Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home Again Home Again...Jiggity Jig

Well we made it back home. Tired and worn out thanks to a traffic jam there at the end of the trip but we made it. Greyson and Michele played wii for a while and then we crashed and burned. Greyson is currently on this thing where we have to watch Bee Movie nightly to take the scary thoughts out of his head. (This is what he has told us anyway... :)...) He claims he cannot stop thinking about Mr meaty, spiders, zombies, and whatever else he is freaked out about each night at bedtime so we have to watch bee Movie to counteract the scary thoughts which turn into bad dreams...gotta love it! Anyway....I will be able to recite the entire movie before long. I am sure he can already do it. Last night we put Bee movie in and then he had another twist. He has taken to closing all of the doors so nothing can get us. The bedroom door, the closet door, the bathroom door, etc.....We were on lock down and he still was scared. He fought sleep even though we all were walking zombies....pardon the joke there. Poor Michele just hid under the covers once he had asked for the millionth time for either water, the covers to be off because he was sweating and hot, the covers to be back on thanks to him needing the whole cocooning thing going on, etc...etc...It's fun I tell you! For those who think we should be handling things differently...don't waste your time on us...worry about somebody else. Better yet, take a long hard look at how you are handling things. I spend alot of time reading, researching, going to therapy sessions etc to ensure that we are doing what we need to do. We may not always be handling every situation perfectly, but I am sure we are doing what we need to do to the best of our abilities. Greyson will be fine contrary to what some may believe. We are good parents with some difficult challenges but we can handle it. It is funny to me that the most support for us comes from people who are of no relation to either Michele or me. They are parents who have faced similar situations and truly understand. To those of you who have offered words of encouragement instead of the normal "words of wisdom" (haha) we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You know who you are and we love you all! Thank goodness for extended families. They tend to save us in our most trying times! Tonight we will be ringing in the New Year...2009! Here's to 2009 being a little better than 2008 was. I don't know about you all but our year was a little on the crazy side...with the exception of the most wonderful election in history! Obama mama's that's what we are! Cheers to our friends, extended family, our new school and it's awesome staff & teachers, the wonderful parents there, change, hope, compassion, and last but not least open minds! A closed mind is a useless one. Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 29, 2008

What I have learned....that I did not know.

I have learned that our parenting skills our insufficient according to some. I have learned that we along with a few others are the only ones who really believe Greyson has Aspergers. Most others and some family included feel that we are to blame for some of his behaviors since we do not parent him as we should. Funny stands to reason since I do not totally agree with some of their ways of handling things or their kids either. Therefore we will agree to disagree. I am not saying we do everything correctly. We do make mistakes when handling certain situations. I will say that we do do the best we can given our and Greyson's situation. For those who think it is wrong I say, "We are his parents, you are not so no need for you to worry about it." If we screw it up royally then it will be on us. No one will ever be asking you to fix any of our mistakes. We love him unconditionally and I will never apologize for that. If we are guilty of loving him too much then so be it. We know he is a good boy and he does not do things maliciously. He does not always make good choices but most kids suffer from that. I am exhausted of the feeling I get when people seem not to understand. i shouldn't worry about what they think but it does bother me. I want his family to be somewhat understanding but they struggle with it as well. After all he seems as though nothing is wrong short of just being misbehaved at times. Oh well...I need to spend my energy elsewhere. Just to let you know....Greyson is fine except for wanting to go home badly. We will be headed home soon enough.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

In Ohio visiting family...

