Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forever and a day...

Well it has been forever and a day since I updated this and here I am. Things are interesting in our world to say the least. Greyson has been plugging along at school although I feel he is having a hard time. As I have said before, this year the stakes are higher and he just isn't enjoying anything about learning. Almost every day seems torturous for him. His teacher is trying to find how to reach him but he needs a lot of assistance. More than they have the man power to give I believe. I may need to find other options for him but until then I will help him work through it in any way I can. His very best friend was taken out to be home schooled which threw him for a loop. he loves his friend and wanted so badly for him to be there with him all year. He will be fine but he has been grieving that loss. I continue to worry that he needs a school where everyone understands his needs and can help him be successful. Most of the specialty schools handle only ADHD and learning disabilities but do not want any part of Aspergers and High Functioning Autism unless it is secondary to the other condition. Therefore I have found it hard to find the "perfect fit" as far as schools go. The staff must be aware and understanding to what a child has going on as well as able to adapt their teaching style to the child's needs. At times that is easier said than done. I do worry that Greyson is not quite getting all of what he needs to learn due to his own avoidance but I cannot obsess over it. It is what it is to some degree. I just have to find a happy balance in the pushing him, working with his teachers on when to push him/back off, and letting him be. Testing will always be the bane of his existence and I feel he will struggle to accurately show what and how much he knows about any given thing. Oh well...I am currently in search of what resources are still available to assist him in life. A search that will continue for always I am sure. That is my job right now and it pays well. I may very well end up the richest woman on earth if I succeed in this job and I have no intentions of failing. After all, Greyson means the world to me. I cannot fail him or myself here. It is not an option. I apologize for not keeping you all abreast of our world as well as I had. I have been very busy at his school volunteering and if all goes well. I may be there on a more regular basis. We shall see. Until next time...keep things moving forward and remember...Everyone has a story. "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

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