Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spiders...Spiders...and more Spiders!

Again I show you just how serious we take spiders at our house. They have to go by any means necessary obviously. This may seem extreme to you but after you read todays blog youmay get it.
Last night was not fun I tell you. For those of you who don't already know we are co-sleeping right now. Greyson has a hard time but starting this week I am going to really work on helping him get into his own bed and sleeping space. The summer will work well for that. if I look exhausted when you see me this could be a reason. hahahaha So, that being said, about 3:20am last night he woke up flipping and flopping and fighting spiders. he was scared to death which usually results in the TV having to be turned on until he can go back to sleep. Unfortunately for Michele and I last night he never feel back to sleep. He fought it due to his fear of returning to the spider dream. For those of you close to him you know this fear is real for him and we have so far not made much headway with concurring it. He does like reading a book at school now that has spiders but only on occasion and it can still trigger the dreams. I think a spider on the composter at school got him this time. Who knows....they are everywhere. Even some in our garden of course. So...sleep last night was minimal but Michele did migrate to the sofa hoping to catch a few winks. I stayed with him since both of us would NEVER be able to leave at the same time...TV or not. He would freak out for sure. I think I need to start just getting him to sleep and getting back up to do things. I just have to make sure it is not a the same time as Michele or he will be having a panic attack and screaming for us at some point. My goal for him this summer is big. Some dietary changes towards GF/CF diet, (we shall see how it goes), and sleeping in his own bed. These are huge in our world and his and it is going to be challenging. Keep your fingers crossed. I am buckling up for safety! This kids is now 94 lbs. and sleeping with him even in a king size bed is NO fun. We both, (Michele and I), take a pure WWF beat down each and every night. I am ready to have our space back. summer approaches I will prepare for battle. hahahaha
This summer we fully intend to get with some of his friends from school, and a couple from his old school, to do some really fun things. I would love to get some kids and parents together for a trip to the zoo, Latta Plantation, the Raptor Center, Nature Museum, the Parks here, etc... He isn't going to camp except for a week in July for Karate so I have to full fill all the fun with my own stuff. We want to do alot of swimming too. He has gotten much better at that due to lessons so I want to really ramp that up as well. I need to find a pool we can frequent, maybe the YMCA, we shall see. He has come such a long way and I definitely want to continue our momentum concerning his self esteem and confidence. His teacher, along with the therapists, brought him out from a very bad place within himself and into a much better space. He definitely is quite extraordinary and you have to know his quirks to get through to him. She did an awesome job of that and all I can say is Whooooo Hooooooo. I will so miss her next year but I am hoping to have another awesome teacher for him in 3rd grade. We love us some Suzy though and I will continue to support her efforts as well as his new teacher. Yay CCS!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wisdom of the 8 year old brain...

I have been slack this week so as I remember things that happened I will probably put them in here randomly as they come to my old 47 year old brain. (hahahaha) Last night after the family night at CCS Greyson really wanted to stay and have alot of play time with his friends. He actually has tons of friends this year and they really like him. I think they even get him I might add. Last year he had maybe 2 at his old school, one of which was in another class. Both of them are still good friends of his too. lure him home Michele and I promised a trip to the ice cream parlor, Ben & Jerry's. As we were getting out of the car he was really down and I said, "Oh well, you must be feeling to bad to eat ice cream. You can stay in here while momom and I go get some. We will be right back." At that point he exclaims, " Mom, stop talking like that. I have the wisdom brain of 8 years old and I know you always talk like that when you want to trick me into doing something too." Michele and I died laughing. Oh great wise one...with your wisdom brain of 8 years old...tell me more! Funny thing though...he did have me pegged and definitely read my beads right there in the Ben & Jerry's parking lot! I guess I better get alot slicker because he so knows all my parental tricks now. WTH?
I was talking with Suzy this am about him and how he just will not disclose what he can or cannot do and he has always done this. It is a fight to read any at any time so our 20 minutes a night is unheard of at casa de G-R. I ask to read to him often since he refuses but that doesn't even happen alot. So....I am thinking his reading is probably a little lacking. Well let me tell you...not so much. The other day he opens his happy meal toy and proceeds to read the instructions on how to use it...even words I thought he wouldn't be able to use or pronounce. I almost ran the car into a ditch but I maintained and just let the flies buzz in and out of my wide open mouth instead. Seriously? So while talking to Suzy she said he does it all the time to her too. He will resist doing math problems and sit there day dreaming while things are being taught. She said he was eyeing the LEGOS the other day while she was doing some math stuff with borrowing and take aways. Next thing she knew another boy asked something and Mr man explained the whole concept to him. He totally understood the whole thing. She said he catches onto the concepts really quickly but he doesn't want to do all the practice and stuff that goes along with it. It can be maddening. Especially when we aren't sure if he has it or not until he chooses to volunteer what he does know. May I add here though,Suzy has his number big time and knows just how to trick him so that she is sure he "has it". He has always done this since he was little so I may as well accept it as one of his "things". Last year I think his old school was about to burst into flames over it. They couldn't understand why he was so rebellious over doing the work. I think he got it and didn't want to be bothered with all the tons of problems over an over. When I tried to tell them that, it was never received very well. Thank God it wasn't or I would not know the fine group of loving and caring folks we know now. Best damn thing that ever happened I tell you! dried up raisin of a wisdom brain that is 47 years old is going to clean a little more. Hugs to all...Have a great weekend and if I think of anymore fun stories I will add them in as my old wisdom brain recalls them! :)