Michele, Greyson and I are in Ohio visiting Michele's family for Christmas. Greyson is doing pretty good so far. There are alot of grand kids and things get a little crazy and overwhelming at times for him especially. He is doing good so far and not too out of sorts. Tonight Shel's brothers will come with their families adding to the party. that will make 12 grand kids at grandmas and sometimes it makes for a wild time. (Most of the kids are very young so it is understandable.) Greyson will definitely be ready for bed tonight once the time comes. We are going to have dinner and some fun with everybody. I will check in later for an update. Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Enjoy your weekend and we will be talking with you soon. Hugs...
Say a prayer for me...I get frustrated with the feeling that everyone thinks we baby him too much. Yes we are guilty of some of that but alot of what we do is necessary for him right now. Oh well...I suppose I should get used to the masses feeling they know the best way to handle what we are dealing with since he seems perfectly normal to the those unknowing...and even those who have been told. Ridin' the wave...ridin' the wave....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Vacation...Mommy is almost crazy!

Can I get a little PEACE! I need that Buddha on a spring that is in my Jeep stuck to my forehead! Ohmmmmmmm...Ohmmmmmmm...
Well...the past few days here leading up to Santa coming have been quite interesting. Greyson is in rare form and making me almost insane. I have needed to get a few last minute things but shopping has been more than an adventure. He cannot seem to listen, focus, stand still, stop singing, talking etc...etc... Lord knows I love him more than anything but I have come very close to losing most of my hair the past few days. My patience has been tested to its limits and I am proud to say I did not ever get too crazy. I did have a few moments of raising my voice but nothing like I thought. I was on the verge of screaming by the time Shel got home though...She probably thinks I am psycho...haha Anyway....he has been really funny and very cute. He cleaned and straightened the entire living area for Santa to come. He hung signs all over directing Santa to the cookies and welcoming him to our home. Michele and I have been laughing remembering how he locked us in the bedroom last year praying that Santa would not come in there. He is excited but secretly scared to death of this strange man entering our home. :) He is too funny. He just told me he doesn't think he is going to be able to sleep because he is too worried about Santa coming. Now he is crying because he is scared he will not be able to sleep. I told him he will be fine and that he has to sleep so Santa will be sure to come here. He is too funny....just too funny. Now he is checking on the cookies and wants to put them out right now. By tomorrow hopefully he will be back into somewhat of a normal routine. Ok...maybe I am dreaming but it shouldn't be too long. :) we leave for Ohio in a few days so that should tweak him into a frenzy with all of his cousins around to play with. It is inevitable that they all get crazy and run, play, scream, and just get plain wild. 12 grand kids and most of them are under 10...what do you expect? It's fun though while it lasts.'s wishing all of our friends and family and very Merry Christmas. We will be checking in soon with Christmas news ans updates. Hugs and love to you all....Good night...Hope Santa is good to all our buddies! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Fun before Christmas

Hello everyone...we have been having a fun weekend doing some things to get ready for Christmas. Grandma Griffin came up on Saturday morning to take Greyson Christmas shopping to get Michele and I something from him. I went along with them to the Supa....Taaaget! We love Supa Taaaget. :) haha Anyway....Grandma bought all kinds of things unexpectedly so we were very appreciative even though she did not need to do that. She loves it though so...Thank you Grandma! After that we came back to the house and ate a "delicious lunch"...(Greyson picked McDonald's) and for those of you who know me...there is some sarcasm involved there. Not my favorite place but it was his pick so we rolled with it. He watched some TV while mom and I talked. He did really well yesterday even though going out to the Target with all the people and Christmas stuff. All that stimulation tends to create alot of fun in our world. :) He gets excited and is looking every direction and trying to go every direction all at the same time. It cracks me up and then I have to rein him back in. He did well yesterday though. Not to much wild. After grandma had to get home he wanted to watch a movie so I sat with him and watched Power Rangers. Gotta love that! Me and Power Rangers....that's an entire chapter for my book. They, the Power Rangers, are somewhat reminiscent of the old Japanese "Godzirra" movies for me. Quite entertaining... I don't think he felt well because he laid with me for almost the entire movie without moving, talking, singing, or reciting any other lines from commercials, movies, etc.... Amazing!!!! I normally am entertained and can barely keep up with what's going on. (Although Michele would beg to differ...she thinks he is a mini me) He can be all over the place and we here at the house normally have to buckle up for safety. OSHA has been in to inspect things and see whether we need to have safety harnesses installed for the safety of all involved. I will let you know the results of the report later. (Film at 11!) haha we are off to the Equal Families gathering at the Gay Community Center. Equal Families is a group of Gay & Lesbian couples that have kids and we get together once a month in the park or somewhere to share stories, network, and get to know each other better. It helps the kids realize they are not the only ones with two mommies or two daddies here in the area as well. That is important to us but more importantly is that he know there are all kinds of families and we will take time to be around all kinds of people and families. Diversity is a great thing and a great lesson for kids to know that it takes all kids of people to make up the world. Compassion and love for your fellow man is important and key to getting along in this world. we go today to mingle with our Equal Family group for Christmas pot luck. Thanks for visiting us to you soon. :) Have a great Christmas vacation and hugs to you all. "Love you to the moon and back again!" as Greyson sometimes says...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Final Day at CCS before Christmas Vacation...

Greyson had his Winter production last night with his school. the band debuted with it's first performance and then each class put on a mini play/fairy tale for the audience. It was great and we had a great time sharing cookies and juice with everyone afterward. The people there are so nice and we feel extremely blessed to have found the school for him. Words will never express how much the school, it's teachers, (especially the ones that deal with Greyson day to day), and just the environment in general there means to our family. I am at a loss each time I try to explain to people how wonderful they have been. Greyson has a team of people who have brought him totally out of his shell and helped him make advancements in his reading, writing and math that are unbelievable. I am stunned at what just a little perseverance, a loving environment, people/teachers that believe in the individual child, and some sincere caring and investment in each child will do. Greyson is proof that he is now surrounded by teachers who are truly students of each student they have been entrusted with. God bless them and their efforts to truly change the world and these children's futures, one child at a time. You all represent all we ever wanted and/or expected out of the educational environment we chose for him. We finally landed in the right place. Can I get an amen! :) Thank you...Thank you....Thank you.... Oh, did I say thank you yet? Here's to the teachers that are there because of their love and passion for the children because we all know they could never be compensated properly for what they are giving back to the world daily.
Today we went over for the authors tea and winter party in Ms Suzy's class. It was wonderful and all the kids shared their Fairy tales they had written with their parents and the other parents. Afterward we went outside where they had a pie throwing contest to raise money for the kids who need tutoring at the school but cannot afford it. $1.00 per pie throw and the teachers donated their faces...well...some of them did. I had no desire to throw a pie at these wonderful people...hugs Greyson did throw 4 pies though and had a great time. Poor Ms Kristi the principal took alot of pies at $2.00 a throw. All of them were covered in whip cream as you can see in our pictures off to the side. Enjoy....Lord knows we did! Happy holidays everyone! hugs & love to all...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Corn dogs....Corn dogs...and more Corn Dogs

Greyson is on a corn dog binge right now. Just thought you all might want to know. haha...Oh...and not only is he on a corn dog binge...he will only eat the hot dog out of the middle. I have to peel the corn off of the outside before he will even eat it! I have now taken to wearing my short bus helmet daily as not to hurt myself or pull out anymore of my hair. :) Anyway...other than our corn dog drama everything else seems to be fine. Michele is working hard....I am at home feeling useless as tits on a boar hog as we say here in the south. I think my brain is finally fried. You know it's bad when the highlight of your day is painting and checking your crops on facebook's my farm application! I am a farming fool on there though! My grandmother Griffin is up in heaven freaking out and screaming...go back to school you idiot! What the hell are you doing? or....she may be laughing her ass off...I'm not sure which. Anyway...I hope all of you are ready for Christmas...we are not. It's coming up way too fast and my wallet is a little skimpy right now. then again...who's isn't? Merry Christmas....9 days and counting.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ginger Bread Baker...Singer, Thespian, Musician, & Race Car Driver

Well...I spent the weekend with wild man and momom worked alot. On Saturday he even baked gingerbread and it turned out pretty darn good. I am not a big fan of gingerbread but his was wonderful if I do say so myself. :) Sunday...he played on the computer which he loves and he and I also played some other games. We did not do alot. Mostly lazy I guess. He has been really sweet lately and Saturday we had gone to Monkey Joe's to meet his friend from Countryside, "brutha from another mutha", Campbell. They played for almost 2 1/2 hours jumping and running all around. Greyson found some money on one of the slides and gave it to the manager. I think she was shocked. she asked his name and gave him a little toy as a reward. She also said she would give him the money if none claimed it later. He took it to her without me even knowing what was really going on so I was proud of him. He is turning out to be quite a great guy. he always was a great guy but here lately he has been extremely in tune to the needs of others for some reason. He is very sweet although he can have moments of crazy. Don't they all. We love him dearly as you are well aware. Do I make you all sick with that. If so....too bad. haha...Today he went back to school for the last week to end out the first half of the year. It is going by very fast so I need to figure out who might be a good fit for him next year. He would probably be leaving Ms Suzy's long as his academics continue coming along as they have so far. We went today and got him a library card so I can take him to the public library sometimes. We are trying to ramp up his reading some. It's a slow process but he is responding better this year and has improved greatly already. He was proud to get his library card too. You would have thought he had gotten his first drivers license. What a grin! After that we stopped in and saw Stephanie, Blake and Ms Cathy. He loves Blake and likes to help with him. He is playing big brother already and has taken to telling me he needs a little brother or sister. How do I explain that #1...I am older than dirt and cannot do that at my age....We know because we tried....and #2...I think he is plenty for Michele and I to try to handle. At times he is like having more than one worth all of the extra fun he brings to the table. Like those moments of him in the bathroom scared yelling...I need to hear you mommy Lynn....I love you....I love you...I love you...I love you...Well it's kinda like that with about 20 more I love you's!!!!! or the moments when I cannot get him prised off of my leg because he saw a small spider...or a Mr Meaty commercial...(he hates puppets) or shall I scared to death of them....and clowns...let's not forget clowns! We found that out during the parade in Davidson at Christmas. He hid from them until they had passed whispering to us the whole time....are they gone?...don't let them come over here...are they gone yet? There are times I am almost peeling him off my leg. But...most of the time...he entertains us with his beautiful voice by singing...others it is his reciting lines from all the movies he has seen and changing his voice to match each character. He is unbelievable, wonderful, multi talented, and quite the fellow. I have to go now and read to Mr man.....he is awaiting my reading with him. we are going to read his first library book....The Missing Piece by Silverstein. Good night friends...and remember..."You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout I'm telling you why....Santa Claus is coming to town! HOHoHoooooo! 10 more days till' Christmas! :0

Friday, December 12, 2008

Polar Express Song by Greyson

Friday....end of the week and finally sunny again!

Today Greyson headed off to school and I scrambled to figure out what we could do to fix momom's phone situation. She accidentally dropped her cell phone in the torrential rains yesterday causing her phone to check out early. I called At&T and got some information. Thank goodness I was able to use my old phone and put her sim card in it so that it would work under her number. problem solved. Now on to the next...Greyson was getting out of school early so I wanted to get some shopping done for the families the school is adopting for the Christmas holiday. I ran by REMAX Classic to drop off something and then headed to Target. I got lots of goodies...some for Greyson but most for the Christmas families. I ran a few more errands, dropped off the loot at home and then headed back to pick up Greyson at school. He was getting out at 1pm for early dismissal so I went to eat lunch with him and then took him with me. I took him shopping for his angel tree boy he picked and then we came home. He had a good day but was really upset when his art teacher told me about an incident at lunch where he and another boy decided to throw some food. I told him not to do ever again and that was the end of it. He got really upset and cried because he knew he had done wrong. I told him it was over with and that I was not angry but he could not behave that way ever again. I explained that people had to clean that up and if he did it again it would be him. He was with his buddy who he is great friends with but they are not very good influences on one another. If there is trouble to be had they will find it. They do not reinforce each other in positive ways unfortunately. He has a really hard time making proper choices when he is with this guy. Michele and I try to remind him and reinforce to him that he needs to stay away from him if he cannot behave when he is around him. He has to remember to make good choices in life and in friends. It's a hard lesson especially when he struggles to have friends and strives to have people like him. He is doing alot better on that front though at his new school. It definitely is a much better environment and the way the handle the kids teaches them to respect one another and each others differences. They learn how to accept people for who they are as individuals. It's great and his teacher is sooo wonderful. I probably make you all sick saying that all the time, but for those who know where we have been as opposed to where we are now, it's understandable that I am almost giddy. Greyson still has his moments since he does have some challenges, but he is in such a better frame of mind now. It is truly unbelievable and so much a blessing. Community Charter School is a wonderful place and Ms Suzy, Ms Cymantha, Ms Susan, Ms Sloan, Ms Eileen, and the OT have my blessings. There are not enough words, thanks, praise, express to them how much we all appreciate their efforts. is going well. Greyson and I talked about Christmas and how important it is to help others who are not as fortunate during the holidays and all year round. I want thim to grow up and be willing to give back to others. Those are the gifts the definitely keep on giving. Merry Christmas friends and family. We love you all. Good night and sweet dreams. Remember take the time to share your love with the people around you. You never know when just a smile or a kind word may change someone's whole day. So.... :) (that's me smiling at all of you)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday & Thursday...Rainy Yucky Days :( we are having a bit of liquid sunshine. I say bring on the real thing now!

Well...I am really slack here lately thanks to all of the painting I have been doing. Hard to get my brain going etc... anyway...back to sharing. This week has been pretty good so far. We went to OT yesterday, hump day, and he had a great session. He has been working on trying new foods or at least being introduced to them. it is almost like they do a regression and let him explore all aspects of the food like a baby would. It makes perfect sense to me because he never really did that. he was always very neat and careful when he ate. He never did the normal playing in his foods like babies do and that is how they learn about all those things and become familiar with the different textures, tastes, smells, etc. So...he is doing all of that now. He smashed Cheetos yesterday and karate chopped them to watch them explode. He touched one to his lips but would not eat it. It's a start. After OT we headed to swimming lessons. He is doing great but still having a time with holding his nose. He will put his face in and count to 10 while he blows bubbles, but he still will not swim underwater or dive without holding his nose. I suppose it will come in time. A few good nose fulls of water always sets him back 10 steps and we have to go again. Oh well. We are so proud of his progress this year at school and at home so we will be glad to take some baby steps when need be.
Greyson has been having good days at school until today. He did not get into trouble but I picked him up for therapy with Mr Mike and he said everyone in his class had a bad day. He proceeded to tell me that several of the kids did not feel well, some were just having bad days, and some were upset. Therefore he concluded that the whole class was out of sorts and having a bad day. He then said it really worried him and upset him that everyone was so upset and feeling poorly. I think the whole thing got him out of sorts and he did not know how to express his concerns. Once he got to Mr Mike's he talked with him about it. Mr Mike had noticed he was a little out of sorts too so they discussed his class situation. After we left Greyson was really upset about going to Karate and stated he did not feel good doing the push ups and sit ups because there are too many. He claims it makes his face turn red and his voice sound funny...(due to him straining to do the exercises) and he did not want to go. He said it hurt his heart to have to do those sit ups and push ups. Oh the drama....but I have no idea whether to push him farther or what exactly to do. He does well at Karate so I do not want just those things to discourage him from going. I guess we will figure it out. I know those exercises are hard for him due to his motor skills being limited right now and he definitely is lacking in the strength category. It has gotten better though thanks to the Karate and swimming. I want him to keep trying since it will improve all of those things more and more. Everything is such a fine line to me....when to push him...when to back is all very confusing and hard at times. Some days I want to scream! Some days what we wouldn't give for the athletic kid who can do anything and everything and is never discouraged. The one who can already ride his bike, tie his shoes by himself, go to the restroom by himself, sleep in his own room....etc, etc....

Instead...I was blessed with something better. A boy who each and every day reminds me that the world is so much more than just the bells and whistles, the fancy things, the so called perfect people, the people who cannot see past their own little sheltered worlds, the work, the day to day grind. He has helped teach us that the world is about compassion for your fellow man. Remembering each and every one of us has a story to tell and it effects who we are to our soul. None of us are any better than another...regardless of our possessions or our worth. Our worth should be measured by how we treat one another no matter where we are from, religious background, skin color, sexual orientation, etc.... Isn't the message about LOVE. No matter who you worship, isn't it all about loving one another. Greyson reminds me of all that. He is our grounding....we may have been grounded before but he grounds us even further. So that said....We love him for it. We love him for who he is...every inch of him. Do we sometimes long for the boy who could already do things that he cannot? Do we long for him to have things a little easier? Well hell yes we do, what mothers wouldn't....but it doesn't change the fact that we do accept him and are perfectly happy with him just as God gave him to us. We still would not change a thing about him! We love you sweet boy! So now that I have been on my soap box again....I say to you all. Thanks for coming by....good night, and we will be back tomorrow hopefully to add some more G-R wisdom and humor.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting our Christmas Tree...& Back to School Monday

Well...we headed out on Sunday once grandma got here to go and get our tree. We go each year to Cedar Lake Tree Farm in Iron Station. It's great and the prices are fairly good. We get to see all of the farm animals, play on the big ol' hay bale mountain that they put out for the kids, pick out the tree and wreath, and then head back home. Once we got back Greyson and grandma Griffin made cookies together and he helped momom and I decorate the tree. Grandma pitched in on that too. we had a great time and before long everyone was ready to crash and burn. Greyson's allergies were in full swing thanks to the hay I think. He was a little out of sorts and not feeling too well but hung in there. I pumped some Bendryl in him to combat the itchy throat and runny nose. After grandma left momom passed out on the sofa and I just hung out with Greyson. At 8:30 we headed off to bed and got ready guessed it....MONDAY! We got up and got Greyson ready for school. Momom took him and I headed of to the store for groceries. I came home and was going to paint but I decided to be lazy. I made dinner and waited to pick big man up from school. When I picked him up he wanted me to tell all of you about his class winning the first "stick of honor" at lunch for being good and cleaning up after themselves. He was very proud! He always gives me a blog story of the day..unless of course I have targeted something he has done that cracks me up. That happens alot too. His EC teacher told me today that he is quite the dancer at school when she plays a tune from Shrek for him. At home he dances alot...Michele seems to think I have had some influence on this...I on the other hand do not take any responsibility for these actions. :) Well...maybe a little. haha Well we are headed to another end of the day and getting ready for our Tuesday of school and Karate. I will be back tomorrow evening with more stories from a day in the life... Love & hugs to you all...Goodnight.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a week!

Sorry we have been MIA for several days. I have been sooo busy doing some painting for a friend of mine. She is paying me for them so I have to get them done. :) There are 8 of them and I am trying to finish them for her for their new house before Christmas. Greyson claims I am a wonderful artist and says he thinks I am going to be famous. Little does he know most of us do not achieve that until long after our death! haha...He has been having a great week and did really well at school. We took him Friday night to his Karate school where he stayed, ate pizza and watched Kung Fu Panda with his buddies. At first he did not want us to leave but he finally said it would be ok. He had a great time and did not want to leave once we arrived to pick him up. Shel and I took the time to actually go out and eat together without him. We had Thai food which we love! Mine was really hot and my nose was running before it was all said and done. That's how I like it though...HOT! We went today and saw his old classmate form Countryside in the Davidson NC parade. Momom and I had a mental lapse and left our winter coats behind. Needless to say we froze our hind ends off for several hours until finally we saw the beloved Megan....and of course Santa. I do believe Megan ranks higher than Santa in Greyson's eyes though. :) He so has a little boy crush and it is very sweet. We had a great time regardless of freezing and afterward took him to build-a-bear to build a Christmas bear. He has been wanting to do it for quite a while so we gave in. He took it over to the little bath area and brushed it's fur and was so lovingly caring for it. It was really sweet to see. He picked out a Santa suit for his bear and off we went to eat. We are home now and ready for some r&r and football. tomorrow if it is not raining we will go with my mom to pick our Christmas tree. If it is raining she and Greyson will stay in and bake cookies. Even if it isn't raining they will bake some once we get home with the tree. She wanted to spend some quality time with G man baking cookies. They should have fun and he will love baking and eating them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sunday "hair nets" & Monday "healthy choices"...

Well...Sunday we took Greyson to Monkey Joe's to let off some excess energy. You can never do enough of that. :) Anyway...he had a great time all by himself and did what he normally does when he is solo...he chases girls the whole time he is there. He finds a girl that he thinks he wants to play with and chases them around. He never goes up to introduce himself and he normally will not let us do chase goes on. Its fun for him but he never finds out any ones name and they just chase each other the whole time with no communication taking place. We try to help but he just gets embarrassed and runs away so now we just let him have a fun time on his own. We left and went to dinner and that is where the fun started. You see....Greyson tends to take in everything even when it is the first time he goes somewhere or whatever. You think he hasn't because he gives no clues that he is taking in everything until he feels the need to disclose what he learned. That being said...Michele decided that she wanted cafeteria food from K&W. Yes...she is old, way old, before her time! anyway...Greyson hears this and starts screaming...I hate that place....I am NOT going there! and on and on....He was really freaking out and yelling and Michele and I both were very irritated. We finally said he needed to tell us why we couldn't go there and why he hated it so much. He said, and I quote, "I am not going to that place and stand in that long food line with all those people and their hair nets! I hate hair nets alot! Hair nets...nothing but hair nets and old people there! and,,,it has alot of seats, millions of seats there! I am not going I tell you!" I thought I was going to pee my pants. We both thought he probably would not have a very good reason for hating it when in reality he hit that place right on the money! I could have died...who would have thought he had paid that close attention when we were there. We've only been one time! What the heck is that all about? Hair nets....I hate all those hair nets and smelly old people! haha Lord he is a piece of work. Monday he had school and all was well. I picked him up and he gets in the car telling me..."No more juice at school mommy Lynn....I need to drink water. It is a healthier choice!" I was like... what? Are you serious? OK then...healthy choice it is. We head home and he proceeds to tell me that Mr. Robert his PE teacher explained about choosing healthy foods and drinks. He got home and said he was going to work on being a kung fu master. he started immediately doing tons of push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, touching his toes, and running through the house getting his exercise. He was breathing heavy...on purpose so I had to make him stop before he hyperventilated himself. When Shel got home he was still going strong giving us both lectures on healthy choices and our big bellies. haha....He said we should join him in his exercise regimen. It was a hoot. You kinda had to be there though....Funny thing about Greyson. You never know when that something you have said or done is going to spark some kind of reaction in him like that. He can go on for days, weeks, and months hearing or seeing something when all of the sudden he gets it and he is in high gear with it. He never ceases to amaze either of us. What a guy....we love you Greyson Griffin-Roberts. You are truly one of a kind and quite the eccentric fellow. the world is lucky to have you in it and we are even luckier to share each and every day with you. Here's to you big man! Kungfu master to be! Good night all....and stay away form the K& nets! lots & lots of hair nets!

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue