Monday, June 30, 2008


Greyson seemed to have a great day at camp. He saw his counselor and Mr Mike told us he seems much healthier, mentally since he got out of school. Obviously the school we were in was just not a great environment for him and his challenges. Thank goodness next year we have a new school that is more suited to his needs. sweet boy is calm today. No major changes in diet as we are waiting on his test results before making any drastic moves. He did have sugar show up in his urine so we will have to re-test that. Hopefully that will not be an issue but we will see.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Riding on the Greenway

Today Michele and I bought Grey an attachment for Michele's bike so that he can ride behind her. It hooks to her bike so he doesn't have to ride solo, but he still has to pedal and he has handlebars. We took it out for a trial spin on the greenway and he loved it. We had a blast and hope to be able to go quite often to get exercise for all of us. With his Aspergers he has to be prodded to go out and play and riding a bike is something we have yet to conquer. We are still working on it though! :) Therefore the bike attached to momom's is perfect for us for now... was a great fun family day with not too many melt downs. That is always a plus.
I am looking forward to some more rides on the greenway...

Prop 8 declared Unconstitutional! ...Hooray! It's about time!!!!

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 Issue