Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm scared....I'm scared!

These weird puppets are from the Mr Meaty show on Nickelodeon. They scare Greyson to death...which looking at them is understandable to me. More of this later though...
Well today Greyson and I hung around the house watching TV, playing some games, etc... I did get my canvases out so that I can start the series of paintings I am doing for Heidi. Once I got them out I ended up drawing some pictures on some canvases I had bought to paint as well. I wanted to go to Cheap Joe's to get the rest of the paint that I need but the weather caused me to opt for staying in the house. anyway...we hung out but Greyson had one of his days were he was terrified of everything. It is maddening....he screams for you to come with him into any room of the house he needs to go in...for a toy, to use the restroom, whatever.... He claims he is scared to death and we try our best not to jump and save him each time. Instead we say, "You're can hear my voice...I'm right here"...etc...Unfortunately that does not always work so it can get quite exhausting mentally and physically...Imagine that. So...that being said he is in here with us again tonight because he claims again...he is too scared to watch TV in the other room solo so that Michele and I can catch up on our shows that we DVR. Bummer....Oh well...I think we will have to watch while he hangs out in the room with us. Ahhhhhh! Some days it's just not worth chewing threw the restraints! But most days it is I am. :) The past few days have been nothing but Greyson being scared of everything from spiders, to zombies, to Mr Meaty...(I know...i know....weird huh? It's a show on Nickelodeon with puppets that look really terrifies him for some reason) Needless to say we DO NOT watch it...but he still thinks about how weird the puppets look every so often and for days to come he is traumatized. Damn you Mr Meaty! Well....anyway....Hopefully the rain of terror will be done soon. Until then....we will say good night to all. Once our lights are out you may hear Greyson screaming about being scared...but don't normally only lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday...Turkey Coma Recovery Day

Today was black Friday, the day when everyone flocks to the stores to take advantage of all of the deals...well...except for me. I would rather be tapped slowly in the head with a ping ball hammer until a small hole appears. Enough said? Anyway...Greyson and I got up...ate breakfast and then headed to the grocery store for some things we needed at our house. I would have gone to "Supa Taaaget"... "the circle store", as Greyson calls it, but see the beginning of this excerpt to understand why I hit Food Lion instead. are right....the hammer thing. So...we got our goods and then came home. Yes...I stayed home all day and did absolutely nothing. I did catch up on some reading which I love! Too bad I can't stay at home and read with benefits included. Maybe paint a little would that be the best or what? Throw in some guitar playing and I may just be put right over the edge! was good. ...and all in the world of drama turned out just fine. For instance: Our great friend called last night upset that she had left a door open and let her significant other's cat out. She was balling and sure that she would have to be moving soon if the cat was not found. I was sooo worried bu somehow I was also sure that the darn cat was still in their home somewhere hiding and terrified due to the extra guests in the home for Thanksgiving. Well....guess what. Sure enough the "kit kat" was hiding in the sleeper sofa while their whole world went to hell in a hand basket briefly due to it's disappearance! Hell...I let them borrow my...'All cats have Aspergers' book....did they not read that damn thing? Hello! all seriousness...i am very glad that they found that cat. Otherwise my friend would be sleeping on my son's bed....needless to say to most of wouldn't matter since he does not currently occupy the spot. He is still very scared of the dark, among other things, and also needs to be wrapped in tons of covers and slammed in between us each night. Do we like it? NO....Have we been able to correct it and have him sleep alone yet? NO....Are we working on building his skills so he will sleep on his own and get out of our bed? YES! It cannot happen fast enough for us let me tell you. We love him but lord! I took a head to the lips the other night before Thanksgiving and just knew I was gonna have some fat lips for the big holiday. Fortunately...I must have been just far enough away to prevent any swelling...I got away with only the pain of the moment thank goodness! How sexy would I have been looking like Angelina Jolee' for a day....Well...we are winding down for the night. Greyson is watching some mind altering cartoons while I type away. He is ruined for life by TV and I will take full responsibility for it. I am also addicted. HBO will be here next month for an intervention. Neither of us will leave without a fight though. :) Good night fans....we love you all dearly!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving.... :)

Seriously...this cat and dog need to get a life. First the damn cat is showing off at swimming, now he talks the dog into dressing as an Indian posing in this pic for Thanksgiving. Show off! I just want to know where his little pilgrim shoes are huh?
First let me say we are thankful for all of our extended friends and family here in the Charlotte area. You guys have been great since Shel's dad passed and we do not know what we would do without you. Thank you all for you thoughts, kind words, love and blessings. Our family is also thankful to be so blessed in general. We have a home...plenty of food and lots of love to share. What more could a couple of girls and one sweet boy ask for huh? :) Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from our family. We love you tons! Now go get yourselves ready to be in a turkey induced coma complete with parades and football...
Greyson had a great day off from school. He watched some TV, played DS, and Star Wars and then we headed to McDonald's with Ms Cathy to eat a special birthday lunch. She wanted to take Mr man to his favorite restaurant to eat...haha So off we went. Afterwards Greyson and I headed to his OT appointment where I enjoyed the holiday traffic from hell on I-77. It took us an hour to get from Exit 16 to Exit 33 in Mooresville. Gotta love that. (All those ET's phoning home I guess!) He did great at OT. He rode a bike, played on the bull swing to work on his vestibular stimulation, played a social game on the trampoline with some other boys, and tried tying his shoes at the end. We're still working on that! We got in the car to head home and found all of our holiday friends again. So....we stopped and went, stopped and went, ordered some pizza, stopped and went. finally we were at the pizza exit so we took it. We got our pizza, came home for dinner where momom was awaiting our arrival. By then I needed a frontal lobotomy but I am coming out of it now. Between Greyson stressing over his star wars game, traffic, and lord knows what else I was ready to pull out some of my hair. He tends to think I can help him kill some bad guys, drive the car, answer my phone, all at the same time. Go figure....Nothing like a screaming boy yelling help me help me and sticking a DS your way while you are driving on the Interstate at 70 MPH....I am almost sure the HP would never understand. We are winding down and getting ready to make the journey to Raleigh in the am. we will go see my sister for Thanksgiving with her new husband and his family. It should be fun. At least as long as no creepy things happen....Some of you know this story...others will here it soon I am sure. For now just know this...."I totally under estimated the creepiness" Good night all...sleep tight...and enjoy your food coma & parades tomorrow. I know we will. Cheers and thank you all for being a our friends.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to school...Monday Monday....lalaaaaa..lalalalaaaaa

Ok...I know there is a baby, in a basket, in a tree but you will get it in a moment once you have read further. Because...I couldn't find a baby in a basket, in a lake, eating fish in Alaska! Oh...and I almost forgot the alligators that were attacking him as he ate the fish once he landed in the lake in Alaska! Go figure...
Well it's Monday folks and things are going along as usual. (...or kinda anyway) Greyson headed back to school after a very hectic 2 weeks and an extremely exciting birthday celebration at Monkey Joe's. Note to parents of young children: Monkey Joe's is the greatest place to burn tons of excess energy when it is cold and/or rainy outside! haha Anyway...he did fine at school today and was telling me the craziest stories when I picked him up. A friend of his, (name withheld to protect the innocent), told him when he was little that his mommy swung him around and around in a basket all the time. He said one day she swung him right out of the window and he flew all the way to Alaska where he landed in a lake and ate fish. He was just a tiny baby at the time supposedly. I said, "Greyson, sometimes people tell you stories that aren't true just to make you laugh." He tells me...."No mommy Lynn, this was for real! It really happened! He told me it is the truth!" Then he laughed and says, "Can you believe he ate fish mommy Lynn when he was a tiny baby out of a lake?" What the hell am I supposed to say at that point? This is a kid who thinks everything is the gospel and is extremely honest even if it means he gets in trouble. Oh least he is being entertained. I did ask who all heard the story and it seems it was all for Greyson's listening pleasure. All I have to say is I hope that kid isn't any kin to Sarah Palin. He may grow up to be quite the "Maverick" haha...but then again...who cares about her now anyway. I know I don't and never did. I am thankful she gave Tina Fey such great material to play on though. :) Well...we are home now. tomorrow we have Thanksgiving Feast at school and then we are off for a few days. Me and Greyson hanging out. sounds like Monkey Joe's may get some more of my money... :O To all of our pals and followers...have a great Monday evening. Sweet dreams, love & hugs and all that stuff...we love you and we will be chatting soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Party at Monkey Joe's!

Greyson had his birthday party at Monkey Joe's yesterday and he had a blast. Some of his buddies from Countryside as well as his new classmates from CCS came to celebrate with him. They all seem to have so much fun and Greyson was loving it. He received alot of really great gifts and just kept screaming awesome each time he opened one. Megan gave him a huge robot and we have been playing with it at home. It dances, walks, grabs things, makes crazy robot noises and we have been guilty of chasing the cat with it! She, Gabby, is not amused! haha....I even took a short video to send to Megan of it dancing in our living area. That thing is a trip. He also got lots of LEGOS, a new DS game thanks to some Money and gift certificates, and it goes on and on. Poor guy....he has nothing to do. Overall, even with added sugar, (i.e. the cake and juice) he did great and behaved very well. The day was a huge success for him and he really enjoyed being able to share it with his friends.
Friday he had another huge accomplishment that I have not talked about yet as well. He tested for his green belt at MATI, his Karate school, and is now a green belt in Shorinji Kempo Karate! Go Greyson....he has been doing great in both swimming and Karate. His Karate teacher focuses on alot of the things that he needs to work on some such as self discipline, self confidence, and self control. He is coming along well and we hope he can continue on through his black belt. Well...I think I will go and spend some time with my sweet boy. I have alot of excess energy to help him burn off...and I could use some activity in my world as well. I seem to be adding instead of loosing or maintaining my mid-section. haha...What's with that anyway? You hit 40 and you have to do double time to keep your girlish figure. I so don't get it! Oh well....ridin' the wave. Good day all.....we love you to the whole wide world, as Greyson would say!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Greyson! has been a while since my last update. We have been in Ohio since November 14th due to the death of Michele's father. I was a little apprehensive about taking Greyson as he has not experienced anything like that. I was not sure how that would effect him and did not want him to be too out of sorts and/or misunderstood. I picked him up from school on Thursday and explained that pawpaw had died. He was very sad and concerned about Michele on the way home. he is really such a tender hearted boy and kind sole. It is unfortunate that people do not always take the time to see, or for whatever their reason cannot see, that side of him. We were at a stop light where we always see a homeless man standing and he said, "Mommy Lynn I am worried about momom since pawpaw died. I am worried about that man too mommy Lynn because he doesn't even have a home to go to. You need to help him." I said, "Greyson, I don't have any cash with me right now to give him honey." He said let's give him this...He reached out and handed me his wallet that had 50 cents...(his ice cream money for school) in it. So...I called the guy over and told him my son wants you to have this. The guy was really happy and he told Greyson about a million times...Bless you son...Bless you! Greyson grinned all the way home and I of course had the little tear in my eye. It was very sweet and I was extremely proud of him for doing that. Then again...I am always extremely proud of him. So...on with the novel.
We left on Friday at 7am to head out to Ohio. It is a long trip but Greyson did very well. The weather was not so great starting out here but eventually it got better...colder...but better. No snow or rain after we got out of NC. We got to grandmas and everything was very chaotic. That was expected given what had happened. Lots of family, friends and neighbors calling and coming by. It was very sad. Momom was glad to see us although she had alot on her plate helping grandma get things finalized and done before the viewing and funeral. Greyson played and played with his cousins and had a great time. On Sunday we had the viewing in the evening. Greyson was not doing well and was ready to leave early on. We needed to be there for Michele so we tried to stall him while we greeted family and friends. He finally got very overstimulated and tired and found comfort under all the pillows of one of the sofas at the funeral home. In OT that is called deep pressure and helps alleviate some of his sensory issues. He seems to need the deep pressure more at bedtime or when taking a nap. He will almost cocoon himself up into a ball of covers at times...even though he is sweating profusely. Go figure. People there thought it was cute but they still do not realize some of these behaviors are due to his Aspergers/Autism. It still frustrates the mother in me at times when I feel people are looking thinking...why aren't you doing this or that to make him behave or whatever. They have NO idea. Their solutions to things will not normally fix what we are faced with day to day and to see him you cannot tell anything is wrong. Therefore we continue to have those who think they have better answers and those who think we are slack as parents. To them I say...walk a mile in our shoes. A book I read said to remember...Those who matter don't care and those who care don't matter. I try hard to remember but I am not always successful at it. Each of these kids is different and reacts differently to certain things. We have to find what works for Greyson.
Back to the subject at hand. We made it through the visitation and he slept for the most part of it. We headed home and got ready to have most of the family over for family time. There must have been around 45 people there or more and alot of small kids...all cousins. Greyson immediately got out of the car and saw the cars pulling into the drive. He screamed, "This place is gonna be a mad house!" Shel and I laughed but we are used to his brutal honesty. Again...part of his Aspergers. He means no harm...he just calls it like he sees it. We fed everyone, visited with all of them and had a great night. The one good thing if you can say that, to come from pawpaw's passing is that Michele's brother Rich and his family are back with the family. They had been estranged for several years and came back when pawpaw had his heart attack. It is going to be rough but I think things will work out. There are bridges and fences to mend with others in the family but life's too short to carry grudges. I hope they can all see past their differences. In all relationships it takes both sides to break and both sides to mend if that is going to happen. Hopefully things will be mending as time goes by. It was great to see them because Michele is very close to her brother Rich. They are alot alike and I know she is glad to have him back around.
After our Sunday night dinner, family left and we all went to bed to prepare for Monday, the day of the funeral. We woke up on Monday and got ready. We had to be at the funeral home by 10ish and it was to start at 11. Greyson got a little squirmy once we arrived and so I let him walk around. At some point we sat down and time seemed to drag on. We were on the front row and I was concerned because all of the immediate family was not there yet and there were not enough seats. I offered for Greyson and I to sit elsewhere but Michele said no. She wanted us with her. So there I sat uncomfortably....felling like I had robbed one of the siblings or their spouses of a seat. Funny how I always feel like we should take a back seat to everyone else. Yes we are a family, although non-traditional in their eyes- but I always feel around both of our families, mine included, that we do not count in some way. It is almost like I feel no one takes our family or our love for one another seriously. Granted there are a few exceptions in both families but overall I feel very tolerated and discounted most of the time. When you are not one of the norm, you tend to feel that way I think. Almost looked down upon..probably because no one wants to acknowledge it. If we don't talk about it it feels better...You know...."don't ask, don't tell theory". Even after they know about your lifestyle you only feel comfortable sharing a small part of things. We are always making sure that the "normal" family members aren't uncomfortable....It's a full time job....don't hug me here...don't touch me in front of them... stand guarded at all times. We probably do most of it to ourselves but it still wears on you. The mere fact that you feel their uncomfortableness puts you in that role. It's no fun and for those that think we choose to live this way....I laugh at your ignorance. What a miserable decision that would have's not one we, nor any other gay person, have made consciously. The way we are living feels as normal to us as your marriage/relationship does to you. We no nothing else. That being said...we plugged along.
Greyson got really antsy shortly before the funeral so I told him to get up and walk some. Was the funeral the time or place for him to be walking in circles around the chairs?... Probably not....Did Michele need us there so I made a call on letting him do it anyway? Yes I did. The service had not started, people were still up socializing, so I saw no harm in letting him walk around several times to calm himself. That's what he does. He walks in circles. I thought no one cared but his Uncle Rich made him sit down which caused Greyson to cry. I am sure Rich had no idea what I had done to help Greyson. I am sure he thought Greyson was just being bad and out of control and that we were not doing enough to stop him. Well...unfortunately I was trying to calm our son and be there for Shel all at the same time. None of them know or understand the things we have to I am sure he will be seen at times as just a bad kid. It saddens me but I know they don't understand. To understand you would have to be living it or studying about his Autism/Aspergers, neither of which is possible. Everyone has their own lives to live and their own problems to deal with. So life goes on....without pawpaw, life goes on.
We will miss pawpaw dearly. We loved him and Michele had a great friend, father, and buddy in him. We love you will definitely be missed more than we could ever say. To all of our followers...I apologize for the soap box at is just that being around family, mine or Shel's, brings about revelations in me that shake my world up sometimes and make me realize just how frustrating living in our lifestyle can be in certain situations. Just what is it that people call normal anyway? Aren't we all living our own normal? Should normal even exist with as many faces, shapes, names, places, it can have? Who knows...for now I say...
Good night...or shall I say good day...No it's a great day! This is the day our son, Greyson Chambliss Griffin-Roberts was born. All 10lbs 4ozs of him! Without him, our worlds would have been much different and I wouldn't change this journey for anything...Aspergers and all! Here's to you Greyson....what a great day this is, your 8th birthday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Greyson has reached his limit for momom being gone... Greyson and I hung out here at the house, and early we had conference with Ms Suzy his teacher this year at his new school. We love her and the school as most of you already know. she really had alot of wonderful things to say about how he is progressing well in her class. He is really coming out of his shell and is a much happier boy this year. Ms Suzy said she can tell a difference in him just since the first of the year. his therapist and some friends of ours have commented on his well being and overall happiness being better as well. We are pleased with the progress he is making in reading, writing and in school in general. What a great guy and wonderful boy he is and I am glad he is starting to feel that way as well. He took a hit to his self esteem last year but he is recovering and feeling pretty good about himself now thank goodness. We are all much happier now that he is feeling like he can do things and is a good boy. He was having a time today though. He has reached his limit of his momom being gone. She has been in Ohio since Thursday of last week due to her father's heart attack. he was really sassy a few times today and down right angry a time or two. I said to him...when you can speak to me in a normal tone of voice and be calm I will talk to you. After he came to me and apologized for being disrespectful and angry he said he really missed momom. He has a time with trying to figure out where certain feelings need to be expressed and how to tell us what he is feeling. I knew the whole thing was centered around him missing her....and I am proud that I read that one to a tee. It helped diffuse the entire situation. Now...on a side note....if any of you close to me find him at your door step for a night....he loves chicken nuggets, pepperoni pizza, Pb&J (cut in squares only!)...I promise I will only be gone a day or 2 at most! :) haha... Just kidding...I may stay 3 to 4 days! Seriously...we will be fine. He did make me laugh by telling me when I handed him my phone..."Mommy Lynn, That's my bad ear give it to my other ear." I only have one good ear? he said..."yep....and this arm is bad, and this leg is a matter of fact mommy Lynn...this whole side of me is bad!" It was his left side and he is right handed...I figure since that side is probably weak...he has decided it is the "bad" side. Who knows. I know I laughed until I cried though....he keeps us in stitches. Go figure. Well....I gotta go play the double mommy role. We will be sleeping again with "bob the builder/momom stand in"...Let me tell ya' aint workin'...he knew it wasn't her right away. Damn it I can't have nice things! Good night ya' mean it, don't go changin'!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day to Day at Casa de Griffin-Roberts is now Monday morning and we are still awaiting news on how pawpaw is doing. He has had some positive steps since yesterday but it still not out of the woods per say. Greyson has been doing fairly well without momom around and I still have the large majority of my hair. Kudos for our sweet boy for being so good while Michele is away. we have moments of insanity but overall things are great. He normally only decides to go crazy on me when I receive a phone call. Pretty normal for a kid huh? Anyway...we have played, read many a book, done vision therapy together, made a movie, watched several movies and read some more. He is quite the entertainer as he performed a scene form Madagascar II for me today. It was sooo funny sent it out to several of our peeps. Lord he cracks me up. I am going to try to post it for all to see here but we will see if I succeed. Today we will go play with Campbell, Greyson best buddy and "brutha from anutha mutha", haha. we will meet them in the park for some energy burn off. That is always good for a guy his age! we burned boy energy at Monkey Joe's on Saturday and he was sweating to beat the band... I on the other hand sat my fat behind on a bench and kept track of the heels score....and yes. They beat Georgia Tech. My heels are ranked for the first time in ages! Gotta love that! Go heels... Well...we will be checking back in possibly tonight with an update. Fro now we continue to circle the airport in a holding pattern....Have a great day friends and family...we love all and appreciate the thoughts and prayers coming our way.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday...Chillin', Playin', Readin' and makin' movies! we are. It's already Saturday and Greyson and I are still missing momom. she is in Ohio with her family and has been since Thursday evening. her father suffered a serious heart attack and we are still waiting to see the outcome. He is very ill and unstable currently so it is very touch and go right now. Greyson and I are plugging along here at the house. I cleaned today while he played and watched TV. After that we headed down to Monkey Joe's to get his birthday party invitations. He turns 8 on November 20th....Fun fun....Monkey Joe' we come. (Saturday Nov 22nd - big man's party day) Tonight we are hanging out and making a movie about Stitch...the Disney character. This is all Greyson's imagination at work so once I upload it be ready for anything. He also wants one of himself dancing to Disturbia by Rhianna. Go figure....he is one dancin' machine I tell you. Unstoppable! He is currently drawing on our huge dry erase board, normally used for some of his OT and vision therapy work. Tonight it has been transformed into the backdrop for his movie....a Galaxy he tells me, complete with stars, planets, Stitch's ship and Earth where he will land. Unbelievable...I do not know if I will be able to keep up...he is relentless in his endeavors sometimes. I have beer...and that helps....or at least that is what dad taught me. haha...Well I better go get ready for the filming. Where is my girl Leslie at a time like this? She is a famous squirrel videographer here in Charlotte and most of you probably know her form her creative works. :) If are truly missing out! Many a squirrel has made it big form working with Leslie. Many squirrels have given their left nuts to work on her films! But I digress....Well I better go...the director is calling for me and crackin' the whip. No rest for the weary!
One last thing...we love you pawpaw and hope you are feeling better soon!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sad News at Casa de Griffin-Roberts

Yesterday Greyson had school which seem to go well. I got there early to pick him up for therapy and got to witness him sitting in circle while Ms Suzy read to the class. They all were behaved quite well. I watched Greyson because I noticed one of his friends that he gets into trouble with sometimes was sitting off to the side and could not be still. Making faces, rolling his head around and being a little silly. I figured at any minute Greyson would be laughing or getting into trouble watching him but he maintained. I was glad he was able to keep his composure. After that we went to see Mr Mike and I told him the readers digest version of some of our wedding stories/slight drama. He was amused and thinks I should be a comedian or something along those lines. I left and let Greyson take over the session since it is his date...not mine. it does work well for me at times too though...haha. When we were done we headed off to home to get ready for Karate. he got another strip added and is getting close to testing for his next belt. We hope he will be ready...if not....he can get it next go round. I think he will be fine though. When we left there we headed to the mall for Michele's glasses and to eat some dinner. We then bought some books and headed back home for a good night's rest. Once we got there things went crazy. Michele had messages that her father had suffered a serious heart attack and was hospitalized. It was very serious so we got her a flight out to Ohio right away. Greyson was really upset seeing her upset but we worked through it. He gets really out of sorts when mommy or momom get upset. It rocks his world. Anyway...we took Michele to the airport around 9:30pm to head out and waited her for news. We have talked to her several times today but things are not looking really good. She is preparing for the worst I think. Greyson and I will wait here until we need to go up and be with her. At some point we will have to go get her either way. She and her dad are very close so yesterday was a sad, sad day for us all. Well...for now I am hanging out with my beatle and having some fun. trying to anyway. we went to see Madagascar II today and now are eating some pizza...his favorite. I love pizza too but I need it like I need a hole drilled into my head! Go figure. I also decided yesterday to stay home and get some things done. I will work now only if they need me and right now...they do not need me. Nothing happening currently so there is no need for them to pay me. We are all struggling so I told them I thought it would help them out if I just came to work when and if they needed my assistance. they agreed so I am hoping to paint ALOT! Granted that pays nothing but the therapy advantages are great! :) Maybe I'll pick some on my guitar too...I should be mentally rich if nothing else...but yes....I do have some ground to cover. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday...Tuesday Updates...

Well Yesterday was Monday and it was back to school for Greyson after his debut performance at the wedding. He danced so much and so did I. It is a wonder he can walk because I am definitely having trouble! Can you say fossil lezbo! went well for him. I took a friend to the doctor so I did not see him until around 4pm. After that he and I went to swimming lesson and had the whole place to ourselves. It was great....he got a private lesson unexpectedly. He did really well too. Jennifer had him blowing bubbles and putting his face down into the water again without holding his nose. He also swam the length of the pool with flippers on doing the crawl stroke...(freestyle). He is so peaceful in the water...I know I keep saying that but I just love watching it and cannot get over it. Each lesson I just love watching him play and swim around. After swimming we came home and Michele came in not too long after. We got dinner, baths, and then got ready for bed. It was off to sleep in no time and before you knew it we were ready for our day today.

It 's Tuesday, election day, and we got up and got ready for school. I headed out to volunteer with Susan in Davidson while Michele took Greyson to school. I had been ready to take him and we were headed to CCS when he had an accident in his pants and we had to turn back. Michele was voting so we turned around and headed to the house to change. I got him changed and started out again realizing we were going to be late when Shel called and rescued me. I love that woman and she is such a help when it comes to him. She does sooo much and I do not thank her enough for her help. Therefore...thanks Boog! (Love ya' To the whole wide world!)
Now...she also had to take him today to his eye doctor appointment. I knew it would not go well since we have not done any of his eye therapy hardly at all at the house. Yes...I will take full responsibility as I should have been stricter and set some formal schedule but let me explain one thing. (aka...make some excuses)...We do alot of different therapies each week as well as paying for Karate and swimming once a week. He also has homework too and reading both of which I have3 a time getting him to do. He certainly cannot accomplish any of it on his own yet which puts me there trying to enforce the completion of these things and make them happen timely. It is no fun I tell you...and adding yet another thing that he has no desire to do just puts that much more pressure on the situation. Seriously though...I have to figure out something because not doing it just will perpetuate his problems and challenges. I cannot allow for him to win these battles so I will have to figure out what to do to make them fun. I am sure Michele will be helping but she has enough on her plate with the business and her new love...fantasy football....haha Anyway...she took the brunt of the doctors scorn today when he said," How do you all expect ?Greyson to do any better if you are not doing his therapy on a regular basis?" Dude...walk a mile will ya'? It isn't always that easy even though I do know he is 100% right. So...mommy Lynn is going to work out a strict schedule for the beatle and we will adhere as best we can so that his vision issues can be worked out and his reading can improve. Keep your fingers crossed for us will ya'. Our guys is a pistol but a very lovable one! So...I am now sitting here watching the results of the election trickle in....wondering if Susan is having heart palpitations and needing a portable defibrillator...don't worry sister. You did an awesome job as always and it will pay off! For now friends Here and family...good night and hugs to you all.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jigg

Well we made it through the wedding and all is well. We had a great time at the reception so enjoy the photos I posted for that. it may be one of the last time's you see me soooo dolled up. haha Greyson did great at the wedding and at the reception. he actually ended up being the life of the party. he danced non-stop from around 6 to 10:15 or so....then did I. We all had a blast! But back to Greyson....He was on the floor doing the running man, splits, break dancing, jumping around, singing, dancing with all the women and some of the men....he was hysterical. he really showed off like he loves to do. A real showboat I tell you. We were shocked because he normally does it at the house but not in front of so many people. When he saw that everyone was starting to dance he just jumped right up and went to town. At times he was in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by us clapping and cheering him on while he threw down in the middle of the floor. I think he gets it from Michele I am not sure... :) Anyway, thankfully there were no fists fights, bitch slapping incidents, extreme drunkenness, etc...etc...Just alot ...and I mean alot of dancing the night away. We shock our grove things until I can hardly walk today. I am NOT getting any younger! Seriously...I am almost paralyzed from dancing so much. Every part of me is sore but it was soooo worth it. Everyone had a blast dancing. My sister is off to Cancun tomorrow with her new husband Matt and we are back to work. All is well so enjoy the pictures everyone. Good night and we will check in again tomorrow with more fun in the life. Good night & sweet dreams...

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue