Thursday, February 26, 2009

I humbly resent you...

Well today was fine and tonight we headed off to karate...even though Greyson claimed he never was going again EVER! This was spoken on Tuesday and thank goodness he was over it by today. Tuesday he was fit to be tied. Tonight at class he did really well and was trying really hard on his push ups and sit ups....he still gets lazy and tired on that last set though. Poor guy. On the way home he was quoting something he heard in a movie...which one God only knows, he has a virtual encyclopedia of lines in that head...anyway...he tells Michele and I, "I humbly resent you with this token of appreciation". hahahaaaaaa I have nothing to follow with but thank you son. Thank you. One other thing...we went to Lancaster's to eat again due to it being right next door to the Karate place. If I have not mentioned it as of yet...Greyson is addicted to playing the crane machines that have stuffed animals in them. Like seriously addicted. We have enough stuffed animals now from them to donate to a children's hospital. It is ridiculous...Anyway...Michele and I hav e decided later in life we will make a movie of our life with him and call guessed it..... "CRANE MAN".....hahahaaaaaa OK seriously, please tell me all you guys who know how whacked I am thought that was funny! I know you are laughing...I know you are! So tonight "crane man" scored again....he brought home a cute white bear that he named "snow". Yes all of his collection have names...just ask him about it. Thank you all for stopping by as always and have a great is almost the weekend! Hooray for Friday....until tomorrow... hugs & :)

Sharing with mothers at OT

Yesterday I picked Greyson up and he seemed to have been doing well. After that it was off to OT just like any other Wednesday. That's our routine each Wednesday at 3pm. Anyway...we got there and he played some with some other little boy while waiting for Karissa to get him for his appointment. I chatted with 2 of the other mothers since I find that to be very informative and validating most any time I talk with them. There isn't always another mom there to talk to, but when there is, the sharing that occurs can be invaluable. Or at least that has been my experience thus far. Once he left with Karissa to start his one hour therapy session, I talked more with the other moms. We share stories and things about of lives and our kids and it is very helpful. One of the ladies was able to tell me about some camps in the summer that focus on sensory type kids and help them with sports etc....while keeping the environment less threatening and less competitive. Our kids just aren't normally athletic so being around more competitive kids that are can be devastating at times. It can also cause melt downs. Their frustration levels get high and then they act out or possibly have a melt down. It is never fun and, depending on the situation, can be heart breaking to watch. Especially when you know what is really going on with them. So...his OT yesterday was great for me and for him. He also got inducted into the wall of handprints of all the clients there. He got to put his handprints in red on the wall so he was very excited. His therapist also told me about a social group that may start again soon that she thinks he will benefit from. It's a group of boys along with an occupational & speech therapist who interact and play together, and with the help of the therapists, learn how to do so properly and effectively. He would do that as well as his regular OT appointment and we think he would benefit by being in there. If we can afford to send him he will definitely go. We shall see when we get more information. So...we left OT we headed home to eat dinner and get ready for an early bedtime. He has been sooo tired lately, and not sleeping as well as he could, so we decided to get an early start tonight. We were in bed by 7:40pm but he was still a little wound up. He watched his Madagascar 2 get the bad dreams away. Well....we may have to go back to old faithful...Bee Movie. He woke up at 2am having nightmares so we had to turn the movie on to get him back to sleep. Needless to say I am tired and I am sure Michele is too. You know the feeling...where your eyes feel like sandpaper. Gotta love that! Well...I hope that tonight will be a more restful sleep. We shall see. He also has karate tonight and Michele is coming along this time. I haven't decided yet whether to talk with his teacher or not. My gut tells me to go ahead and make him knowledgeable of Greyson's reaction on Tuesday. Not to make him worried about everything he does and/or says to Greyson. But just to help him understand him better. He is already aware of Greyson's condition but you can never get too much information when it comes to this. At least that is how I feel. I guess I will see how Greyson acts beforehand and then make my decision. Michele seems to think we need to let it go and just keep pluggin' along. So....I will play it by ear and gut. I did talk to his OT, Karissa, about it and she seemed to think his goofiness and silliness is a normal reaction kids like Greyson have when they are feeling inadequate. In other words...when he notices he isn't preforming as well as others he may act silly or goofy to bring attention away from that fact. He isn't physically strong but he has gotten much stronger. I do not want something happening to discourage him form his progress so far. Hopefully we can discuss it and find a way to push him, just not push him over the edge. For now...we are teetering....but haven't we been teetering the whole time. Maybe teetering is going to be where we spend alot of our time. See you guys on the edge! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Karate Night and many a tear shed...a bubble bustin' night