Family Night at CCS...

Well we went to school last night for the board elections and Family night. I actually ran for the board and even more amazingly I won. I am very excited to be able to be a part of helping the school continue to be a blessing for the families that attend there as well as the families in the community touched by our school. The school has been so much for us and the staff there is amazing. Greyson luckily ended up with one of the most invested and talented teachers in the school. Yes there are many there, but Suzy stands out as one of the top ones. She is amazing and I will never be able to express in words just how amazing and wonderful she is. I know I sound cheesy but I do not care. I am only speaking the truth. She truly has the gift of being a teacher who is honestly a student to each and every student in her class. She gets them all. what they need, where they are coming from, when to push, when to back off....she gets it and it shows in their faces each and every day. The school embraces each individual child but not just in words, in actions. Especially when you have those teachers like Suzy who are so invested in their success. What a school we have and it will only get better with our support. Enjoy the photos of some of what they are creating and nurturing.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend - come and gone...

First of day yesterday was spent with a group of CCS teachers, staff, and parents, feeding Nascar fans similar to this guy. Gotta love that!

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. It's now Memorial day and the past week seems a blur to me. The seminar and all sent me into such a different space and I now have to create bigger things for myself. I have that power...we all do. I am inspired to do big things for kids like Greyson, to make a difference in some small way. I am surrounded by some very inspirational parents, one in particular who has always been there for us. She is amazing and I find her strength and passion for things to be unbelievable. So...I need to figure out where the need is and fill it. For now, Greyson is doing well. He is definitely having some issues with meds right now since the whole cat allergy thing is rearing its ugly head. He looks red and splotched all over thanks to his reaction to the dander. he hates the taste of the meds so that is a challenge in itself. Lord...try giving a kid whose taste buds work overtime some medicine that tastes like crap to normal folks. It is not pretty....sometimes resulting in barfing...sometimes not. There is always rebellion regardless and a fight and I can;t much blame him. Can they not seriously find a way to make it a little more tasty or have better ways of administering it? Either way...we are continuing to take it in hopes that his new kitten can stay. He will be heartbroken if we have to give Alex up. I couldn't stand that but if need be I will do whatever we need to for his health. On a lighter note I will share some of his day yesterday. I was at Lowe's Motor Speedway helping with concessions that raises $$$ for his school. Not fun....but I wanted to help and they needed the people to make it happen. So there I was amongst all that fun serving hot dogs and beer to the millions of race fans that infiltrated out city for the Coca Cola 600. Do you folks have a visual yet? If not...let me help you....khaki pants, white polo shirt, black apron, red Nascar coke hat, and working the nacho machine! I also helped keep the hot dog supply at maximum since they were selling like hot cakes. Oh the fun that was had! Now my family on the other hand had a birthday party to attend. Greyson headed off with Michele to Zoe's party and in true Greyson fashion showed his dramatic, funny side. Michele told me he was doing a relay race, and not being very graceful or athletic, had a bit of a hard time. He was supposed to use a hula hoop to get a great big ball to the trampoline, climb on with the ball, hit it into the air 3 times, climb off, get a banana, and run give it to his teammate. He somehow got the ball to the trampoline after a struggle, climbed on hit it once outside of the trampoline, screamed, "Oh my GOD!" while Zoe's grandmother tried desperately and unsuccessfully to throw it back in, not sure what happened but at some point he yelled, "This is freakin' crazy"...or something along those lines. Leslie was howling and laughing thinking he said the other "f" word...Michele was probably about to panic but laughing at him too...He finished by running up grabbing the banana (after he had already lost) and snapped it in half in disgust. Can't remember what Michlele said he said then. He also was blindfolded to hit the pinata 3 times. (Each kid got 3 whacks at it) Once he was done he took off running, blindfolded. Yes...I said blindfolded, and he ran around in circles laughing. Michele said she started laughing and once he heard her he started running in her direction, still blindfolded. She said it was really funny. She finally caught him and took it off so the next person could use it and he could see again. Poor guy...he is not very athletic. He told me this am that he let his team down and I could tell it bothered him. I asked him if he tried his best and he said he did. I told him that that was all that mattered was trying his best and having fun. Needless to say he had a blast. Now I know some of you are thinking, "It didn't sound like he had a blast." Well...if you know Greyson...that's just him. He did all of those things but thank goodness now it doesn't normally ruin his whole time. He may be frustrated for the moment but he recovers soooo much better now than he did a year ago. You have no idea what a difference his school, his teacher, some OT, speech therapy, etc.... have made in his life. Yay! I hate I missed his performance at the party. He lives his whole life like a performance and it is always quite entertaining for us and others. We are used to it but still find great humor in him and how he perceives the world. If we didn't we would be in alot of trouble. So I challenge everyone...find humor in the things that may not always seem funny, laugh more, live life a little less serious this week and see what a difference it can make. (Story may not have been told exactly as it happened since I am desperately trying to remember it from what was told to me-it's pretty close, but Michele has all the details in her head. :)...) Good day all....have fun, and lots of laughs.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Meds on Board and Unruly Behavior

Today Greyson had his last day of mini society and it was a blast. I got my hair done (pulled out) by Az again. This time complete with gel, glitter in pink, blue and silver...and the dryer set on high in a room that could have cooked a ham even before we started. Greyson was a little upset since he decided he wanted a museum and technically he did not have anything in particular to sell. Try explaining that to a child who was so excited about his museum and it's stuffed animal & dinosaur bone collection. It wasn't happening. But today once it was done he got a little sad saying no one liked his museum. I think because most of the other kids had items to sell like food or drinks or tattoos or hair styling and he had nothing. I felt bad but telling him or explaining that is next to impossible until he sees for himself and "gets it". so...I just told him I thought his museum was awesome and that he had done great and left it at that. He still was bummed but recovered fast. Gotta love that!
Greyson has had hives, we think from his new kitten, since Sunday. He is taking a strong antihistamine as well as Prednisone to combat this hoping it will not escalate to the point of him having to give up his new pet. Unfortunately I think my being gone for the whole weekend last week and then him being hopped up on meds has him in a tail spin. He is acting way out of sorts and very needy at times. I guess I have to make up for some lost time last weekend and try to get him back on track. Maybe the meds are effecting him too. I just don't know. It can be frustrating since it is hard to function in the simplest of situations when he gets this way. Michele and I met our friend Elizabeth out for dinner tonight at Azteca and he did fine for a short while. Then it was on...Lord. It is always a challenge but at times, especially when he is out of sorts, it is down right nerve racking. don't get me wrong though. We roll with it and keep moving. He has calmed down now and is relaxing and getting ready for bed. Soon he will be sleepy and I may actually be able to talk to Michele alone for the first time since my return from the seminar. this is very important to me as I think it will help our relationship grow to a new level while also helping our communication. We aren't very good at communicating but I am willing to try and improve that greatly starting now. Well I guess I should get back to G man. He has meds to take and needs to start winding down for bedtime. Goodnight all.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Allergies Abound...

Greyson has been in rare form since I got back. He always gets out of sorts, I am noticing, if one of us is gone for any length of time. Well hopefully he will be coming back to normal soon. I also came back to a boy covered, and I do mean covered, in hives. I took him to his doctor and she is pretty sure it is his new kitten. We had cats before this one, but never a small kitten around him. When he was tested we knew he tested as being allergic to cats, but he had never had an adverse reaction in all 8 years being around them. So.....being the dare devils we decided to give in to him wanting a new kitten. Obviously that may have been a mistake since he seems to be having some serious reactions to the new kitty...Alex. We shall see as this saga progresses.
I have one story from last night that I have to share. I am not sure where Greyson learned this but it made us laugh. We were watching Night at the Museum and it got to the part where Attila the Hun was after the guard. Greyson yelled, "I am Attila ka Hunk!"...and then he made a muscle and kissed his biceps! We died laughing. He kills kills me. I pick him up and he says he didn't do so great at school. He said, "Ms Suzy told us to freeze, and I didn't freeze that good because I can't freeze that fast and so then she told me no more computer until after the weekend." Mommy, I am sad about that and can you blog about it? (hahahahahahaaaaa-I was about to laugh out loud but I kept it in) It was hysterical. I told him, " have to listen to Ms Suzy when she says freeze. Those are the rules and you have to follow them." He said to me again, "Yeah, but I just don't freeze that good" "It takes me this much to freeze mommy Lynn"...then he imitated Suzy saying freeze and showed me how much of a delay it takes for him to actually do it. (I was ready to howl!) I hate you missed it Suzy...too funny. Although I imagine when it actually happens you may be ready to pinch his little head off. (hahahaha) Anyway...I am sure he will live and I tried to reinforce the importance of him listening and doing what he should do when he is told to do it. Nothing but a pistol! A pistol with a rash all over his torso! :) Well...we are getting ready for Karate tonight...we shall see how he does. Until next time...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mommy gone...and G man hanging with momom

Greyson was really sad on the phone last night but also very sweet. He had called once to report he and momom found the cards I left. I also left him a James train. He had called to say that and that he had gotten a big picture he has of me in his room and held it while he cried. He followed up with, "but I am over it now." hahahahaaaa Too cute! I tell you he might be over it but being without those 2 is really hard for me. It makes me crazy...well crazier! :) I finally got to talk to those two last night and he cried again. Bed time, since we co-sleep, is really hard for him. He usually gets so tired he falls off to sleep finally but he does get upset when either of us is missing from beside him. Welcome to our house at bedtime. Nothing but fun to be had... far things are going pretty good and I will be home by midnight Sunday I hope. I will be driving back after the forum is over and then be back to my world Monday. Have a great weekend folks and I will be checking in tonight or in the am. Hugs...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day before I leave for 3 long days...ugggggg!

Today stated with a patience helmet fell off this am when Greyson was working me about leaving the house. So....I said, "I'm done...Goodbye!" ...and I got in my car and drove off. Well mainly I did this because I needed a time out...for myself. Had I not done it I would have blown a head gasket! I felt crappy when I got back though because you should have seen his face...he was ready to go to school for sure then...Go figure. He looked really worried so I explained on the way to school why I drove around the block. I told him I needed to take a mommy timeout so I wouldn't get angry with him for not coming to leave when I asked (more than once). I told him I did not want to yell at him and we talked about what we could do different in the am to help get out the door on time without saying it 100 times. We already give him times and remind him due to this issue of him needing a strict schedule but that doesn't always work. Mostly due to our failing to communicate in ways he gets...not so much a fault of his. So....I asked his opinion this am about what would help him get out the door and go when we ask. We decided on trying a BIG hug for leaving time as well as continuing the time warnings. That way he can get what he needs or wants to take along for the ride in and the BIG hug will get him up and to the door, as well as help him feel the love. It will hopefully diminish the hurrying and tense atmosphere, that as parents, we all tend to create in the am. We shall see how that works....and hopefully on Monday I will remember that! I am getting much older you know! Anyway...his school day went well...I hung out again after lunch and I sooooo enjoy it more and more each time I go. Watch out Suzy...I may be there underfoot all next year! You may never rid yourself of Kathy and me. hahahahaaaa
Back to G man though...I got to see him in action today with Ms Susan too. They played hangman together and that was cool. I watched while sitting with Kathy and some of the other boys playing boggle. I also helped Greyson and some others during writers workshop. It's really fun to help them and challenging to keep some of them on track. Needless to say I have had plenty of experience already with that. :) I wouldn't trade it for nothing though...even if I do feel like pulling out most of my hair some days. Those days don't over ride the good ones so it's all good. He got a new LEGO Star Wars today because I promised him one before I left for my seminar. We put it together and now he is playing Star Wars LEGO to beat the band. I am packing and getting my things together for the trip. I am taking my guitar so I can try to keep my mind off being away for so long. Like that's gonna help! hahahaaa Oh well....You guys keep an eye out for my girl and sweet boy "G man". I am sure they'll be living it up for 3 days. Hopefully he will be fine and won't freak. We shall see. Goodnight everyone...until tomorrow late.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a great week so far!

"G man" when he was much younger showing his creative and artistic side! LOVE it!
This week has been really awesome. I have been able to spend some time at Greyson's school which has really been fun. I didn't realize it but I think I was having a harder time than he was this year. I never really felt good at his other school when I tried to go in or talk with the teacher. it was always very awkward. This year has been so much better but I have taken a long time to come around and feel really OK with going over there anytime. Now that the year is almost over I am loving going over there to hang out with the kids and Suzy. I think I had some left over anxiety about school in general and didn't even realize it. I have absolutely none now though...that's for sure. I went and hung out today at their mini society trial run and had a blast. I let "Az", the little old lady in a 6 year old's body, do my hair at her hair salon. She is a cute little girl in his class that has the temperament of a little old's the cutest thing ever! She had me and another little girl did Kathy's hair while another did Suzy's. Well....Kathy and I got the "royal" treatment with gobs of moose, hair gel and butterfly hair clasps....I even had my nails painted orange while my hair was being done! Hot I tell you! Nothing but HOT! You see the kids are learning how a society works complete with banks, jail, museum, (Museum director is Greyson), muffin store, smoothie shop, snow cone shop, strawberry treat store, etc.... They designed and printed their own society money, they get paid each week, and they have money to spend in the other areas in their little society. It is awesome! They even voted in a president and vice president! Greyson is the museum director/tour guide. He even paid a friend to be his cave man in the museum. He has a dinosaur fossil, magnets, a giraffe, stitch from Lilo & Stitch, and a bear. All the kids are too cute and we helped them practice or have a trail run today. My hair was a piece of work I tell you. Only thing missing was glitter! I even got lip gloss, PINK, at the last minute to add the finishing touch! BEAUTIFUL! I will have pics soon to show how awesome these kids are! I am really enjoying Suzy, the school, the class, and all it stands for more and more as each day passes. I am sooo gonna miss being with Suzy next year....Maybe I'll ask her to keep him one more year just because! hahahahahaha I know...I am sooo bad! I think she will be very helpful and instrumental in picking him someone good for next year. I think we have a kind woman in mind already anyway. I just need to go upstairs and check out the situation up there. I so worry about him being bullied at some point so I want to steer clear of anything like that if possible but I will always have that to watch out for. If I can find a good friend in his class to help me watch out for those things as well as having a good teacher on guard then he will be just fine. he doesn't always disclose things to me so I have to find someone who will help me keep an eye out and tell. (Just in case) For now....I so cherish this entire year and hate to see it end. It seems as though it just started and poof it is just days to being over. :( I could not have asked for a better place to come to bring a boy who had been broken. Suzy is the most wonderful teacher and she, along with a wonderful EC teacher and assistant, a great speech therapist, and several OT's helped lift him up and bring him back around. He is doing so much better, not just academically but mentally as well. He still struggles some, but he has made progress by leaps and bounds compared to where he was. Thank you guys for fixing his broken spirit. He is definitely soaring and on his way to much bigger and better things. I am amazed and love seeing it happen before me. Kudos again and again to you all. Hears to our teacher Suzy, she is so very gifted and invested in the lives of soooo many children. She will probably never know just how many lives she has touched and blessed through her years of teaching but I will remind her every chance I get of just how special she is our family not to mention several other families with children in our class. We speak about you alot behind your back...but it is ALWAYS words of thanks and gratitude for the job you do. ...and Lord knows words NEVER do justice to what we feel...but we try none the less to express ourselves. I think this sums up Suzy to a tee. So here's to you o' master of the wee ones. You are a rare one of a kind woman who is loved dearly by all that encounter you! (Well the ones that are sane anyway!) hahahahaaaa

One Hundred 'years from Now
One Hundred Years from now It will not matter what kind of car I drove,
What kind of house I lived in, how much money was in my bank account
nor what my clothes looked like.
But the world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child.
Here are some of the pics from our fun day at CCS-Mini Society

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not so good Monday...

Greyson informed me today when I picked him up that his day was not so good. I normally do no ask until we have gotten home giving him time to decompress so this must have been bothering him. I asked why and he claimed the assistant in class had gotten mad with him for going to the restroom without permission. Unfortunately he claims he had asked to go and thought the teacher had said yes. I am not sure where the communication breakdown was but normally he wouldn't lie. He is usually extremely honest even when faced with consequences. Oh well...He said she did not believe him and so he went into the coat closet and cried. I think her not believing him was the worst part to him. Normally he tells the truth and is very honest. I have not known him to lie...hem and haw before telling the truth yes...flat out lie...not so much. I took that moment to explain to him about lies and why it is soooo bad to lie. I explained it kinda like the boy who cried wolf. I said this is one reason why it is important never to tell a lie. Because, once you tell a lie and your friends know it, then when you tell the truth, no one will believe you. I also said it is important to always make sure someone is looking at you when you are speaking to them. That way if they are talking to you you know it. If they are talking to someone else they would be looking at them. So...that said I think he is fine now. He is quite a guy and can be very complex in ways unimaginable. He came straight home grabbed his new kitten and squeezed her tight and loved her. Then it was right into some Thomas. I am thinking that the Thomas shows offer him a sense of calm even if he is extremely embarrassed by his renewed love for it. He is playing trains and watching his shows...i am off to prepare dinner. Goodnight all...until tomorrow. Hopefully less rain is in our future.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Double Mother's Day...(Love x 3)

Mother's Day at our house is really cool....because Greyson has 2 Mommies! Imagine that! What a lucky fella....well according to most people. Some may beg to differ but they just have narrow useless minds and they just don't get it. Sorry about their luck!
It's Sunday night and the weekend has come to an end. We have had a great time together even though it started Friday night a little shaky. Greyson had a moment and did not want to go out to eat. You see, Friday has always been camp out night for us as a family. We order pizza and then we watch a movie, usually, of his choice. So when we tried to use Michele's birthday outback gift certificate he had a little fit. Sometimes it is not worth the battle or the insanity once we are out to eat so we give in most of the time. Some may say we shouldn't give in to him but we have established a routine on Friday nights and he doesn't like any change to that. That's OK. Although a night now and again for Michele and I would be wonderful. Our lives are even more centered around him now and our time for us is almost never. Anyway...after caving and hanging out with him Friday night we woke up to a beautiful Saturday. We headed over to a birthday party at Ginger's for the afternoon while momom worked and then back home to have fun with her. We ate dinner, watched TV and Greyson worried some about the oncoming thunder storm. He freaks at the least sign of unpleasant weather. He wants everyone home with him and we are to go absolutely NO place until it passes. If its bad he goes into full panic mode. Last night it wasn't very bad here so we dodged a bullet. :) We headed off to bed late and this am Greyson woke us up to his sweet voice saying wake up momom & mommy....Happy Mother's Day! I have surprises for you. We worked in the yard some, mowed the grass and Michele even hung a new swing for Greyson in the front yard. he was sooo excited screaming, I got a new swing and you guys haven;t gotten anything yet for mother's day. He is such a pistol....hahahahaaaaa Later he made us cards shaped like hearts telling us each how much he loved us. He is the sweetest guy! I told him how much we loved him and how we wouldn't be mother's if it weren't for him. He grinned soooo big. I so love him.....Have I told you guys that lately? We had a great day and a great weekend. He played outside which is sooo good for his well being physically, emotionally and mentally so I love him getting out. Some days he holes up in the house and does not want to interact with his friends. Other days he is running and having a blast with them. Either way he's just Greyson and he is a great great guy! Happy mother's day to all of our "mutha's" that read along! :) We love you all and you are truly all very special. Hope you all had a most wonderful day as well.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Day in the Life...

Today has been good so far and yesterday was fine too. Greyson has been enjoying his kitty kat Alex, loving him, playing with him, etc... But feeding him has been a challenge.'re gonna love this! He, Greyson, cannot stand the smell of the cat food. I am trying to get him to understand that the kitten needs to see him as the daddy/giver of food/love & TLC so that they will bond. Unfortunately the food has been crazy so far. hahahaaa Greyson nearly gagged this am when I handed it to him so I grabbed it back and set it on the bathroom floor for the kitten. Then I made him bring the kitten to the food. He was in and out in the bat of an eye due to the "stench" as he calls it. Other than that things are rolling right along. He has been loving school and mini society. He is excited about his job as Museum director/runner....and I am helping him round up items for his museum to display and exhibit. We painstakingly finished his first project thanks to my allowing him to procrastinate but it is completed as well with some help from mommy to minimize the drama. He was extremely happy to share about the butterflies today. He brought a butterfly tree house to school with caterpillars and his class watched the whole metamorphosis into butterflies. They fed them oranges for a week and watched them grow. Today they released them into the wild to fly away and make more painted lady butterflies! It was sooooo neat to see the whole thing happen. I may get more this summer...and some lady bugs too. I recommend this site to anyone looking for a unique experience for their children this summer. They have great information and wonderful kits for raising all kinds of bugs, butterflies, etc, etc.... Oh how cool it is! Enjoy...

Now for a little tid bit...Greyson lately has been very interested in some shows that he loved as a baby/toddler. Not sure why, but maybe all kids do this. He would kill me for telling so it is TOP SECRET OK? We watched Elmo the other night and lately he has been all about his trains again. Thomas the Tank Engine to be exact. He soooooo loves trains. I told him not to be embarrassed and that it was OK for him to like it still but he is embarrassed anyway. I think his love for trains will NEVER die secretly or not. He is in another world when playing trains or watching those Thomas DVD's. What an awesome guy we have! Well, don't's a secret because he may burst into flames as he says if anyone found out. The trains I can always embrace...Elmo on the other hand may push me clean over the freakin' edge! Lalalala lalalalaaaaaaa Elmo's world.....dew doot doot dew deeeeewwwww......dew doot doot deeeeewwww....that's Elllllmoooooo's world! Ahhhhhhhhh! Now that I put that song in your brain too...I am happy. At least I know all the mommies who read this are singing that crap with me now! I feel soo much better! Good day...Good night....Good times to all! love & hugs from us to you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday night and storms a brewin'

This is Greyson's new kitten Alex...a boy kitty we just found out (thanks Jen)...laying with our lab Allie. Isn't that sweet. :)

Now...Let me start by saying that momom is not going to be happy once she arrives home tonight. She wanted me to ensure Greyson went to Karate but things did not go quite that simply. Once dinner time arrived storms were brewin' in our area and Greyson was totally freaked out. Now let me set the record straight...Greyson was watching TV in his room and a storm alert came on the TV. Claiming flash floods, hail, heavy rains, lightning, our area. He freaked. He hates thunderstorms and especially if there is thunder & lightning. It's not pretty. He was convinced that we weren't going anywhere. In the meantime Michele stopped by home before going on the finish work for the night. She made sure to tell me he needed to go to Karate due to his belt test coming up soon. Oh well....I refuse to wrestle a freaked out 8 year old so we stayed here. I will take him 3 times next week to make up for it but tonight I wasn't going to battle him. It never did get bad but that's like Murphy's Law material. Had we gone, there probably would have been all hell breaking loose with him clinging to me for days to come. The jaws of life wouldn't have been able to remove him from me had a bad storm come up! This was self preservation as far as I am concerned. He is currently playing some games on his computer. I need to persuade him to fill out his license for his mini society at school and work on his project as well...but I am being slack and letting him have Greyson time with his computer and kitten. Overall I guess it is shame on mommy night! So there you have it...well I at least need to go and get him a shower and head off to bed at a decent time. Good night all and sweet dreams to all of you. hugs...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Greyson's new kitten (Alex) has arrived!

Greyson got his new kitten today and named least we think it is a her, "Alex". I believe she has been named after Alex the lion in the Madagascar movies. He is having heart burn saying Alex is a boy name so she may become "Alakita" which Greyson informed me is the girl name of Alex. OK dude...whatever you say. Just so you all know. I have had many a brain cramp lately. Our son is VERY literal (thanks to his Aspergers) and he will call you out on things constantly because of it. If you say, "In a minute..." He has been known to count to 60 or even backwards from 60. Therefore it is in your best interest when speaking to him to be on your "P's & Q's"...needless to say, I am his mother and I still suffer from many a moment of setting myself up for being called out. Today I said we would be home in a couple of minutes after he asked how much longer it would take. I said about 5 or 10 minutes more and he said, " You said a couple, last time you said I could have a couple of cookies and it was 2 or 3 not 5 or 10!" you got me there! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Michele sat there smiling. Thanks partner for the support! :)'s Greyson and his new kitten "Alex" ? "Alakita"? We are having a great day and tomorrow its back to school. He wants to take Alex but I have already put the nixie on that. Poor cat couldn't take all that attention just yet...she is doing good to be here with Greyson. Have a great day to all!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday night and the meltdowns abound...

Let me just say that G man has been doing quite well here lately. He was able to do the talent show without freaking out in front of all those parents. He did gallop around and/or walk in circles alot that night but that is his norm when his sensory issues get to be on overload so as long as he isn't being unruly, distracting or harming anyone we let him gallop and walk all he wants.
As for yesterday, Friday, We went to his authors tea at school to enjoy all the kids stories they had written. It was wonderful. We got home and he had a good day here, we ate dinner with momom, and then he played some with her. (momom time as he calls it.) Let me tell you if he misses momom time it can get really ugly. He sooooo needs time with her and if she is running late or tired he just breaks. Talk about the saddest boy ever...So...last night he had momom time. He was also watching his show he had waited all week on, Fairly Odd Parents, Wishology. Greyson was watching that and it came time for a shower or bath. He chose a bath but not without a fight. Since he was not wanting to go we said we would pause his show and we did. Well shame on me! He got done and came back in to watch it while I was playing the guitar. He kept screaming at me to stop and that I was being loud. Momom & I told him to go into the bedroom to watch and then it wouldn't bother him. DUH! He had paused it in the living room so it wouldn't be the same back there but we did not realize that right away. When he left I changed the channel and kept playing guitar. He came back in screaming when he realized the bedroom TV wasn't playing the same part of the show. My doing that made him miss the entire part that had been paused so now he is freaking out. He was crying inconsolably and saying how he had to see that tonight. We tried explaining we would record it when it came on again but that didn't help. Can you say one tired boy, TV show messed up = full on meltdown. He screamed when I tried to reason with him, and I quote, "I am about to burst into flames!" All while crying his heart out. We said you can stay up maybe it's on later tonight and he screamed, "I have school tomorrow!" We exclaimed, "No you don't, It's Saturday!" For a brief second I saw a little smile almost appear on that frowny never came through though. He stopped short of being happy. I think he would go to school 7 days a week with Ms Suzy at the helm! hahahaaaa We finally got him calm after about 2 or 3 minutes of his tirade but it was a trip. This doesn't happen often but every now and again when the stars are aligned just right we have lift off. Last night was lift off night. This morning we are back to def con 0. And I am sure he will get to see the all important "Wishology" show. The sad part is Michele and I laughed secretly to each other through his whole freaking out last night. Mainly because of the hysterical things he says and does when having such an episode. We don't let him see obviously since all he is experiencing is very important and life or death to him. Very serious stuff folks! We so love him, meltdowns and all. When people say how do you do it, I just think...How do you not? He is Greyson and we love all of him. We are here to help him make sense of a world that he doesn't always make sense of. Even at times like that. Yes he can be a handful and a challenge more so than the so called "neurotypical" child, but we have learned to roll with it most of the time. Don't get me wrong, we both have moments of hair loss or shall I say hair pulling, but we make it work. It's all about the love I tell you! All about the love! Some days you just have to dig a little deeper than others but it works out. Last night was a dig deep moment or maybe more of a buckle up for safety moment. We felt the love the whole time though....while he unfortunately felt the frustrations of life. He managed and today's a new day. Bring on Saturday! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Talent Show at CCS last night...

Greyson, some of his classmates and some other kids in the school participated in a Spring Talent Show last night. Only the kids that wanted to participated and believe it or not he wanted to dance & sing. He has done this before at his other school, but never solo! Guess what? He did it and the video is below. He was awesome but all of them were. It was beautiful to see these kids believing in themselves like they do. Especially given some of their challenges and/or backgrounds. It is and was such a wonderful experience to behold. Thank you teachers, volunteers and parents for supporting these great talents and sharing the children with all of us. I so love this school and its focus for the children.
Now enjoy Greyson's dance to Coast to Coast! Go Greyson! Go Greyson! :)

Greyson Dancin' at his Spring Talent Show CCS

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

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