Thursday, January 28, 2010

Headed for Greyson's bed...

We have been trying in vain lately to get Greyson into his bed. Somehow, no matter what, he always ends up with us in our bed. I go back and forth with this. I desperately want him sleeping in his room, but I also know he does have some real fears when it comes to certain things. We will continue to work with him but some nights the battle isn't one either of us want any part of. for now I will plug along. He has been doing pretty good lately although he is really taken with one of his friends at school. It seems he and several others love this little girl and fight over her and who will sit near her constantly. He won her a teddy bear in the crane machine the other night after karate while we were eating. He was sooooo proud. He took it to her and she loved it. He is planning on going to the Valentine dance to dance with her. This time I will be taking some ear muffs for him. We nearly had to leave the Winter ball due to the volume of the dj's music. Maybe I can come better prepared this go round. he stuck it out last time though as you know and I was very proud of him for dealing with it. Although he was having some serious moments of near meltdown he did manage to keep himself fairly calm. So....Valentine we come. Maybe I can talk momom into some dancin' too that night. yay!
I am going to be Greyson's partner tomorrow at his school for 100th day. After work, in the afternoon the kids go from room to room with their buddies to celebrate the 100th day. I am so happy to go with him and proud since I rarely get to join him in class anymore. I am teaching part time there so I don;t get to go on many of his field trips etc... tomorrow will really be fun for us both. I am going to help him tonight build a 100 out of the thing he loves most in this world...LEGOS. It will be fun and great for him to share that. Well...gotta find some dinner and get things going. Hats off to all of you wonderful family and friends out there. Hugs...we love you all! Talk to you real soon.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cat's "kiss"

Last night while Greyson sat in the recliner, the cat, Alex decided to jump onto the head rest and hang out. Alex was facing the back of the chair when suddenly Greyson screamed, "GROSS! Get this cat! His part in the back that looks like a kiss is touching my head!!!!" hahahahaaaaaa I could have died. I laughed and laughed. So...with that being said, I haven't any other great stories just yet. Greyson continues to plug along at school. He has some days much better than others but is moving forward. Last Friday was a great day because the Meck County Autism Society came to the school to speak with and give some training to the teachers and staff. I received alot of positive feedback from the people I have spoken too so I am glad it was helpful. It's always nice to have the people that are seen to be more knowledgeable about the subject come in and verify the things you try to explain to people. You're never sure as a parent if they are thinking you are just making excuses for your child. But I do think the training was very helpful and informative to our staff so that's great. The volunteers at the Meck County Autism Society will even do a one on one in the classroom to offer tips and or strategies to the teachers dealing with children affected by Autism. That is all such great news for families and their children that are affected by this. This week has been good and Greyson even had a great night at karate. He is missing his red stripe belt test tonight because he was getting close to burning out on karate class. We cut back for a while which put him slightly behind but he is doing well again. He will be testing in April for red stripe and then has a 6 month wait to prepare for his black belt test. He stands to be a black belt, if all goes well, by October of 2010. What a huge accomplishment for him. I hope he will be able to stay focused and hang in there. It could mean the world for his confidence, focus, and self discipline. Go Greyson Go! Well enough for now. I am trying to get back into the swing of posting more often. I have been rather slack and there are always many family stories to tell soooooooo.....until next time...hugs!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nick Jr. Jones

I don't understand it really, but Greyson has taken to watching Nick Jr. lately. If you don't know Nick Jr. is full of shows for very young children so I am not sure what the draw for him is but he has been all about it for months. I feel as though Michele and I may sincerely go insane before this is over. Moments of Olivia, Yo Gabba Gabba, Wow Wow Wubbzy, The Upside Down Show...and the list goes on and on. I do have to admit. The Upside Down Show has Greyson written all over it. Two Australian guys act out everything they do...complete with sound effects. It's like a mime show where they actually talk without the creepy white face paint. Greyson could have invented the show with his strong repertoire of sound effects, voices, etc. so...that show does make me laugh...but then again, so does Greyson. Other than his preoccupation with Nick Jr. lately he seems to be doing OK. School is going so so. I say this because I know its not his favorite place and I do know this year is harder. They upped the annie now that he is in third grade and being lazy and not wanting to do anything related to school anyway he is quite rebellious of the whole thing. He is doing better than he was at the beginning of the year though. Mr avoidance I tell you. Today he tried in vain to convince me that he could subtract his three digit numbers backward since the smaller number was on top. I totally had to call him out on that one and he was not happy. he screamed, "They don't have to be right mommy Lynn!" I said, "Well, they will have to be right when they test you honey. and they will test you at the end of the year." He exclaimed, "Why didn't you tell me that!" It was like I had been holding on to that secret just to traumatize him later. his defense, he is one to need to know things in advance. A heads up on all things works best at our house. Unfortunately, you cannot always be on top of each and every happening. Go figure. He was mad at me for a while because we had not completed his homework this week and I made him do it today. He knows Monday is homework day but he had missed school. Therefore he had it left from the week. We had plenty of time to complete it, but thanks to illness and laziness it did not happen. did. Not by the normal schedule much to his demise, but it is done none the less.
Speaking of him being out of is that fun story. Greyson woke up on Monday, first day back since Christmas vacation, and decided he was way to tired to function. Well...I had to go to work so Michele stayed home with him. Little did he know she was a drill Sgt. in a past life. She said, "Well, if you are that tired you have to stay in bed." If you get up you are going to read to me. No TV, No video games, No playing LEGOS, etc." He stayed in bed up until 9am...(never happens here any other time) Once he decided he wasn't sleepy, she made him start reading. He read about 4 stories, around 20 pages each. (That was huge for him!) but he did not get done until I got home at 2:15. He was a basket case. hahahahaa. He didn't know it...but she was too. Even more so! Had she had to listen to one more story they would have ended up a statistic on the news I'm sure of it! Anyway....needless to say, he could not wait to attend school the next day. Momom's Boot Camp....not the place for small children! Also just let me add this disclaimer for her sake. There was NO DUCT TAPE involved in this situation. NONE! hahahahaaaaa One more story and it would have been on like a pot of neck bones! I got home just in time....just in the nick of time. Goodnight folks...until next time...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010! Be the change...

I can't sleep tonight so I thought what better than to update the blog I have been ignoring for sometime. I really want to get back to keeping this on a regular basis but I have been allowing myself to be so scattered which translates into seemingly no time for anything. Well, Here I am. and to star the year off with a bang, I have decided to offer up one of Greyson's stories. Since he was very young he seemed to have a very sensitive nose, extremely sensitive and acute hearing and taste buds that were off the map. Michele and I, before his diagnosis, never understood it much and used to laugh about it. When we would relay stories of things that would happen, most people, family and/or friends just stared like we had three heads. I have to admit some of it sounds far fetched and ridiculous. But we were living it and knew he wasn't just putting on. For instance, when would would be outside in the yard in the summer he would occasionally run in screaming, "I can't stay out here! The bees! The bees!" It never failed after he was safely inside she and I would eventually see a bee or two buzzing around. He could hear them. But to him it was loud. Weird huh? I can touch something and it make very little to no noise and he will scream, "Stop! Don't do that! It hurts my ears and makes my skin feel funny." He would have to be moved at lunch at his old school when kids had cereals because of the smell. He always knows when Michele has eaten cereal too and will not let her near him or kiss him until she brushes her teeth. Hahahahaaaaa. Medicines have always been a challenge and just when I thought I could trick him with something he needed in his food or juice he would call me out every time. At times like that it is a nightmare. Those taste buds are ultra sensitive and he will vomit on you in a New York minute if you try to test it much. Even the hospital found that out one night the hard way after numerous warnings form both Michele and I. Go figure. Well...this New Years Day we were at a friends house for New Years lucky/prosperous meal and they have a salt rock lamp. Greyson asked what it was and I told him. Then I reached out and touched it rubbing my finger down the side, saying to him, "Touch it, it feels really strange." That's when he screamed, "Stop! Don't do that! You are hurting my ears!" I explained to two of our friends who don't see us much about his hearing and again got that "deer in the headlights" look. hahahahaaaaa The best part was that later int he evening Michele and I were discussing it and laughing and Greyson overheard me. He claimed," I do have sensitive hearing! I just heard a fly break wind in Africa!" We died....just howled! He is too funny sometimes and those of you who know him well I knew would get a kick out of this one. Have a great night...I am off to bed as he just awakened and demanded that I come back to bed. One mommy missing can never last long...gotta love it. Hugs to all.

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