The bubble bustin' night! I picked Greyson up from school today and he was excited and telling me about his fun day. He was sooo happy and lively today. Then suddenly, on the drive home he hid behind a magazine I had in the car and totally withdrew. I don't even know why. I asked what he was doing and it made it worse. Sometimes he just will not disclose what is going on in that head and it makes me full on crazy. Especially when he seems so distant like something is bothering him. Well...I just now decided to ask him what he was doing. Wait until you hear this! My Lord....he claims the picture on the Charlotte parenting magazine had a woman swimming and he could see her "boobies" as he called them. OK...we all know she isn't on there naked maybe more clevage than he has ever seen. hahahaaaaa I guess he thought he was really being sneaky since he knows we do not talk about or show stuff like that. It's private...literally. Now it makes me laugh and I needed a laugh. Especially after his Karate class drama. He isn't the most coordinated boy, nor is he very athletic per say. In Karate they make them do about 2 set of 20 sit ups and push ups and it kills him to hear him tell it. So....most of the time he does them not so very well. Kinda half hearted. Tonight he and several others got caught doing them not so well and had to do more at the end of class. Master Hartsell busted them. Well....I knew it was going to cause a melt down for him. He can't stand to feel singled out or called any names. He was not single out by any means but he said his teacher called him "goofy". Master Hartsell likes to bust their chops sometimes but in certain situations with Greyson it can really send him to a very low place. When they were done he came running and crying to me. I told him he was OK and that alot of others had to do it too but it did not matter. He cried and cried all the way home. He screamed he was quitting and that he was not a wonderful boy. I keep saying you are a wonderful boy and you did fine. He said no I am not....I am not wonderful at Karate, I am not wonderful at school, and I am not wonderful at home. I was crushed and trying not to cry. I knew it was the heat of the moment but it is always soooo hard to figure out if he really feels that way about himself at times. I always wonder if he knows he doesn't quite do as well as the others at some of these types of things. I wonder if he feels and knows he is different even though he never discusses it with us. So I am slowly getting teary eyed as he balled. I just sensed that he knows there is something....something just different...and it really breaks his heart sometimes. He said his heart hurt when his Karate teacher called him goofy. I know the man was teasing, but he takes some of those things soooo to heart. Michele reminds me that I can't keep him happy 24/7 and that things are going to hurt him and his feelings sometimes. I do know that, but seeing him so hurt always gets me deep down. I still feel sooo protective of him even though I know he has to learn how to deal with these things. I sooooo worry about him. I try not to but seriously...I am his mother....I always he really trying hard and just not able to give any more and do any better....or is he just working it a littel because he doesn't want to do it. there it is again...that fine line that haunts my every moment. I just wish I could understand better how his little mind works, what is going on in there, is it jumbled with frustration at times making him seem like he just isn't trying? Is he currently incapable of some of the things physically? He is doing sooo well in there and I do not want him giving it up. It has helped his self esteem, confidence, and strength to some degree. He has to be pushed but how far? I suppose we just have to hope we will be able to get through to him and use this as a teaching moment. Alot of the others had to do the push ups too. Master Hartsell just wants them to be doing or at least trying to do their best all the time. So he just has to make sure he is trying to do the best he can at all times. He committed to Karate and is very good at it so he shouldn't let his hurt feelings stop something like that. I will take him early Thursday to talk to Master Hartsell about the incident and clear the air...that's what we do to make things right and give ourselves a fresh start. Keep your fingers crossed for us people. he came right home and wrote his Karate teacher letter saying he never wanted to see his face again and that he quit! Yes...he was really worked up and needless to say I was in the bedroom balling to Michele about the fine line thing. I make her crazy as she is like a guy....stop crying....why are you crying.....suck it up. Poor thing...she retreated into the office and has yet to come out. Now....On a lighter note....Greyson has had a break through that I have yet to mention. On February 22nd he blew his first bubble with bubble gum and is very proud. He has been trying to learn that trick for weeks and has finally perfected the art. Congratulations little bubble blower!

Good Start this week...

Picture was from Greyson's kindergarten graduation at Pathway preschool...but it's sooo him! He heard some parents hollaring whoooowhooowhooooo so he chimmed in. Lynn being photographer extraordinaire caught him in action. hahhaaa
So far we have had a great start to our week. The weekend was fun and yesterday it was back to school and work and for me....painting. Greyson's new fish, Indiana Jones, is hanging in there but still doesn't look like the healthiest fish int he world. :) His other fish I bought seems to be doing fine after the shock of leaving the large tank at PetSmart and coming to our tiny bowl here at Casa de G-R. So as far as the fish report we are good. Greyson came home yesterday and I helped him with his math homework with no battle. i don't think I am very good at explaining all the time as I seem to add to his confusion alot. That's when I back up and try to think like he does. That is not always easy I tell you. (hahahaaa) I have to laugh at myself you know. Poor guy...he is stuck with me and Michele for his at home assistance. That should have most of you laughing already! :) Anyway...he had a great night and we even read a new book I bought for him. he seems to be enjoying that a little more too and it is not quite the battle it used to be to read. Well...not all the time. He and I have been working to do paintings for the KidsKrawl coming up. He did one that I helped slightly with...a waterfall that he is very proud of. Why a waterfall we do not know. He said he needed to paint a beautiful waterfall so there you have it. Watch out vanGogh! Today he is at school while I hang out, washing, walking/running, and painting. Last night I took my paintings that I am donating over to Lynn's to be photographed so I have portfolio evidence. She donated 2 of her beautiful photographs, one of sunflowers printed on a cool metallic paper, and a large photo of the moon shinning through some trees printed on a canvas. Great stuff....We are looking forward to Friday night. Greyson will be so proud and we have a few friends coming to the Krawl. It should be fun. here's to the rest of the week being wonderful and much warmer let's hope. Hugs....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Bike riding? NOT!

It is the weekend and Greyson, as far as I know, has had a pretty good week. We had camp out night last night which translates to a movie and pizza for us. I had to make an emergency run to Petsmart since Greyson came home with a fish from school. Yes I said a fish....he bought it when they were doing society. I believe they simulate how society works at school and the buy/sell things, they have fake money etc....and he bought this fish. Indiana Jones is the fishes name...Surprised? It was between that and some Star Wars character I am sure! Anyway...the fish, I warned him, seems to be a little on the lethargic side, to put it nicely. We shall see how that pans out. Greyson was so upset when I told him the fish did not look well. He cried and said, "I will just cry alot if it dies." I sat for at least 10 minutes trying to talk about that with him. He was very upset...but as of this am the thing is still hanging in there. I got Indiana a bowl last night, some rocks for the bottom, and a play mate too...just in case! :) Greyson named the other fishy Goldilocks and we were flabbergasted....where in the hell did that come from? Oh well...never ever try to get into the mind of a boy or girl who has ASpergers....there NEVER seems to be a rhyme or reason for things and just when you think you have them figured out...they will surely throw you a curve ball...if not a slider. Most kids suffer from these same characteristics...his are just multiplied X100. It keeps things fun and interesting...oh...and did I mention somewhat stressful at times. hahahaaaa That's where my sense of humor has to come into play. today I took him out to practice our bike riding for OT homework if you will. Well that went over like a lead zeppelin! could something that was sooooo much fun when I was a kid be such an aversion to him? He would rather be hit in the head with a hammer I am almost sure of it. I really do know the reasons he avoids it and doesn't like it even though I make jokes. It makes me sad that something that can be so much fun and give freedom to a child could be so hard and complicated for him. In time he will get it I suppose but for now...he just screams. I push him some but I refuse to push too much when it is painfully obvious he isn't deriving any pleasure from the task at hand. As with most things he will do it when he feels it can be perfected. Right now he is still wobbly and uncertain of the whole thing. that being said we are back int he house watching TV. One of the things I swore I would never do alot of with him and here we are...both of us....staring blankly into the tube of many colors. Go figure. Well...tonight we shall do something with momom...she is currently at work. Tomorrow maybe we will get away to the park. I sometimes have to force his had at getting outdoors. Bribe him with a play date with this buddy or that one and head out to the park to play. Tomorrow maybe we shall do just that weather permitting. Have a great night all...hugs

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out of school and running wild....

Greyson was out of school Monday and Tuesday and he has been wide open the majority of that time. yesterday went to see Mr Mike his therapist and he was acting a fool in there. He does this every so often acting like he just isn't going to listen to me and running wild. Mainly he is showing off for Mike and Ms Carina the intern but it still can be unnerving. I stayed calm and told him he needed to calm down. I took away the items he was playing with and stood my ground until he came around. I then left the office for him to start his play therapy session with Mr Mike. He was going to get a new wii game but his little episode of showing out did not help his cause so that is still up in the air. We went to Karate after that where he was still having some trouble with his silliness. i decided to wait on the game for sure and he was so sad. He cried saying, "Mommy I know I don't deserve the game, I know I not acting very nice." It was sad but I did not crack. He has to learn to control himself a little better at times still. I do know how hard it is for him since so many things can cause him to get greatly out of sorts and act out at times. Some he can help...some he cannot. It can be heart wrenching but he has to learn what he needs to do to get along in this world. He has to learn what his triggers are and how to manage them. All that will take time since there can be alot of things. Together we can make him a success. We can learn patience and understanding of the things we have yet to encounter and we can get better at managing the things we have already encountered. Hopefully My stories may help another mother one day. I find so much peace in talking to mothers who have been there already. I validates our journey on so many levels and that is a blessing. Anyway...Greyson managed to get over the fact that he had no new game...he got ready for bed, and he watched Madagascar 2 until he feel off to sleep. He has been doing well with moments of questionable behavior as with any child. Lately he is preoccupied with me dying. Why I am not sure. He say he does not want me to die and he worries about it due to me being the oldest at our house. I am not that old! But to him I guess it is somewhat overwhelming at times. He told me last night he did not want me to be shot or hit by a car. WTH? Neither does mommy honey...neither does mommy. :) Anyway... I assure him I will be here along long time but I do feel somewhat guilty since there are NO guarantees in this life. God forbid anything happen because he would be cursing me as a liar and asking Michele one thousand questions and giving her the stuff for sure. So....we have been plugging along. I told Susan today that it is funny to me how things are. In moments where you are being tested and they, (our children), are having another moment, what worked yesterday may or may not work today. You have to be on your P's & Q's all the time. It is exhausting for any parent since this holds true for most kids...add extra fun in the mix like disorders...etc...and it just adds to the fun x100. Don;t get me wrong. I am not looking for pity or having a poor me moment....just stating the facts as I see them. I wouldn't trade my journey with Greyson and Shel for anything. I would like to feel more confident in how I manage and/or react to the things that come my way. Overall though I feel we do pretty darn good considering some past variables. That being said...I am not planning on dying anytime soon. I am even entertaining the thought of going back to school. Who knows...maybe I will be a rocket scientist one of these days! hahahaaaaa In the meantime I will be Lynn the mom, artist, crazy woman, and part time comedian...for friends anyway. Nothing better than making you guys laugh...and living this life has alot of humor in it I tell you! You can't make up shit like this...nor would I even try. Until next time...hugs

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A really fun Sunday with G and momom...

