Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goldilocks the Goldfish and her Busted Swim Bladder

It's, fun Saturday...filled with rain, rain and more rain. But before I get into that let me tell you our gold fish drama. Greyson has a goldfish named Goldilocks. She has been doing well ever since his other fish, Indiana Jones died. Well, last night I noticed she, I guess it's she, was floating at the top of the bowl and having trouble swimming down to the bottom. I looked it up on the internet and apparently the damn thing had swim bladder issues. This is caused from being constipated of all the damn things! It recommends wetting her flake food with her own bowl water before feeding to stop it from happening anymore. The kicker though was the remedy. It told me to give her a frozen pea. Let it thaw and skin it and feed it to her to act I guess as a "fiber". No they do not make Correctol fish food! Damn the luck.... frozen peas at casa de G-R so I found a can of Le Suer peas and opened that baby up. I squeezed out the insides of a pea and fed it to "Goldi"...she ate it up but it wasn't pretty. Once it sank to the bottom she was screwed since she still wasn't able to stay down good. Lots of gas and bloating I guess keeping her at the top! hahahahaaa I decided to squeeze another pea and she ate a bunch of it too. Now she is swimming like a champ after just 24 hrs. Go figure....peas...the fiber for fish! (Le Suer peas....keeping goldfish regular since only God knows when!) Maybe I should write them a letter to thank them for saving her life. No toilet flush for her! :) So...that's our funny story for Saturday. that and me having to drive Greyson all the way to Frank Lisk Park in a monsoon to prove that his friends birthday party was probably not happening in this torrential rain! SO...once we got there...witnessed that no one was out fishing or playing in the rain....we drove back home. Nothing but fun at our house. He was sad but will get over it. Tomorrow is another day. Goodnight to all.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleepless Night in Charlotte...

Yesterday and last night were exiting for Greyson. He has been missing his cat Carly again since seeing Cats 101 on Animal Planet...his latest interest. We are searching for a kitten for him to adopt, and once we find some we will let him pick one that he likes and that loves him. He cries about missing Carly and it is very sweet & sad to see. He is heartbroken about Carly and she has been gone since December. So....yesterday I had gone to look at a kitten he liked but it was gone already. He took that part pretty well, but once I explained that we knew someone who's cat was having kittens he was ready to go get one. "Well....they haven't been born yet.", I explained. We have to wait on the mommy to have them then she has to feed them for a few days before we can take it home. He does not understand why he cannot get one right now. I am working on that though. Hopefully he will get it eventually. Last night his uncle Rich came back into town to work some with Michele. so between the kitten excitement and seeing uncle Rich again he slept very little. He went to bed late after watching our new show/channel...Animal Planet. They had a show on great white sharks, which he finds fascinating, so he cannot get enough information on that right now. So...I pray he is not having melt downs today at school. He has got to be extremely tired. We are supposed to go see the hockey match tonight but I will see how he feels when I pick him up. Momom, Uncle rich, Susan & Jane may be going without us. We shall see. I don't think he would last long anyway given his track record for events like that. It's loud, bright lights, yelling, horns....he would probably be freaked out soon after we got there and that would make for not so much fun. But then never know. Ear plugs will go along if he does just in case. Either way it should be interesting. I am leaning towards staying home for sure unless he really seems to want to go. For now I will head over to CCS and pick him up. He so loves Fridays because they are movie nights normally for us. That translates to a movie of his choice and a pizza. He loves pizza but none of us need it. hahahahaaaa For now I will sign off but I will keep you updated on our weekend adventures.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cowboy Greyson - 2 yrs old

These are some of my favorite photos of Greyson when he was 2 yrs. old. Those lips....I so love those lips! It's like you can see right into his soul. They say the eyes are the windows to your soul...and from these pictures I so believe that. There's alot going on in there to be only 2. We love you sweet boy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Feeling Sunny on the Inside...

Today is Wednesday...middle of the week...OT day. Greyson has had a great time so far this week and has kept me laughing as usual. I can't even remember all of his funny things...he is just Greyson and that's great by us. Extremely animated, dramatic, and wild he is...a boy destined for Hollywood or maybe New York City. It's quite entertaining at our house. Most people don't get it and we he and I are around they stare at me expecting me to flip out maybe? Don't get me wrong...he isn't bad, he just does some unusual things that most people would probably be mortified about. I just laugh. In our world you pick your battles. We went to watch Queens Univ. play lacrosse on Saturday and he walked in circles the whole time around the bleachers. I figured he could have cared less about it and as long as he wasn't bothering anyone I let him go. Why make him sit if he isn't interested? he walked past Diane and I each time and threw a hand full of grass above his head and yelled, "Confetti"...then he walked another lap...picking grass and went he got in front of us repeated it. He did this time and time again...Too funny! Nothing in our world is "normal" per say...but just what the hell is normal? Right? So...I roll with it and laugh....and I laugh harder at the peoples faces who just aren't getting it. They are really missing out. All children are gifts...and the ones that pose more of a challenge are even bigger gifts. After all, you have been entrusted as the one to care for and raise them. Someone out there thought we were special if they gave us such a special boy huh? :) we are...enjoying the ride. today was our OT day and Greyson had a great day there. He did work on the trampoline, as well as working on his eating/trying new foods, etc. Karissa said he did much better this week. Last week was a downer for him. for some reason he was having a bad day and not doing well. he wanted all things to go his way. He has been dong better with this but still has moments of backtracking on this one. Especially if he has a bad day or is too tired. Well...he is really into Kung Fu Panda right now as well as the Madagascar 2 movie. I seen more than my share of it I tell you. He has many of the scenes memorized and trips us out regularly with his antics. Poor Suzy. He could answer a question or respond at any time with something he has memorized form TV or movies and unless she is familiar it will be one of those head cocked to the side moments. Just like the poor little boy a the park the other day when Greyson said,...."Meeeeeeeeee Greeeeysooooon. Doooooooo yoooooooou waaaant to plaaaaaaaaaaay with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee?" He was imitating his favorite character in Madagascar 2. This kid is definitely one of a kind...and walks to a beat of a drum far far away! Madagascar maybe? hahahahaaaaa I will laugh about that for sometime to come. Goodnight all...we love your visits and if you are reading this I am sure you are part of our extended family here. Therefore....hugs & love to you and yours! Sleep tight...

Monday, March 23, 2009

A great weekend...ushering in another Monday

Here it is...Monday has arrived. Our weekend was so full of fun, sun and laughter that I hated for it to go so quickly. But that is life. We try to hang on to the moments that are great only to see them slip away faster than we would like. The moments that aren't so desirable seem to last a lifetime. it seems unfair but as we all know, there is reason for everything. The uncomfortable moments are here to teach and we are here to learn. So cherish both, as they both have purpose.
Friday Greyson had his belt test and he did awesome. Afterward we went for pizza and then came home to the comfort of our small home to watch a movie. Lately Kung Fu Panda has been winning the nightly battle. We headed off to bed after our movie and some Kung Fu and woke up ready to go on Saturday. Momom had to work so Greyson and I ran some errands and then came back to the house. We bought some magic rocks for Greyson to grow. you know the ones. You put the colored rocks in the magic solution and the look like stalagmites growing upwards in the water. it was a disaster...they all clumped together at some point...even though I had positioned them carefully apart and it was not pretty. They are on their way to the dump as we speak. hahahaaa unfortunately last night Greyson decided he need to look at them. Opps! He was not happy with me but I promised to try again. We also, while at The circle store, found a "bugville butterfly treehouse". I got it for his class and now I need to order the caterpillars. I think it will be a perfect follow up to their frogs they are incubating. Are you excited Suzy? :) hopefully it will work as well as they say on TV. We shall see. Saturday evening we hung out with friends and brought Greyson along. He had a blast playing while we hung out and chatted it up with the adults. It was a late night but Greyson still was awake by 7:20 or so. One day....he will sleep a little longer. (We hope anyway.) Right now...not so much.

Sunday was a beautiful day and Michele had done enough on Saturday to spend the day with us. We headed to Independence park for Equal Families. It is a group of gay & lesbian families that meets so our children can play and see that their are other families like theirs out there. We do that monthly when we can make it. Yesterday even though it was beautiful only 2 other couples showed up. Greyson was so funny when Bob and Jeff showed up with their son. He went up to their son and said, "Me Greyyyyyyyy.......sonnnnnnnnnn, yooooooooou..... want to..... plaaaaaaaaaay Staaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr Waaaaaaarrrrrrrrs with meeeeeeeeeeeee." He was talking really slow imitating Alex the lion in Madagascar 2 when he approaches the wild animals and tries to explain how they have arrived there in Madagascar. Michele and I nearly peed our pants especially when we turned and looked at Bob, Jeff and their son. They all looked like dear in the headlights. hahahaaaaaa They had no idea what the hell he was doing or saying. We had to try and explain and that didn't help. We just laughed. Their son just ran off to play football after kindly telling Greyson he wasn't interested. He is a little older...but did end up playing with them later and having a blast. Ginger and H brought Umberto, Camille, and Piper to play too and Bob brought Ian. Therefore Greyson had a blast. He had buddies there and they played Star Wars for hours in the park. Lightsabers...scooters....and some lacrosse sticks came into play along with a huge area of park to run in. Yay for energy burn off! Afterward we headed to Fuel Pizza to eat and then home. Once we got home we took Greyson out back for some swinging. He loves to spin on his round swing and it is something that is good for him right now. They do it for him at OT to stimulate his vestibular senses and he so loves it. I think he could do it forever. I myself would be puking immediately. He on the other hand never seems to even get dizzy. Maybe he should shoot for being an astronaut. Rocket Scientist is good huh? Great fun in some beautiful weather...can't beat that. Today he is back at school. Hopefully they will be able to enjoy the outdoors alot and have a great day. I myself am hoping to hop on the roller blades again before the rains come. Fun fun....Good day all...Talk with you soon. Hugs...

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Bumble Bee Rates a "5" on the Ouch Meter!

It's Friday yay! But before I get into that let me tell you our funny story from Thursday after school. We got home and our bumble bee friend was waiting at the porch. Our friend flies back and forth from our weeping cherry tree to the clover that is overtaking our yard. Yes...we have tons of clover and I don't care...It's green and that is all that matters...especially in our neighborhood. No homeowners association here! hahahaaaaaa anyway...our bee friend just hovers once we get home everyday and watches us. Then he flies around on all sides of us both to check us out. This totally freaks Greyson out to no end. He darts back and forth...hovers some....darts some more...while Greyson runs around screaming, "a bee!...a bee!" so...yesterday i say, "Bumble bees won't sting you honey. He's just checking us out." That's when Greyson screams, "Mommy Lynn, I saw it on Bee Movie. A bumble bee rates a 5 on the ouch meter...HELLO!" I am sure most all of the neighbors heard him he screamed it so loud. hahahaaaa Needless to say...a mommy can't argue with that! So...I opened the door and Greyson nearly hurt himself trying to get inside before the bee fly back at him again. Good thing I had the door open in time. So...remember people...a bumble bee rates a 5 on the ouch meter! Be very afraid!

Today I hung out for a while at school with Ms Kathy. It was after lunch and we watched the kids play some on the play ground and then took them in just about an hour before dismissal. It was fun. the tadpoles in Greyson's class are growing fast and Suzy and the kids should be looking at frogs soon....Monday perhaps? Not really...just teasing. :) It should be pretty soon though...not sure how long that tadpole to frog transition takes. Mine took around 9 months of baking but I think he cooked too long...he was 10lbs 4 ounces with a very large head. :0 Thank God for c-sections or I would still be walking funny! Anyway...I digress as usual. Tonight we went to Greyson's belt test for his purple Karate belt. He is about half way now to a black belt and if he makes that it will be amazing. He has a white, orange, yellow, blue, green, green stripe and now a purple belt so far. Yay big it out. So congratulations my sweet did it again! We were a little scared this time due to him having some coordination issues with some of the kicks he was required to do. Mostly the jumping kind where he has to jump up and then kick. It's not pretty people...really but after breaking it down into step by step for him he has actually gotten it now. Master Hartsell was very helpful in ensuring that he got it before belt test time. It still isn't the prettiest thing to watch...but it works for now. I can't tell you how much I love that little spastic guy. He rates a 10 on my love & hugs meter! Good night all...hope you all have a most wonderful weekend in this awesome weather we are having. Enjoy the sun...we are.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New week and the sun has graced us...once again.

Here it is...Wednesday and I have been MIA. Here lately we have been busy so I haven't been keeping up as I should with my bloggin'. So once again...I will cover several days in a nutshell. Greyson's uncle Rich left on Monday and he was so sad. he loves his uncle Rich and has already asked when he will return. He can't get enough of the man time. We did Karate on Monday and Tuesday this week. He is ready for his belt test on Friday and will be advancing to Purple belt...hooray. He still struggles some with coordination but then again...that is part of the reason we are there time my time. I am so proud of all he has accomplished and overcome just this year. Once again I will give shout out to his phenomenal teacher, Ms Suzy :), his Karate masters Hartsell and Randolph, his therapist, Mr Mike, and his OT, Ms Karissa...and I shall not forget, Ms Susan (EC) and his speech therapist, Ms Eileen at the school. Love you all tons! Especially Suzy as she already knows. I am amazed constantly by his progress just this year and very proud too. I try not to worry where he is and where he needs to be because I know...he will get there in his own time. He is doing well though...and I am thankful. Today I spoke with the OT about his handwriting. She said it is common for him to be having issues with upper and lower case since his fine motor skills are still lacking. She is going to work on some of that with him and mentioned we can get some special paper to help keep him on the line if need be. i also told her about his trouble with his math getting the tens and ones places mixed up. I am going to try using boxes as a visual to help him place them until he becomes more used to where they should go and how to write them out. I will label each box H, T and O for hundreds, tens, and ones....When he has a problem that says you have 8 tens and 5 ones he notoriously writes it as 58...instead of 85. So she agreed that the boxes will help give him visual cues. We will work some at home on it. Anyway...we have been doing great lately. I have been trying to incorporate the 30 minute rule for him after school. Since he doesn't like to talk I try not to ask much when I pick him up. I wait at least 30 mins. before asking how his day was or anything like that. Giving him time to decompress if you will. It kills me though...i like to hear what's happening and how his day was. Then again...what's 30 minutes anyway? to me...that much silence can be deafening!...So you know....Greyson is also teaching me the value of silence. It speaks volumes and being able to appreciate the quiet and hear yourself is a true gift. Thanks for teaching me Greyson. You have much more to teach me than I have to teach you I'm afraid. :) we had tadpoles swimming all around in the tank in Suzy's class. It was the buzz of the school and soon there will be many a frog to be let loose. hahahaaaaa The kids were loving it. Greyson had a great day and I went back a little early visit Suzy and Kathy. i did not get back as soon as I would have liked but I did get back...only to find out Greyson had placed some mulch in Garrison's ear. it went far enough down to require a tweezer removal...Do ya' hear my words! What the hell was he thinking?...Oh wait...that was the missing part of the whole event...thinking...Everyone was fine and as usual Greyson was totally traumatized once he realized he had done something really bad. I seriously think he just doesn't get it sometimes. it may be our fault in that...he NEVER, as a child, was curious touching things he shouldn't or putting things in his mouth, nose, ears...or where ever....he did not do those things that most kids do that help them learn about that stuff. We were so proud that he seemed so easy in that respect...well...just like his comes back to haunt you because they have to learn it at some point. today's lesson was...DO NOT put things in your ears, nose, mouth etc....where they do not belong...or anyone else's for that matter. It is dangerous and could end up in a trip to the ER. Just ask my friend who's son thought it a good idea to place a pencil eraser up his nose...far enough to require removal by the ER personnel. Maybe we needed more of that at our house when he was little...I don't know. It's funny, I just talked to Mr Mike yesterday about how living with a boy like Greyson is like being in the movie groundhog day. You wake up and think it's the same day again....but everything could be different. things are the same...yet different each day. Talk about fun to be had! hahahaaaa One day every noise hurts his ears...the next day it's all day the clothes have to be changed because they make him he says "normal"...the next day those clothes are fine....Mike says that is common for sensory kids as well. We talked and figure the mood, environment, etc must be the cause of different reactions on different days. Maybe a combination of one knows. n It does make for an interesting time in the world according to Greyson. Buckle King Julian says in Madagascar 2, "Raise your hands Maurice! It's more funner when you raise your hands like this!" God I love that...almost as much as I love Greyson Griffin-Roberts! <3

Monday, March 16, 2009

What a wet weekend...Bring on the Spring.

The week ended fine last week with out any major craziness. On Friday we headed home early from school and Greyson helped me cook up a big pot of chili for momom and Uncle Rich for dinner. It being cold and rainy I figured one last chili hooray would be good. we had been supposed to head to the beach with a group of our friends but it wasn't in the cards. hahahaa Prioritization caused us to have to opt out this time. so...that said we headed home to cook. We finished our chili and they came home just in time to eat and then they had to head out again. One of Michele's clients had an emergency that they had to look at. So...Greyson and I watched a movie and then headed off to bed. The next day we had a blast. Greyson and I went to Ray's Splash Planet where he ran into one of his classmates, Cameron. Cameron was there with his father and another little boy named Dale so they all played for almost 3 hrs. together. Greyson did really well swimming and I feel comfortable at his skill level now. He definitely can keep himself out of trouble but I still watched him like a hawk and stayed in the water with him. It was really fun for Greyson and he had a ball with Cameron's father. He loves spending time with guys when he gets the chance. Mostly because he does not have a lot of that at our house. We have 2 great mommies that love him dearly but no father figure if you will. That is why he has so loved Michele's brother being here. He loves Rich to death. So...while Momom and Uncle Rich cleaned up after a fire in a dumpster that happened Friday night we played with his buddies at Ray's Splash Planet. Once we got home we were ready for another night of movies. Greyson had gotten his hair cut earlier on Saturday so he was feeling handsome showing it to momom. Handsome but still shy. You can't make over him too much or he gets really embarrassed and then gets angry. So...we try not to make to much of changes in his appearance etc...even complements make him crazy. So...Saturday was a really fun day and then we are into Sunday. Sunday we had a special day and headed to Monkey Joe's to meet Megan and her mommy. Megan was one of his best buddies form his prior school and he still has a special place in his life for her. They had fun and they really do have a lot in common. They are pretty cute to watch. They played games, jumped on all the bouncy toys and slid down the big slides. He had a great day and a great weekend with a lot of friends. he has really come a long way and is doing so very good. Last night we went to bed and he started having a little anxiety again. He wasn't able to sleep so I turned on a movie for him. I looked at the clock and it was 10 pm and he was still having trouble sleeping. He startled me, I had dozed off for a minute when he sat up to get another sip of juice. I grabbed his arm and told him to stop and lay down. He got so upset and said I had scared him. I told him I was sorry but that he needed to go on to sleep and stop drinking so much juice. He cried and was sooo tired. I really felt badly so I talked with him and explained I had not meant to scare him and I was sorry. He can be sooo overly sensitive and I feel like you really have to watch how you talk to him. He thinks I am yelling sometimes when I don't even feel like I have raised my voice. I think at times it's his sensory stuff and that noises can sound so much louder to him. He will jump at nearly nothing and other times seems unfazed at loud noises. It is really kind of weird. Anyway...he is off to school today and hopefully things will go well. I am sure he is tired. He is a sweet guy and growing up really fast. I love him so much. What a guy...our guy. Greyson..."Love you to the whole wide world!"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Suffering today from CRS...or alien abduction?

Today I appear to be suffering from CRS. Or could it be? Alien abduction?Seeing as how I just went into work, did what I had to do, and then headed off to get a bite to eat before sitting in car line for 45 minutes like I had no where else to be.'s the thing. I should have picked Greyson up at 2:30 so that we could be at Mike's for his therapy at 3. Instead I suffered a bout of CRS and just hung out until 3 waiting to pick him up. I then drove nonchalantly home like I hadn't a care in the world, only to break into a full panic at 3:30pm realizing I had missed our appointment. I called Mike...emailed him...and all of the above to apologize. I wish I could say I had a great excuse like, "I've been abducted by aliens and the whole anal probe thing was a real downer so I can't bring Greyson today." or maybe...."I just witnessed a bad accident and had to stay there to do CPR saving the loves of several people" or maybe..."I just won the lottery and I just don't give a shit about anything right now...including therapy"...hahahaaaaaa I just love the last makes me laugh. Anyway...I digress. Unfortunately for me I have no excuses except that Greyson's mom had a full on brain cramp today and completely forgot about Mr Mike and our appointment. so here I am, feeling really bad since I am the one who requested and extra appointment this week. Oh well...what do I do....I tell you what...I pay him just like I was there. Bummer dude. :( On a brighter note...Greyson is having a grand day as far as I can tell. I let him play hooky from Karate tonight because he is all about playing his new wii game. He is in his obsessed mode so I dare not break the masters concentration. He seems to have had a good day from what little he discloses. By the way...his constant lack if disclosure, which has always been a problem, drives me batty. I have tried waiting the proverbial 30 minutes to let him decompress etc....he still hangs onto the goings on of his day like it is Top Secret....You know..."If he told me he would have to kill me". How am I supposed to gauge what is going on in his world? or his little Asperger mind? :) Seriously....what's a mom to do? I don;t know about you guys but heather and I have decided that wine works for any situation...Good, Bad...or whatever! Heather is one of the moms at OT that I talk with on a regular basis. The moms there are good for keeping each other grounded, validated, and sane at times when it seems impossible. So...bring on the wine! Cheers my friends....and watch out for those damn aliens!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's been a while...'s been a while. That could be construed several ways...and honestly...they probably all would fit. hahahaaa But, today, I am referring to my blogging. Greyson has been doing OK this week. i picked him up on Monday and he was acting weird. he wouldn't speak all the way home and then came into the house and locked himself in his room. Upon further investigation he finally fessed up. One of the little girls at school had uninvited him to her birthday so she could add her cousin onto the list and she told him what happened. he was devastated but I talked with him about it and after a day or so I think he has totally let it out of his mind. He had convinced himself that she had invited everyone but him, which I find hard to believe. She is a girl after all and most of the boys probably are not going. Who knows though. Either way he will be fine. I cannot save him from others and he has to learn how to manage those moments himself. Nonetheless I am sure he was really hurt and that made me sad for him. He seems good now though thank goodness. He had a great Monday & Tuesday at Karate. We had been worried about some kicks that were causing him problems thanks to his coordination not being the best. He did finally get them though after some practice with us and some one on one with Master Hartsell. Today was OT and he had a bad day there. Was in one of his I need to control everything moments. He has been better some but still has moments of needing to tell his peers they should play his game, his way, and they cannot change anything. Not a good thing but we are working on it. His speech therapist at school has made progress here with him so I am so grateful of that. We still have a ways to go though. He is at least trying some new foods and doing some other things to familiarize himself with textures and smells of foods. He got a new game today because his report card was very good. We have to still work on the writing but most everything else is coming along nicely it seems. I try to minimize the stress on myself for him to do well. If he gets it and it happens so be it. I do help him with homework and stuff but I try not to let it make either of us crazy. What's the point? None in my mind. All the testing and stuff schools do...I am just not sure I get any of that. But I guess it is part of the fun and the plan....Go figure. Today I wore myself out and I am going right now to bed. My eyelids are in need of inspection for cracks! Yesterday it was roller blading and a pile of mulch kicked my behind...tomorrow we are in for rain. Maybe I should thank the Lord for that huh? Otherwise my old worn out ass would probably be in the hospital in dire need of oxygen and a defibrillator! CLEAR! Rampart we have a victim here....approximately 46 years of age...out of shape and gasping for air....muscle aches....head pain....seriously....she is also 2 bricks shy of a load but I digress! Goodnight all...we love you tons and wish you a peaceful rainy Thursday!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our weekend fun...Spring has sprung! :)

I will attempt to tell you about our weekend fun. But first, I have to recount this moment while it is still fresh in my mind. Michele, her brother and I took Greyson to the driving range today. I have to admit I thought he would not be liking that much but he enjoyed it more than I expected. That was until the ant attack. He ended up getting a black ant on his leg which bit him. At that moment he screams for all to hear, "What is this place invested with!" "I am never coming back here again!"...hahahaaaaaaaa All while I try to politely ssh him. Thank goodness this isn't a very fancy place. Oh well....he did pretty good whacking the balls though with his little child size driver. Michele on the other hand must have hit the same ball close to 5 times before actually getting it to go somewhere. She was struggling until she got them to give her a shorter tee...then she did redeem herself some. It was comical while it lasted though.
But...I need to back track...Friday we came home and did our usual movie/pizza night. Momom & Rich got home just in time with the pizza man so Greyson was very excited about that. he is excited anyway to have some guy time with his uncle Rich. He so loves that. Suzy even said Friday when I picked him up that he had been wound up all day. I knew why....hahahaaaa...he was excited to share time with uncle Rich. He could hardly stay in his skin. Too funny. We ate and they played wii ski together. Then they watched Madagascar 2 escape to Africa for the millionth time. I opted out to lay my head down as it was hurting by that time. :) Saturday Shel & Rich headed off to work and Greyson and I had made plans to meet Campbell and his dad in the park. the boys played for around 2 1/2 hours while Jim and I chit chatted. It was great and I think we wore him out. After that Shel & Rich came home and Michele and I took Greyson over to Alex and Bob's to cook out with them, Ginger and Horacio. All the kids played and Greyson had so much fun. Those kids have alot in common with him so I think he does great with them. We all had fun and then we headed back home around 10:45. I had gotten a call form a friend in Raleigh who was in town for Elton John/Billy Joel so we let her crash with us at the house. Once she got in we talked some but went to bed pretty soon after she arrived. We were all exhausted for one reason or another. :) That leaves us here...Sunday...hanging out on a beautiful day in the 70's just chillin'. That is...after the "investation episode"...hahahaaaaa We will have some more fun tonight but I am sure it will be an early night for a boy who has had a very eventful weekend. Hope all of you enjoyed this awesome weather. If we are lucky the cold spell they are talking about will be short lived and Spring will be here to stay soon! yay! Bring on the all that stuff....Thanks for sharing our world.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I did not fall off the earth...I'm still here with Greyson having a blast.

Well...we got through our wonderful snow storm and blizzard of 09 and it is now almost the weekend. I have been MIA lately but I am back now. Greyson has had a pretty good week at school even after his extended weekend due to the snow. Wednesday they went to Imaginon which he loves and saw Djembe Fire. He loved it and was telling me all about how he got to dance there. After I picked him up we headed to OT and right behind us on I-77 I watched a tractor trailer jack knife into the median. Very scary stuff but we were far enough ahead to not be involved. Well...that is until the ride home form Mooresville. We decided to take 115 the alternate route due to the interstate still being a parking lot. well....every road in a 45 mile radius was a parking lot I believe due to that accident hours earlier. We spent an hour and 45 minutes trying to make it home while I witnessed people backed up from Davidson, all the way to Eastfield Dr, bumper to bumper on 115 headed North bound trying to find a way home. Horns blowing....people going crazy ...turning around....driving was ugly. Greyson was almost to meltdown point but we made it home before he reached his limit...Thank goodness. I wasn't far behind myself since normally we are home by 6pm...yesterday if was 7:45 pm before we hit the door. Gotta love it. I just pray no one was hurt badly. So...that being said...Greyson had a very late dinner which promoted nightmares that even Bee movie or Madagascar 2 couldn't take away. Can anyone throw any more fun into our night...seriously. Today he headed off to school with me behind praying that he would be alert and attentive enough as not to make Suzy too crazy. I picked him up early to go see Mr Mike his therapist but pretty much ended up using the whole appointment on myself to ask for advice on some issues we have been having. Greyson has been sassy lately, more so than normal, and hasn't been listening very well either. Especially to Michele. She and I talked and she is very frustrated that he will not listen to her. So I talked to Mike about things that I felt like I do that exacerbate that problem as well as some things she does too. I wanted to see what he thought about what we were doing and how we may be able to meet at a common goal to ensure that he is listening to both of us and having respect for both of us as his parents. I want us to be able to be on the same page with things. I tend to be more of a pushover and a worrier when it comes to him and his condition. I am constantly trying to figure out the best way to handle certain things that crop up so that he truly understands and learns what he needs to learn to grow and prosper. And as I have said before I find it a fine line to walk with him. I am very protective almost to a fault as far as Michele is concerned. She tends to see things a little differently than me at times and it can cause us to not be as united as maybe we should when dealing with him. That is why I spoke with Mr Mike. She did not want to do that as she would rather be pecked to death by ducks. That makes it hard so I try to throw my faults out there on the table so as not to come off as the golden girl. Those of you who know me know that golden I am not. hahahaaaaa I can say I have read, researched, and talked to many a professional regarding Greyson though. I really try to do those things that are suggested to us so that it will benefit him the most. I share it all with Michele if she isn't there so we can try to stay on a united front in our plan for Greyson. Do I fall short of what I should do sometimes...yes I do. But will I continue to parent him as best I can with guidance from all of these people? Yes...yes I will and I know Michele will too. It's hard....I would love the manual...but so would any parent and obviously no one has had the fortitude to write it yet. hahahaaa Maybe I will give it a whirl. NOT! Tonight Greyson had Karate and he was devastated that he couldn't do the jump kicks he needed to do to get another stripe on his belt. His coordination is soooooo bad. We left to go eat and he was still upset. Michele and I talked about it and I ended up going back over to the Karate school to talk with his teacher about Greyson. He promised me he would work with him one on one next week concerning the kicks. I am also moving him to a smaller class so he can get more attention when he needs it. I am such a worrier and this has been so helpful to his self esteem, confidence and coordination that I do not want anything to cause him to become discouraged to the point he wants to quit...especially not after his progress. Yes....I am the crazy mom who wants to protect him form the world. Good luck to me. We all know that isn't possible but it sounds good. Seriously though, I just want to push him to the edge just not off of the edge. And again...there's that damn fine line! Go figure. There has to be a lesson here for me...I hope and pray I am getting it...If not maybe Michele is getting it...then she can clue me in. :0 Well....Uncle Rich is in town so Greyson is sooo excited. He so loves hanging out with him. He really could use some more man time and we do not have too many male friends. Not that we don't want any...we just do not know alot of fellas really. So...hopefully we can get him some more fellas to be good role models. If you know of any good ones looking to mentor an 8 year old...let us know. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Indian name is "Thunder Snow"

It finally happened..."Thunder snow" which down here translates into blizzard 2009! :) It started snowing around 5 or 6ish kind of a wintry mix and as it got good and dark it really started coming down. We have it coming down now and the whole area is covered well so that hopefully in the am we can take Greyson sledding for the first and last time this year. March has always started iffy around here and has in years past brought in with it some pretty heavy snows. This year seems to be one of those and that is just fine by me. I cannot wait to sled tomorrow with Greyson. he could not wait any longer and is out in it right now with his momom playing and throwing snowballs. I opted out of that fun except to take a few pictures. I still got hit right in the face....Imagine that! Not my two pranksters. So innocent.....NOT! Well....sweet yes...innocent NO. Thank you snow Gods for this wonderful snow. We will be out in force tomorrow to enjoy it more....complete with snow gear on. For now...good night all....enjoy the mighty "thunder snow"!!!! It is just absolutely beautiful out there. All you photographers need to get your cameras ready! Cheese!

KidsKrawl, Rain and Snow on the Way?

One of Greyson's many master pieces... :)
We started our weekend on Friday night at Dilworth Neighborhood Grill for the KidsKrawl event hosted by CCS. The school solicited for art work to be auctioned off, either from artists you knew or from your own collection. They just need items to help bring in money. The children did items at school that the parents bought and the rest was auctioned off during the night. It was alot of fun to see everyone and mingle. The drumming group at school performed as well lead by Mr Artie. The school encouraged the kids to create an art piece with a parent to donate as well so I helped Greyson do a painting of a waterfall. That is what he wanted to paint so that is what we painted. He did almost all of it although I did offer tips and show him some tricks to spice it up a bit. :) He was very proud of it and Michele was bidding on it as well as his teacher, Suzy. Ms Suzy had the winning bid and Greyson was beaming. I think it meant the world to him that she got his painting. It was very cute. I also donated a couple of my paintings and was actually taken back and in shock at the prices they went for. Much more than I would have expected so I was pleased. I paint but when it comes to placing a value on that I have a hard time. They all have some meaning for me pricing them seems to be a difficult task. Oh well...I am just happy they sold and the people that bought them really liked them. That is all that matters to me. :) So...with that said the night was great and I left with a smile since my work was a hit. Saturday we hung out here at the house after running some errands. We all played wii ski some, I cooked dinner, we ate, and then played some more. I am not very good at that darn wii but I manage. Greyson on the other hand seems to be a natural. He just goes with it and figures it out right away normally...darn him! That was really fun since it was rainy out and a horrible day to have a high energy guy trapped inside. Wii does help with that...thanks "Santa". Today is Sunday and we are expecting snow in the evening hours. It is still raining and the temp. outside is dropping quite rapidly. if it is going to snow then I hope it is at least enough to allow him one good sledding session before spring arrives. Otherwise....the snow can stay away in my opinion. Bring on a blizzard or nothing! That's my theory and I'm sticking to it! :) I will be going to a baby shower while momom and Greyson have some QT. Maybe a session at Bounce U or Monkey Joe's...we shall see. I am headed out of here...just wanted to check in and update our weekend. Have a great weekend...what is left of it and a great day in the snow/blizzard of 2009! Patiently awaiting that huh? hugs...

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue