Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost a teenager, moody for sure!

Gman is turning teenage boy before his time.  Well at least that's how I feel.  Where did sweet little innocent Greyson go?  Who dropped off Mr Attitude? The boy who screams, "I hate you!" and then, minutes later, is sweetly whimpering "I love you so much I don't ever want to leave here." Good Lord. Bodies changing, hormones raging, attitudes plentiful, and a range of emotional outbursts to boot.  So there...and now he has taken to telling me, "I am almost a teenager you know."  That's what teenage boys do.  I don't wanna be the crazy screaming mom...although it is tempting at times I realize that would create even more of a monster.  I heard one of the mother's on our street screaming like a banshee at her kid. I thought to myself, If I lived with her I might be tempted to kill her in her sleep. (I know! I know! You are thinkin' that's just freakin' horrible, but...she was being hateful.)  It's moms like her that make me look like Supah-Mom! I love that...Guess I will learn to take deep breaths or some other form of self medicating...oh, did I say that?  I meant meditating.  YOGA here I come!  
If you haven't found Jesus...he is hiding behind the curtain! bahahahahaaa

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