Today was Sunday so Michele and Greyson and I were pretty lazy all day. At around 12:30 we headed over to CCS to help with the mulch pile that seems to be regenerating. :) Anyway...we told Greyson there would be other kids there because usually there are...well....not so much today. So...he told me I was a liar. i had to explain that he shouldn't say that and that I had thought kids would be there. I said I didn't lie, I just didn't know they were not coming. Oh well....everything is so black & white with him...and very literal. We at least pout a small dent in the pile and then headed back to the house. I think I inhaled too much mold though. I feel paralyzed now...from the mold that is creeping into the mulch as it breaks down. We came home and Greyson wanted to play basketball outside. We jumped on that since getting him outside is not always an easy task. he is getting so much better with his coordination and his hand eye stuff. He actually had some great shots and was dribbling very well for him. We had fun and now we are all just resting and watching some TV. I could go to sleep right this minute...because as my sister says, "I am pathetic!" hahahaaaa I am definitely getting old. Each outing like today reminds me of it more and more. Well...short and sweet is the word today. You all have a wonderful evening and some great days off. Happy presidents day to those who are off and able to enjoy it! I must go tend to Greyson...he is calling. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day and 1 crazy sugared up boy...

It's Valentine's Day and Greyson has had a good week. he had fun at school yesterday but did get a little hopped up on sugar there at the end. Last night he was wound tighter than a tick. It was insane but he finally came down off of it. Whew...Buckle up for safety people. I spent the day with his class hoping to help Suzy out some while Cymantha was out. I think I at least occupied more space than petite Cymantha...that's about all I did. hahahaaaaa Those kids are so sweet and many of them will grab your heart for sure. Greyson has no time for sharing me much though. I did speak with him so during the class meeting he said his goal was to be able to share his mom with his classmates. I am sure it was hard for him. He is soooo funny. He wants me all for him. He doesn't even like to share me with momom. He does have a soft spot for some other girls though. He still talks about Megan his first little boy crush if you will and for Valentine's he said he had Megan....& Zoe at his new school. He was very sweet and I took him to get a gift for Zoe. He wanted to buy her lots of things. He caught me off guard. He asked...what do girls like for Valentines mommy? I replied...Well, some like flowers, some candy, some stuffed animals...etc...etc... He said I need to get Zoe some flowers. I talked him out of that and he found a little red bear for her. He is sooo funny. He said to me..."mommy...I was thinking yesterday and I thought, I don't have a Valentine...then, he said, it hit me in my head....Zoe can be my Valentine!" hahahaaaaa. so there it was...Zoe was his Valentine according to his head. He was really proud all day after he gave her the gift. He felt accomplished I could tell. It was very cute. We took him last night and got him a Valentine's surprise...a new Indiana Jones LEGO. Boy is he excited. I helped him build it some last night...then the rest today. He is the LEGO King...Star Wars...Indiana Jones...are his favorites. Tonight we met up with Campbell, Jim & Pam at Azteca for dinner. A little Valentine's celebration. Michele & Jim enjoyed some Margaritas while the rest of us DD's were good. hahahaaa....the kids were stoned on Sprite. We had a great time and are home and ready to relax now. it won;t be long before we are snoring I am sure. Yes we are lite weights! Early to bed...early to rise...thanks to Greyson! Good night's hoping you all had a great Valentine's whatever you did.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interesting Week thus far..."I'd like to kiss you monkey man!"

Well it has been a pretty interesting week thus far. Greyson got a new movie from Aunt Cham...Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa so he is soooo excited about it. It has actually replaced Bee Movie now in the nightmare removal dept. Michele and I had gotten so used to watching Bee Movie that we were doing everything we could to try to find things in it that we had never seen before and then quizzing each other. Now we are learning Madagascar 2...Imagine that. Now if we can stop him from the movie quotes like, "I'd like to kiss you Monkey man!" or "Can I kiss the bride skipper?.....No!"....and then he slaps himself to imitate the penguin in the movie who slaps the other penguin. I tell life is a book waiting to happen...but then again, who's isn't? So...Greyson has had a pretty good week at school. I went yesterday with them to see the 3 Little Pigs play at Imaginon. He is such a leech holding onto my leg etc...etc...I constantly have to prise him away and explain he has to share me since I am there trying to help Suzy with the class. He will have no part of sharing my love with anyone in there I tell you. Nevertheless I was able to help corral the children to and from the show and the bus stop. You see....they ride the city bus into uptown to the main station, then who Suzy & Cymantha, God bless them, herd them over to Imaginon, then they are herded back over to the bus station to catch the bus back to school. Now this would be difficult for any class...but Greyson's class has alot of kids who are very needy, sometimes wild, some with issues of a developmental kind, including Greyson. That makes for a very tricky trip to say the least. I have only been once...yesterday. Suzy and Cymantha do this almost weekly and I have the utmost admiration for their love, patience, and abilities to pull it off. I do not think I was much help but I did try. :)At least there was one extra set of eyes to help watch and count. so....other than that...Greyson has been to Karate this week, Occupational Therapy yesterday, and he goes to Karate tonight. I met a woman there last week who's older son was having some issues. she was describing him and I had to say something. It sounded as if he may have Asperger's and/or some sensory issues even though he has been diagnosed with ADHD. I got her email and sent her some information so I hope it helps them. It has been amazing to me how many people have crossed my path that have either helped us, or needed our help. Michele and I firmly believe that everyone in your life, no matter how brief the encounter, is there for a reason. You may not see it right away, but they have something to offer you or you to them. It is worth remembering as you walk through this life. At times it is hard to remember when we get hurried or impatient, but we must try or we may miss something very important regarding our purpose. For now I will sign off. I will update things tonight if I can find the time away from one sweet boy who seems to Bogart most of my time. Each day at our house is different. New challenges....and old. What worked yesterday may not today and we have no way of knowing why. What caused a major breakdown yesterday may be ignored today and we still do not know times it is maddening but I wouldn't trade this journey for any other. there is something here for us at the end...something to be learned. I just hope we do all we can to get it right. Hugs & Love to all.....It's almost Valentine's Day <3

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday and the weather is fine...wonderful actually!

Today is Monday and things are grand. Greyson said he had a bad day but only because he did not get a turn in batting at PE. Hopefully that was all he had issues with. He keeps everything so secret I never know. I figure Suzy will tell me if there is ever anything that needs attention right away or that may be life altering. Otherwise I try not to worry about his silence and tight lipped ways. :) Today I picked him up and he was hanging out the window yelling goodbye to Ms Suzy. Lord what a difference a year can make. A new and wonderful teacher, a great school, and a whole new outlook on things. Hooray for that once again. You all probably get sick of my saying these things over and over but you have no idea just how thankful we are for all of these things. Another year like last year could have brought me to the edge...but I do not have that worry. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Those two words seem so inadequate to me when I say them to Suzy, Susan, Cymantha, Maureen, Kristy, Sloan, Eileen or any of the others that make things so much better for Greyson. But just know...we are feeling much better about things as far as Greyson's life, emotional & psychological well being and education. I still have a real struggle on my hands when it comes to working on his reading, writing and math at home. But we plug along. I always feel we should be doing more while teetering on the edge of am I pushing him further away by trying to push him some. there is that damn fine line again and I worry. Am I pushing him enough? Too much at times? Is he going to be able to do the things he needs to do to succeed in school and continue on with his grade level. I always worry and then I is what it is....He will do what he can when he can with the help of his moms, teachers, therapists, and all the others involved in his world. It will come when he is ready. He has been that way since he was very little and I feel it will always be that with him. We sit with him time and time again and think he isn't getting something and then, poof...he is doing it on his own. If you think this makes me crazier than I normally am you are correct. I think I will walk around and continue to feel like there should be more we could do. I may never get past thinking that way. So there you have it. As far as now, in this moment...I am listening to our president speak...and I still trust in his abilities to make change come about. I know there are people who think there should be no stimulus package thinking it is bailing out the very people who put us in this mess...but I still believe in this man and trust that he will not do anything without thinking it through. So good night my friends...I have a date with a sweet and kind hearted boy to watch Bee Movie. No popcorn though...he claims it smells bad. Sensory overload at it's best! One short should have seen his face the other day when we walked into Starbucks to get a hot tea...he ran out with his shirt over his face screaming, "Oh my Lord!" hahahaaaaa Poor guy...and I don't always think about these things in advance obviously so we live and learn. Everyday we live and learn!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gardening Day at CCS...Feb 8th...& the DOD E Truck

Momom worked today so Greyson and I hung out here until time to go help with the friendship garden at CCS...his school this year. WE had a truck load of compost to deliver and spread along with helping spread some mulch that had been delivered. Well...we were driving the "beater truck" over there. For those of you who do not know it...this truck is UGLY! I mean the tailgate doesn't even say DODGE's DOD E... (Is that pronounced dooo deee?) The tail gate fell off on I-77 one day and thank hit nothing as it skidded across 4 lanes of traffic onto the shoulder. Michele pulled over and played "Frogger" on I-77 to retrieve it. It now has extreme road rash from its sleigh ride on the pavement. It handles quite poorly in my eyes so I was nervous. I am not positive, but I think we floated to CCS. I do not think the tires ever touched the pavement. I have no idea how many lanes I occupied on the way over either....who cares...just stay the hell out of my way in that thing. You turn the wheel and it may some point it does but you have to give yourself alot of "wiggle room". It's one of those trucks that when you see it on the road you stay back or hurry past to ensure...nothing falls off of it and hits doesn't hit you...etc etc. Nothing can hurt is like a tank. No one challenges a tank huh? hahahaaaaa Anyway...we made it via back roads and delivered the goods. I helped while Greyson played with his buddies. They ended up playing in the leaky hose and were soaked before it was over. I thought he was about to melt down but he got through it. He wanted to go home since he had gotten wet but managed to make it through until I was done. Hooray Greyson! I have to thank his buddies as well because I think they managed to help keep his mind off of the fact that he was drenched...but so were they. I moved some mulch with a tarp...spread some around...turned the ground in the plots...moved some compost and now I am feeling a little on the pre-paralyzed side of things. I will not be moving much come the am....I will have to force myself to walk/run on the treadmill just so I don't lock up for good! We had a great time though with all the volunteers. I so love that school, it's parents, teachers and everything about it. What a wonderful place we found. Love & hugs to all...I am going to try to find some dinner for my sweet family. Hooray for CCS! What a blessing that Friendship Garden will be to all. Good night...sleep tight....and remember to share your smiles, love & hugs! Someone out there needs them more than you know.

Fun, fun Saturday! Lots of friends old and new!

Yesterday we decided to give Susan & Megan a call and try to go to Jetton Park at Lake Norman. I talked to Susan and we met up there around 10:30 for the kids to play. we had a great time just talking about Greyson & Meg and catching up a little. I always so enjoy talking with her because she definitely understands all to well alot of what we deal with. We trade off information at times and talk about what great kids Megan & Greyson are. We wouldn't trade them for anything even if things are somewhat tough at times. Greyson has been so attached to Megan since kindergarten. A kinda of little boy 's crush if you will. He was funny yesterday chasing her all around. the both of them laughed and laughed, running playing and swinging. It was great and I loved watching them. Greyson shocked me because we had not been to a play ground for a while. He hopped onto a swing and was pumping his feet and swinging himself before I even realized it. I am soooo used to him screaming for me to come push him but he finally has gotten that trick down! It took a while but hooray for him! He was really going high too. He also hung around on the rings some. His upper body strength is getting better and better. Still not great but it is definitely better than it has been. Little by little we see signs all the time that hi OT, therapy, extra activities like Karate and swimming are paying off. He still isn't the most coordinated guy but we shall see how it develops. He is quite a dancer though. he loves to mimic scenes from movies doing the dancing, voices, lines...whatever. Our lives are filled with responses that come straight from TV shows and movies. We normally have to ask where he heard something and we can always tell when it is a line from somewhere else...well usually anyway. hahahaa After playing with Megan we headed to the Starbucks and had some tea, milk, juice...whatever the pick was.... Megan and Greyson played a little more and then we all headed home. It was great fun and we hope to meet up more with Spring coming on. Greyson and I headed tot he house to meet momom. We ate lunch and then headed back out with her to go get some compost for the school's Friendship Garden. We met Leslie & Zoe and Leslie's dad and headed off to the compost. Michele, dad, Leslie and I shoveled compost into the truck until we had what we thought was enough while Greyson and Zoe played. Greyson loves playing with Zoe too. So he had a very fun day and it wasn't over yet. We drove the compost back home and hung out at our house for a few hours. I washed the Jeep because it was looking really bad while momom made some pigs in a blanket for dinner. Greyson hasn't seen Campbell his buddy from his first school in a while so Campbell and his mom and dad came to the house later after dinner to let the boys play. We all,(the parents), played some games while the kids played. It was fun and I think Greyson was really worn out by the end of the night. He had an extremely exciting day and saw alot of his friends old and new. he is up and ready to go again today. We are going to his school to work on the garden around 1pm but we will probably go to the park or somewhere before we do that. It's too nice not to get out and about today so we will be doing that. Hopefully with Spring coming on we will be able to get several of our friends together for some fun int he park. Yay! Have a great day everyone and a wonderful week. Hugs...Lynn, Michele & of course Greyson. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday and last night was rough...

Greyson is home with me today due to a night of nightmares and being awake most of it watching more Bee Movie in the early hours. Not sure what caused them or what they were about as he will not discuss it with us. we prompt him to so that maybe they will go away but he will have no part of it. His theory is if he talks about it they will stay in his head. discussion allowed. Soooooooo...that said....Michele ad I are also lacking sleep today. We made the executive decision to keep him home knowing he would possibly be more of a handful today since he would be extremely tired. His regular teachers were not going to be there and I wasn't sure it would be any fun for someone who wasn't used to his eccentric and sometimes annoying ways. Don't take that the wrong way...those of us who love him still know he can be annoying but we also know why and that alot of it he cannot help. Can a kid be afflicted with anything more fun? and yes....I am very sarcastic most of the time. Me being tired today is not helping. hahahaaa will be hang out, play, maybe hit the library, and on and on. He is about to pee himself because Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa is released today. You see one of his "things" is that he knows release dates for any movie that is near and dear to his heart and he WILL NOT let you forget it. By no means will he allow you to let that day slip by. My sister being the sweetie that she is bought him the movie in advance and it should be coming here...I just don;t know when. He seems to think if the USPS does not deliver it in 10 hours we will have to go buy one ourselves. I have news for him! That will not be happening since Cham was kind enough to save me the $$ and the trouble I shall patiently await its arrival. If you see me next week and I am know it hasn't come timely enough! :) Thank you Aunt Cham for your nice gift. Well...I better get going. I did help him make his Star Wars LEGO Movie last night so that is a plus...he has been worrying about that for days. You see...once something gets in his head, no matter what it is, he cannot let it go. It can be a thought, a comment, an idea, anything....he will burst until he gets it out, done or completed. Seriously he will burst! A friend described it like this, "It's like it starts at the tips of his toes, building momentum as it comes forth and nothing is going to stop it from coming out of him." He gets so excited and passionate about these things that he can hardly contain himself...and usually can't at all. He explodes in excitement screaming about whatever thought, idea or comment he has. If we can teach him to channel that passion into the right places and let it out at the right times he will be capable of amazing things I am sure of it. He is like our little volcano of "Greyson stuff". We just need to help him focus his energies into the proper places and we will be good. Whew....good luck to us! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and safe travels if you are headed somewhere other than here. Love & hugs to all of our extended family and friends. We so appreciate you all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funny Thing We Learned Today...Feb 4th...

To give you some background...Michele and I have always been annoyed by the feeling you get from some people...even family at times, when you are gay. Somehow, most people cannot come to terms with our sexuality, either due to their religious convictions and upbringing, or prejudice or whatever. When I say "our" I am speaking in broad terms as in all gay people. Homosexuality in general if you will. She and I have deep conversations about how annoying it is that some people tolerate us. That, at times, it is even worse than the ones who blatantly speak out against our sexuality because "the tolerators" do not agree with it and/or do not feel comfortable around us. They just keep quiet about it. Unfortunately their body language normally speaks volumes. They just try to fake it as best they can until the next time/encounter. hahahaaaaaa That being said, we were watching cartoons with Greyson this am and his cartoon Barnyard came on. One of the characters is a ferret who is a vegetarian. Well...ferrets eat meat normally. The ferret, Freddie was having a birthday so his parents decided to come for a surprise visit. None of his barnyard buddies knew his secret about being a "meat eater" or coming from a "meat eating" family. Freddie's best friend is "Peck" the chicken, which would normally be Freddie's meal of choice if he were not a vegetarian. His parents come, grab Peck, when no one is looking, and start cooking him up for Freddie's birthday dinner. Freddie finally tells his other buddies "the secret", (his parents are chicken eaters and they think he still is too). In a panic they all go to find Peck. Once they find him this happens... they grab Peck out of the stemming pot of stew and Freddie yells, "Mom, Dad...I have a confession! I am a vegetarian and if you cannot deal with that then Goodbye! The father screams..."Get over here right now...........and give me a hug!" Freddie says, "You mean you aren't ashamed of me?" They say, "Well of course we are ashamed. We are also disgraced, humiliated and we will probably have to change our names. Not to mention the neighbors will probably judge us and we may have to move, but as long as you're happy dear, I GUESS we can learn to live with it!" Michele burst out laughing and said, "That's how are families probably feel and the other people who tolerate us!" I died laughing as well because....I was true! Oh my was soooo funny! Well to us it was....and it probably will be to those of you who truly get it. I can think of several of our followers who will get a good laugh from this. Enjoy guys...we love you and we love the fact that you love us, our family as is, and life in general. Remember..."Time is much too short to be living somebody else's life." Deseree'

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Feb, 3rd...with dyed hands

Today was a good day. We got up and Greyson headed off to school with momom. I had to go to the office for a short trip to deliver the new newsletter and then I headed back home. I went to pick Greyson up around 2pm so we could head off to see Mike, one of his therapist's. When I got there Suzy his teacher came out which worried me a little at first. Not much though since I have come to realize things are much different this year and I do not need to be quite so skittish when it comes to that. Anyway...I digress...She told me he had had a frustrating day and began to tell me of some of his issues. He had trouble in drama because he didn't get to do the story he wanted which caused him much frustration. He has been dong much better along these lines but still struggles at times when things do not go his way or the way he has envisioned they should. He also had some trouble with art doing Batik where he thought his elephant he had done wasn't quite up to par so Suzy helped him through that crisis. Thank goodness she gets him because he is definitely a piece of work. Ms Suzy...have I told you are truly loved by Greyson and us! :) I love him more than life though...he is our piece of work. :) There aren't too many folks that get him and his quirky eccentric ways. Poor guy...he is soooo sensitive, overly sensitive most of the time, so he gets his feelings hurt very easily. In art the teacher had warned them not to get their hands into the dye as it will not wash off for 3 days. Well...guess who has bluish green hands now. He can;t let go of the 3 days either...poor Ms Lisa, (the art teacher), if this stuff isn't completely gone in 3 days because he is also very literal. hahahahaaaaa Michele tried to help him get some of it off with some of her miracle hand cleaner she uses in the business. Oh green is a great color. I have always been partial to the cooler colors. When I picked him up though Suzy told me he was worried about me being mad. I found that strange as I have never really gotten angry about such things. I wasn't mad at all. I tried to tell him that in the car and he started balling. Then the truth came out. He was really embarrassed more than anything. I think he had not really understood the seriousness of it not washing off. Once he realized it was there permanent he was really embarrassed and said he did not want to go to school the next day. You would have thought he was the only boy with dye on his hands. There were others with some he said...I just don't think they were quite as covered as he was. Oh well...we worked through it and he should be back tomorrow....alien hands and all. I love him and I do not always understand why he is so hard on himself or soooo extremely sensitive. Some of it I am sure stems from his year last year and I hate that. I do feel somewhat responsible since I trusted the school and left him in their care even after feeling not so good about what was happening. I am too overprotective I am sure of it...even more now after his diagnosis. My over protectiveness also is partially related to last year. I so worry about him, about how people are perceiving him and how they are reacting to him. I worry about him making friends and growing and learning alongside his peers and being able to keep up. I so want to protect him from all harm and anything hurtful. But I do know that realistically I cannot protect him from it all. The best gift we can give him is the strength to learn how to protect himself, be strong, and weather the storms that may come his way. It's hard and I am learning each day about being a mother. I can only hope that one day he will say he had 2 wonderful mothers who loved him dearly and did everything they could to prepare him for life. Lately he has expressed at times he wished he had a father. We do not have many men in our lives so I know that is hard. We knew this would come up so we are not totally caught off guard. We have made an effort to involve him in some activities which involve men as mentors, coaches, teachers to help fill some of that need. Eventually we hope to find others to do things here and there with him. Boys just need their man time I suppose. I am not worried either way since I know he has 2 mommies who love him tons and support all he does through thick and thin. So...that said...we are moving forward. Mike knows of Greyson's wishes so I can at least get advice as what to do next when I feel like we are floundering. :) We explained to Greyson how and why he ended up with 2 mommies...try telling that to an 8 year old with Aspergers. Sorry guys...I did not tape it for you...I will tell you that it was rather funny. Maybe some of you are thinking...that's not could that be funny....if you think do not know Greyson very well. Between him and me...anything can become funny. I've been accused of not being serious enough or not acting my age....oh well....who cares. when I need to be serious I can but I find that in most any situation you can find some humor. Look for it....laughter IS the best medicine. Well it's time for bed...we have a great movie tonight....Bee Movie! Ask me about it...I can tell you the whole damn thing start to finish! Love & hugs....thank you all for caring about us and Greyson!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Supa Bowl weekend

We had a good weekend this weekend. Greyson and I went Friday and ran some errands and I let him get the Open Season 2 movie. He was really excited so we watched it and ordered pizza Friday night. Saturday we were on our own since momom had to work. We went over to Monkey Joe's and he jumped around for a couple of hours. He was concerned that he didn't have any friends there but he got over it and played with some kids that were already there. He gets a little anxious like that when he doesn't know anyone, but I try to talk him through it. Lately he has been doing pretty good at just finding someone to play with but he never does ask their name. He mostly chases after them and plays. We came home and he was really tired. We just hung out with momom and he ate leftover pizza...which he loves. We ordered Thai food, which we LOVE! :) Sunday we got up and spent the day being lazy for a while. Later Greyson went with Michele to an estimate. It was for some girls we know who also have kids so he went to play. Greyson had a great time and Michele said he did great there. Once they got home she and I got ready to go to our friends 50th surprise party/supa bowl party. Ms Heidi came over to watch Greyson while we went to play. We had a good time and came home before half time. Greyson had a long weekend and was tired so I gave him a shower and put him to bed...with Bee Movie. I laid down with him because he was being extremely sappy and crying. He gets me really worried when he gets like that. It's usually because he is way tired though and last night was no exception. We are going to try to go to the beach for a weekend in March with some friends but I am worried to leave him for that long with anyone. He stayed with mom last year so we shall see. I am a worrier and I so worry that no one quite gets him. (Family included) That scares me at times since he can be a handful and I worry about leaving him with anyone who isn't accustomed to dealing with it. He did OK with mom last year although he was very ready for us to come home after one day and made it known to all. She still had most of her hair when we returned though. I know it is hard because of some comments she makes concerning him at times lets me know he wears on her. It is hard to convince people that alot of what they experience is related to his Aspergers and can wear on you. It's just that he cannot help it so you cannot hold it against him. You just have to be able to help him learn better ways to express himself and/or better choices. You have to learn alot of patience and learn how to roll with it at times. I read and read and read and still come up short time and time again. It is a learning process that will never end for us or anyone else involved in his life. Ironically I found out today that the Observer ran an article on Sunday, Feb 1st about a friend of mine from the Postal Service. His name is Delmar Williams and he is one of the most eccentric and talented people I have ever met in my life. Well...he was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 45 and is just now telling his story. You can read about him, if interested in learning more about Aspergers and how it effects those who have it, in this article. His story is amazing and because I know him well I can attest to everything in there. He is an extremely amazing human and his story reflects that. Here is the link -

Enjoy the story...have a great week and remember...everyone has a story, it's up to us to stay open minded and if curious enough, find it out. Hugs

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue