have some similarities in their challenges. Some just to a higher degree then others. They all amaze me in their perseverance to ride a bicycle and I am sure they meet all of their challenges with the same enthusiasm. It was wonderful to watch and be a part of it all. I can't wait until next year. I want to sign Greyson up if he isn't riding his bike yet. The program opens doors for these kids and gives them a boost in their self esteem for sure. Great stuff! As for Greyson, he is doing great and lobbying everyday for more LEGOS. We may go broke form LEGOS alone. He has stayed busy this summer and I intend to keep him that way until school starts. It's what works! Good night all! ...and for my girl Susan...Welcome to Moe's!!!!!!!!! hahahaaaaa

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marley & Me...oops!

Yesterday Greyson and I went to the grocery store as to get goodies to cook for momom. Yay! We cooked a great dinner for her and while there I let him pick a movie. Well...he wanted Marley & Me and I had been warned of it being sad. Therefore...I told him this is going to be sad at the end are you sure you want this one? He said yes...and off we went with it. I was nervous but figured the warning I had given may soften the blow. Well let me tell you...NOT SO MUCH! By the end, which I am sure most of you have seen it, Marley the dog is sick and dying. They have to take him to the vet for the "last visit" if you will. I am balling and trying not to howl out loud...because I did not want to make Greyson's sadness worse. Next thing I know Greyson plops down on top of me, laying down, and is sobbing uncontrollably. He must have cried for what seemed to be 10 minutes. Michele is freaked out because both of us are upset and crying. She can't stand that by the way. She is in great control of her emotions unlike myself who will ball at the drop of a hat. She just basically ran into the bedroom from us to get away I think. (or maybe shed a tear of her own in private?) She'll never tell! Anyway...poor Greyson! Silly mommy for thinking that it would be OK with a warning. Good lord! Greyson finally quit crying and fell off to sleep. Whew...crisis over. He is so very sensitive although some who him not so well may beg to differ...WTH was I thinking? OK...maybe I just had a moment...it's all good. Well just wanted to share our fun. Today we are figuring out what we shall do while momom works. Could be interesting...For now...it's lunch and then some fun..somewhere. Yay for a beautiful Carolina day! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching up on our week...

Hello again...we have been very busy. So busy that I am not sure where I left off. Anyway...this week so far we have stayed mostly in the house due to cloudy rainy days. Greyson has been playing LEGOs, wii, watching Nickelodeon, and playing with his pokemon cards. I wasn't feeling well on Wednesday and ended up going to the doctor to ensure I wasn't about to croak. hahahaaaaa seriously though, all is well and yesterday, (Thursday), we headed out to run errands. Needless to say it was a monsoon in Concord. After that fun we headed to Greyson's therapy appt. which went well. Karate has been out this week due to the instructor having a vacation week so we came home and got ready for our evening. I had a board meeting so I drug Greyson to pick up a friend, also on the board of the school, and we headed off to our fun. Michele met us there to pick up Greyson and we were on our own. After I got home Greyson had picked up where I left him, wide open and ready for who knows what! At times I have NO idea where his energy comes form but if I could bottle it I would be rich. He was literally insane and pushing us closer to insanity with every breath. we finally got him in the shower and calming down, thank goodness. he put on his pj's and was not to far from falling off to sleep. we are working on him sleeping in his room and bed. He lay in there but then later came into our room before he eve3r fell off to sleep. A few nights ago he fell off to sleep in there with my help but came in our bed around 3am. We are not pushing the issue but clearly reminding him he needs to be in there now that he is bigger. Things are going fine and the therapist feels we are headed in a good direction. We shall see. Today I had a hair appt. So our friend Ginger was kind enough to let him come over to play with his pal Umberto until I was done. After that I kidnapped the boys over to our place for some fun. Later we did the spray ground too and then I had to drag big man to the grocery store. That is NEVER fun but he did pretty well this time around. We saw Ms Diane there and had some chit chat with her about her Wang visits! yay! Now we are winding down, getting ready to eat, and watch a movie tonight. Greyson asked to rent Marley & Me so I warned him of the end...could be ugly, we will see and update tomorrow. have a great Friday night folks...Love to all! Lots of love & hugs!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Farmworks & Downtown Celebration - July 4th 09

We have had a great 4th of July weekend, starting with a party at our friends farm on Friday evening. They have a gathering every year this time at the farm with swimming, lots of fun, cooking out and a cap off of fireworks in the pasture. It's a great time and we love going. Greyson did great this year and had alot of fun. Towards the end it was getting obvious that some sensory overload was taking it's toll on him though. We almost had to go before the fireworks went off. He had been there since 3pm, we ate around 7:30ish and he had been swimming and playing all that time, swimming again after eating. Once he is overloaded the biggest thing we notice is his inability to deal with any little thing that may be challenging. Normally now he has developed the skills to cope better with things, like minor disagreements or things not going quite his way, but once he has had too much he can no longer cope and starts to have tantrums or meltdowns. He gets tired, too much going on for too long and then it's on like a pot of neck bones. Poor guy. He had several towards the end while swimming so we decided to go. We got all of our stuff in the Jeep and he was balling. He wanted to see the fireworks so bad. I was balling because in those moments I feel so helpless to help him and it hurts to see him so bewildered. Michele and I decided if he could get it together we would go back up and see the fireworks. He said he would sit still with us on the blanket so we went back up. he sat still and loved the show. I had ear plugs but it wasn't too loud and he did fine. Afterwards we left right away as to divert any further issues. He was sooooo tired and ready for some peace and solitude. we headed home and went straight to bed after a quick shower. What a guy. He has come so far but to see him struggle at all still breaks my heart. I do not forget how far he has come though and I am thankful each and everyday for it.
Yesterday...July 4th, we stayed at home and hung out. we needed some us time because we have had company for quite some time here lately. it was nice to have time to ourselves finally. Michel went to the grocery store and we cooked out. We had some chicken, corn, pasta salad, broccoli slaw, and squash, zucchini, and onions grilled. It was so delicious. Afterward we met some friends at Independence Park for a night of Charlotte fireworks. They were really nice and Greyson did fantastic. No ear plugs needed again. I brought glow bracelets and necklaces for all the kids and we just hung out. When they were over we headed home...slowly in the uptown crazy traffic. It has been a great time and we topped it off today with going to see Ice Age-Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 3D. It was a cute movie and now it's time for lunch and just chillin' out. time to take naps, wind down from the hectic holiday weekend and relax. It"s been great with momom here at home and not working. We loved our time with her and hope we can do it more often. Thanks for sharing our world. We feel privileged to have such an awesome extended family and happy to have seen some of them this weekend. Happy 4th of July to all! Hugs...until next time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Call an Ambulance!

Very funny thing today...well kinda anyway. Greyson was holding the kitten bringing him to me and not watching where he was going. He ran right into the corner of the table and threw the cat at me. I said, "Why did you throw him son?" He exclaimed, "I wasn't walking where I was going and it hit me in the nuts!" Then he fell to the floor holding "them" while telling me in a squealy voice, "Call an ambulance!" hahahahahaaaaaaa Oh my God! I nearly peed my pants. He continues to kill me with his special language, "Greysonese".
Last night he exclaimed he would be back later, he was going to the "Left door neighbor's" house. Sometimes he talks about our "right door neighbor's" too. I guess the others are across the street neighbors...diagonal neighbors, etc...etc...
We love you boy! I speaka da language, your special language! And, I am fluent in it I will proudly say...More later...but for now, it's off to run errands and pick up his friend Umberto for a play date! yay!

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue